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  1. See 5-0 please stop criticising kohli see the results 5-0 in sena world Cup finalist
  2. Icc trophy other than world Cup are not important and now a text championship equivalent is coming up India has been winning consistently everywhere across format and looks like have gathered their best team finally Kohli isn't finished yet
  3. The hate kohli and team india gets it appears that team has been loosing everywhere let's have a look at real facts Tests In india unbeatable only lost 1 match ever under kohli have beaten every test nation Away won in sri Lanka twice won in wi twice won in Australia nz yet to play. Ok lost in sa but in first test came very close to win just lost by a whisker and abdv was in God mode Engalnd lost but lost 2 alive matches by very less margin of 50 runs And lets be honest it's not that india was winning everywhere before kohli Odis Won odi series in sa aus nz wi sl always winning every series in india Ok lost world Cup but maybe England was destined to win it also reached sf I can't recall many losses under kohli he has done really well give him some credit
  4. Wow just chahat and nagarkoti remain to debut I will stuck my neck out that gumraah shaw gill and nagarkoti will be world beaters out of above
  5. U can't have 4 no 11s in team so shardul was picked though they could have selected in place of shami
  6. Irfan didnt loose it he was never good enough he never had any bounce or venom He was just a military medium swing bowler who atmost could have been a useful odi bowler Munaf was dumb and has actually done well considering his humble background
  7. Don't believe this bullshit of cough syrup Don't think such low intake is registered Sad that he has started taking banned substance such young age
  8. So only Gill and nagarkoti missing from getting their opportunity. The golden generation is upon us
  9. I think nagarkoti will be best of the lot. Plz just see him run in on YouTube
  10. Ladies and gentlemen brace yourself for probably the most exciting phase of Indian cricket Shaw Gill Rahul chahar Saini Pant Bumrah Nagarkoti Kuldeep Yes this is the golden generation every one has been waiting for These are all going to be greats of the game Be ready
  11. Ganguly bahut c insan hai Subha se England ke khilaf bole ja rha Isha aur Naseer not replying to idiot Btw Isha is best commentator in world. Amazing voice
  12. I think Indian selection have been too methodical they need to have some creative picks For next 2 years top 3 of kohli Dhawan Rohit shall continue but mostly restedt These players have to be thrown in and see who is best give everyone 10-15 innings and then select best 4 players and later decide batting order even kohli and Rohit position can be changed for team Emphasis should be on Stoke makers who can play good cricketing shots and big shots too Shaw Gill Pant Rana Pandya Samson (purely on ability) Ishan kishan(purely on ability) Iyer
  13. It would have been 23 required of 9 with one from neesham What you guys think would have happened Not impossible even for present style Dhoni he did hit first ball for 6 So if the freak run out didn't happened what would have happened
  14. 60+ average in test cricket Three big scores in three knockout in last world Cup to win Dominated India in India Middles every single balls This guy is a living God All hail him
  15. Ok this is really painful and I don't care what changes they make I won't care for odis till next world Cup and 20-20 are meaningless Only way to ease the pain is make all conquering exciting test team which can win series in Sena and wi or whitewash even better and win test championship I feel watching nagarkoti Gill pant Shaw that our golden generation has finally arrived and we have about 1 year to blood them and make a exciting test team Here is team I propose Shaw Mayank Pujara Kohli Gill New player Pant Ashwin/jadeja Saini/nagarkoti shami Bumrah One thing though he is short but I have never seen any Indian bowler run so well as nagarkoti
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