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  1. Shami looked a bit stiff,has put on a bit of weight.
  2. That was kps gills's project,he was removed and his organization disbanded.
  3. This is where shami needs the nipbacker, otherwise batsman won't push at the line.
  4. Holding 1st said pitching outside ,in private to bumble ,then quickly changed to it always looked out on replay on mic lol
  5. Yes,it'hard to pull the arm back in a front on action ,in javelin they might poke themselves with such a technique.
  6. Come to think about it ,they might pin someone on the tracks or in the stadium ,maybe that's why they don't allow follow through.
  7. Run up can't be that quick for them as they can't have a nice follow through due to that foul line.If they are allowed a follow through after release like in cricket ,they might throw even longer.
  8. Yup,but throws have to be released early,they can't waste too much time in generating power.
  9. Unlike bowling they have to throw upwards , so arm has to be delayed hence can't be hip dominant.
  10. Javelin throw technique is so similar to fast bowling ,tent peg ,front foot brace ,delay arm .
  11. Boundaries have gotten smaller as bats have improved, otherwise hitting 6s was not easy in the past.
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