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  1. Pant has grade 1 tear so he will be missing more than just 1 week. Easily 2-3 weeks. DC Ki nayi dub gayi. Totally ruins team composition.
  2. Hahaha. Today everyone at DC will be like saala panauti KO khilaya aur lag gayo hamari. First and last game for him this season.
  3. I would take a 27 year old marchwinner in the team than those 20-22 that haven't yet shown balls of steel.
  4. Indeed. He won't let another hero in the team, who has the ability to finish games.
  5. Panauti in. DC will lose. He is #5 or #6. Hahahaha. Omg. Joke of the century.
  6. Rahane be like WTF..mujhe Kyu drop kiya phir kutriyo ney
  7. If what I am hearing is true then DC is all set to throw this match. Everyone can then say "see...we told you, he is a panauti". Masterstroke.
  8. Guy struggles against quality spin and fast bowling. Big basher of the trundlers/midget minded bowlers.
  9. DC seems determined to win this tournament. Good. Just don't include that gay druggie mumbaikar in the playing 11 ever. You are good to go.
  10. Morgan should be the captain and bat at #3.
  11. Barring that 99 in a losing cause, he hasn't been all that impactful. Actually both are a bit inconsistent. Pant is doing wicket keeping as well, so he has slight edge.
  12. Barring that one awesome century, his knocks have been slow as per T20 standards.
  13. Kohli hug deta hai SS k samne. Bechari Anushka has to clean up the mess.
  14. DC won because hahane was not part of playing 11. They should continue with this playing 11 barring Ashwin to go far in the tournament.
  15. Seriously? This looks all so phony. No crowd, yet there JS noise. Fake.
  16. They will crap their pants.
  17. Dude, parents taught you manners or not? I asked politely, you came up with an uncivilized reply. You come across as a fool that still staunchly believes in preserving their so called culture/identity.
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