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  1. Guy is a alpha. Will come good. Sureshot future captain
  2. Rohit Shaw Rahul/iyer Kohli Gill Pant Sundar Jadeja Ashwin Bumrah Shami Other pacers Tyagi siraj Pace allrounder needs to find better
  3. Not only stats, you just have to watch him bat to know there is no single more complete and better batsman than him in India ,not even kohli
  4. He is the most talented batsman india has produced after sachin, sehwag. Biggest batting talent on planet earth. Avg 50 @ 82 sr in ranji Sr 80+ in test with hundred on debut Only 22 He needs to be played right now and is a must for world Cup 2023 if india wants to win.
  5. A very genuine question His record in 20-20 is good but he is not a match winner and plays 20-20 like odi. Doesn't have power game which Sachin and Lara had Test matches not many memorable innings has failed mostly in big matches big series against Australia England. Has a weakness outside off Doesn't have a wide range of shots No backfoot game Odis great batsman most suited to his skill but failed in world cups only tournament which matters in odis He is often considered best in world and comparable to sachin I think he i
  6. Just realises our streak of 12-0 , 7 we're won under dhoni captaincy It was more of a dhoni streak rather than india streak or let's say dhoni made the streak 4-0 to 11-0
  7. He should immediately resign. Rohit has to be made captain Shaw kishan shardul needs to be brought in
  8. Rohit should takeover the world cup campaign and i think he can still pull this off What a loser kohli is shameful
  9. Or running away to Dubai in plane for money If they isolated in UK in fear of covid it could be understood But rather than isolating and getting tested again they had no issue in running away to dubai
  10. This is pure bullshit by Indian players Requires thorough investigation Everyone is going to office working with covid lurking When they had tested negative why not play the game delay by 1-2 day if needed second confirmation Everyone knows covid spread by aerosols , u can get it anywhere even when playing in front of crowds This is just money sucking players To avoid loosing it on IPL gave up on possibly Indian cricket biggest win This is literally a crime committed by Kohli gang bcci against Indian and. English cri
  11. The pathetic replies above just shows poor mentality of Desis Everything is not about patriotism Racism bullying We had a great chance to win test series robbed by money hungry players
  12. Indian players have played the worst prank on their countrymen These clowns were frightening of covid till yesterday and in night took a flight to Dubai Do they think we fans are fool waiting for prestigious test series win Icc should declare engalnd the winner Someone should go to court against Kohli and bcci and fire Kohli and ganguly
  13. I think skillwise he was best among all modern day batsman but earlier was getting 50s and not hundreds He is much younger than other fab3 and bats in difficult home pitches Has done well in Asia too with only Australia the last fortress as batsman.also he is most dominant batsman among the 4 in tests I think he is now best batsman in world and for me best in Fab 4 when all is said and done atleast in tests Ps- very pleasing to watch too
  14. Okay dud got some runs but it's over for him skillwise Also I think team management is in awe of sky and he will play next match He looks to be a complete batsman at peak of his prowess What you think will it happen
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