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  1. I don't blame Pant for that. I blame his motapa for that.
  2. Hahaha hahaha. Love the way Smith gave the ball to Dhoni. Utter disrespect.
  3. I know. Many cricketers are limited player, but they know how to deliver with those limitations or find a way. He lacks both luck and grit.
  4. Some players create their own luck. Dhawan, Rohit etc are prime examples. Rahane might have class, but he is such a manhoos player. He isn't called jinx for no reason. Someone figured it early in team India that no matter how hard he tries to perform, he is simply jinxed.
  5. Rahane totally kills the team composition. Hetmeyer would have made this a fun chase.
  6. Shaw is a typical mumbaikar mental midget when it comes to chasing.
  7. Rahane fails to chase even 165+ when he gets going, so this game is gone. DC is going to struggle a lot to get to semis if that.
  8. I love when Indian bowlers get hit. Their face becomes tatti waali.
  9. Lmao. Pooran didn't get the memo. Love his attitude. The way he plays no matter how dire the situation. KL Rahul can * off. Another pretender. Hahane 2.0.
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