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  1. Kohli hug deta hai SS k samne. Bechari Anushka has to clean up the mess.
  2. DC won because hahane was not part of playing 11. They should continue with this playing 11 barring Ashwin to go far in the tournament.
  3. Seriously? This looks all so phony. No crowd, yet there JS noise. Fake.
  4. They will crap their pants.
  5. Dude, parents taught you manners or not? I asked politely, you came up with an uncivilized reply. You come across as a fool that still staunchly believes in preserving their so called culture/identity.
  6. I want to marry a good looking South Indian girl. Any leads?
  7. Been saying for quite sometime that Root isn't a T20 player.
  8. His uncle was killed and aunt is critically injured in the recent Pathankot incident.
  9. ********************************* Just retire you pos mumbaikar. Moderator Note: Filthy abuse cleaned up. Warning issued, banned for 24 hours. This isn't the first time you've let yourself go too far with this kachra.
  10. Guru aur chaila dono ek saath retire hogaye. Iss Jodi KO nazar na lage.
  11. No. We shall keep doing it and take away all jobs in IT from the white, brown, black and yellow born in USA, Canada, Britain etc. One of the secret agendas of the current establishment. Har har mahadev.
  12. Butler has a habit of choking when going great guns in a chase. Seen him do this many times in IPL as well. Rarely does he finish a match when chasing.
  13. Killer instinct missing in subcontinental teams. Nevertheless, a solid performance by padosi team unlike the hage gaund sey manje lota lot.
  14. Clearly, WICB has been paid well by ECB to make boneheaded decisions.
  15. Bollywood is full of horney jack and jenny asses.
  16. 2020 can't catch a break.
  17. Virat apne kutte ki death k liye paid trend Karwa raha h. Saala Dara diya Ki Bruno Mars toh nhi ludak gaya. Ass.
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