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  1. Huge difference between Australian and Indian geriatrics. Indians fudge age by 2-3 years.
  2. Kohli's PR in full overdrive mode. Shameless fellow. These coaches are also following diktats given by virushka. Ugh. Disgusting.
  3. SL spinners might come to party today and tomorrow. Not as good as Herath, but collectively can do some damage. Let's see. It would be a travesty if SL doesn't win a single test match against England on their home soil.
  4. Embuldeniya playing a cameo. Anything 170+ will create problems for England if Root, Bairstow & Buttler go cheaply.
  5. BCCI should never prepare rank turners against England. Will bite them in the back 8/10 times. NZ and Eng have a habit of destroying us on a turning track.
  6. For PR, he will do anything. Can't be left behind by Rahane.
  7. Not really. I feel both should be in the mix for shorter formats. Imagine both left handers at the crease hitting 444444 and 666666 for fun. Nightmare for the opposition.
  8. All these stats Wats is bullshit. At the end of the day, you have to survive and get runs somehow. Either by playing slow cricket or taking on the opposition. Whether you are good against x, y, z is all nonsense that adds unnecessary pressure.
  9. Rahane wishes he was as healthy as ranatunga.
  10. Mediocre batsman. Punches above his weight in one match in a series. Far supporting captain. Gives people the confidence to go out there and do their best irrespective of win or loss.
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