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  1. China is the next superpower. The sooner you folks accept it the better.
  2. Really good show. Tvf shows are now available on Netflix?
  3. Indian Netflix is really shithole.
  4. You should go to dwarka, Noida, Connaught place, India gate, rohini, saket area and gurgaon.
  5. So that the baniya community can make a killing in short period.
  6. Baniya mentality strikes again. Never ceases to amaze me.
  7. 20 trillion? Lol. Sounds like post world war 1 penalties against Germany. You know what happened after that. If world leaders want war then sure go ahead.
  8. I mean what's so shocking? The Indian kanjoos/baniya mindset is a hindrance to any novel doing.
  9. Lmao. Test powerhouse my ass. This test team is terrible. Worse than ODI/T20 sides.
  10. This chutiyah will score nothing in this test match. He is pathetic.
  11. Bumrah is so finished after his injury. Time to find a new bowler.
  12. That's why I don't rate the over hyped PR driven cricketers of our country. All their success comes at a particular position. Slight change and they fail miserably.
  13. Bavuma is a solid batsman and I believe has potential to become a damn good opener. He is doing what that chutiyah Rahane was supposed to do but failed spectacularly. Saala Lodu.
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