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  1. Funny,you can hold the capital to ransom without consequences but get shot in some remote corner of the country.
  2. Pandya has a proportional face,not bad looking at all, looks better than atg coach to me .Body though is too thin.
  3. ind pacers in the last 4 yrs overall Overall figures Player Span Mat Inns Overs Mdns Runs Wktshttp://i.imgci.com/espncricinfo/blackArrowDown.gif BBI BBM Ave Econ SR 5 10 Mohammed Shami 2017-2021 28 52 819.0 169 2587 103 6/56 7/58 25.11
  4. Till end of Dec 2017 saini had 84 wkts @ 23 for del in fc since jan 2018 he got 6 wkts for delhi @ 45 and for the other teams Team Balls Mdns Runs Wkts BB Ave 5wI 10wM India 251 5 172 4 2-54 43.00 0 0
  5. In India they promote meat,beef but in USA they are against it,does anyone really care or is it just hatred of their opponents. If over a billion Indians start tucking in to beef will they then say that cow farts are ruining the environment like Diwali firecrackers? .
  6. Great victory for the brave nihangs ,hindu sarkar ki dhoti utar gayi.
  7. Alright then stick around around and also throw some tantrums round the neighborhood if needed .
  8. Who is forcing anyone to stay in an abusive relationship ,they can always leave.
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