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  1. The tour will be canceled, so this is basically the last we will see of Pujara and Rahane. Time to move on.
  2. NZ is winning this. KW getting out was a blessing in disguise. Eng are 20 runs short.
  3. NZ has always brought their A game against us in world tournaments. We are expected to win against them every time, but somehow come up short. Let's see if these bunch can surprise.
  4. Humka nahi chahiye yeh bawal tattis Bad feeling we may get hahane
  5. Finally! I am originally from U.P., so I will be backing the Lucknow team fully. Also, I love Lucknow city. The kebabs, biryani, royal cafe etc
  6. Ruturaj is Rahane 2.0. Bats like young Rahane did. His century also vent in vain just like Rahane's in IPL. Carbon copy in every sense.
  7. It is all part of a strategy to make the opposition teams feel that Indian middle order is out of form. Come WT20 Surya will smash. WT20 is anyways ours, as a parting gift to Kohli for relinquishing captaincy of T20 format.
  8. This means all back end deals have been made between respective boards and ICC. We will win the WT20 cup this year. A gift to Kohli before stepping down as captain of shortest format. Won't be shocked if he scores in the final too. Chalo, accha hai.
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