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  1. How dare you say anything against Brahmin superstar. We are apex species in the Hindu system. Do not dare to say anything against us. We will continue to rule. Abject submission is in your favor. Brahaminism rocks.
  2. जो परिस्थिति से लड़ा है वही तो जीवन में आगे बढ़ा है किस्मत को कोसा है जिसने वह वहीं का वहीं खड़ा है..!! सुप्रभात
  3. Ganguly has been neutered too in the offices of BCCI. So much for dadagiri.
  4. We got rid of Marathi only to get a southie. Sigh. I wanted some north Indian Munda MC BC style in the team
  5. I hope he has more buddhi than the current set of players representing Indian cricket.
  6. Rohit will not fall for this. Rohit knows Rahane can do the same to him in future. Hell, rohit as odi captain didn't play rahane in playing 11.
  7. Never liked KL rahul. To me he is another rahane 2.0.
  8. He has saved his batting spot with this decision. Rahane and Pujara are done too.
  9. Rahane scoring more runs than him in test matches is just depressing. Worse, hahane doesn't score much.
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