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  1. He is the last of the 'clean shaven'.
  2. Yes lockdown was not needed in the first place.
  3. It is against The shariah to establish Places of worship of the disbelievers in Dar ul Islam.
  4. I agree this is not a plague, just a different strain of influenza, lockdown is not needed.
  5. You think we are going to Ghazwa e hind with sticks and swords?
  6. Training for Ghazwa e hind is going well AllhamDullilah.
  7. Pakistan was not created for anything other than Ghazwa e hind.
  8. Secularism is a burden for you, not for us we never entertain this idea.
  9. I am following the Training of the Ghazi, Mujahid, Zaid Hamid. https://youtu.be/EDp0uETD818
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