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  1. Butler has a habit of choking when going great guns in a chase. Seen him do this many times in IPL as well. Rarely does he finish a match when chasing.
  2. Killer instinct missing in subcontinental teams. Nevertheless, a solid performance by padosi team unlike the hage gaund sey manje lota lot.
  3. Fake news. No snake was found. Indian journalism and people who fall for this are total chewts.
  4. Clearly, WICB has been paid well by ECB to make boneheaded decisions.
  5. Gulabo sitabo - stopped 33 mins into it. Bakwaas.
  6. Bollywood is full of horney jack and jenny asses.
  7. 2020 can't catch a break.
  8. Virat apne kutte ki death k liye paid trend Karwa raha h. Saala Dara diya Ki Bruno Mars toh nhi ludak gaya. Ass.
  9. May his soul Rest In Peace. My sincere condolences to his family.
  10. A gem. Had a lot more to offer to world cinema. May his soul Rest In Peace. Also, my heartfelt condolences to his family.
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