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  1. Aus used to have Aus A play in the triangular Odis in the 90s,helped them develop that great side of the 00s.
  2. Ashwin is one of those rare Indian bowlers who rates himself ,even with the bat.I think it is because of him even Jaddu got success in int.Most Indian bowlers are mentally coolies.
  3. They should release him.I don't know why they picked him ,they could have gone for sakaria ,unadkat or Sandeep Sharma or picked someone from TN, there is one called Mohammed Mohammed .They have all that thala needs.
  4. Why can't India produce more quality players,if you are depending on a handful of players then they will run out of steam.
  5. I don't mind avesh,gives it everything, better than bowling within himself.He is a bit like Zak at his prime ,can run out of steam.Needs to work a lot on his fitness since he is not a natural athlete. Also needs to work on his rhythm and repeating his action.
  6. I have said this before and going to repeat again ,we need to quicken up our pitches,what we want is pace being rewarded, without it Chopra or thala types will eventually win. The other thing I would like is more gaps between ranji matches, to help the quick bowlers recover.Maybe reduce the number of matches each team plays if they can't fit in the rest days.
  7. Looked quick to me,you can clearly see the pace on the short balls,no real bounce though https://www.iplt20.com/video/45512/umran-malik-jolts-mi-top-order-with-323?tagNames=2022
  8. Matt Potts picked in the test squad for eng v nz tests.
  9. This was on the cards for nattu,reminds me of kaul ,used to nail the yorker till that final vs csk,never recovered from it,let's see if nattu can.
  10. Trying to copy waqar,as people are comparing him to him,I wonder if next he will try to become more low arm
  11. Saurabh Dubey is quite tall,got injured, wonder how he bowls.
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