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  1. Well....I hope NZ wins it then for him and he delivers knock out punches to the chokholi led team.
  2. I just don't see team bcci winning this under chokholi.
  3. No. They will spend time with families. BCCI will not spend a single penny unless they are damn sure that WTC will happen as scheduled OR the kaptaan's wife decides she wants to go to London for vacation and shopping alongwith newborn. NZ has this in the bag.
  4. Military of India has done commendable job in protecting us, but if J&K and north east are any indication, they aren't exactly saints.
  5. All I know is that BCCI had extremely lax rules with regards to covid protocols/bio bubble. They deserve nothing but losses and brickbats.
  6. India loses. Sham govt, sham cricket, sham all around. Bhakts saying that population is too much in India, hence the reason for spike. You *ers, China contained the virus within 4-5 months after first outbreak. Either their governance level is superior or their people are much better at following rules than assholes in India. Truth is that it is a collective failure of govt, medical association and population. Was, is and will remain a third world country.
  7. This. I find it hard to believe that Varun would just leave for hospital to get a scan without telling someone verbally. KKR and BCCI are equally responsible if not more so. But the *ers will look for a scapegoat and Varun might be just that for them. Too many assholes on this forum are rebuking Varun. Get your heads out of your gands and smell fresh air. Chewts just like the baniyas running bcci. Targetting players when everyone is equally responsible.
  8. The West Indian shows who is the real entertainer. Indians can hit as much as they want, but they are no fun compared to West Indian beasts.
  9. South African bowlers choking is no surprise. Their best bowler Dale Steyn had the habit of choking consistently, so can't expect better from Ngidi and Rabada. Also, when the west indians click, they make the match so entertaining. Indians even when going gung ho, simply aren't a match in entertainment quotient.
  10. MI is more interested in taking it deep. I approve. I want a superover.
  11. If players don't respect Mccullum then these players are idiots. No one in current setup can take on the opposition so fearlessly as he used to for NZ and score decent amount of runs.
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