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  1. Sehwag too had a tough time with hair loss,maybe he could talk to him.
  2. just need maxwell and neesham and match will be over
  3. Pant needs strict parents.Prithvi is depressed due to hair loss.
  4. Gavaskar always says "bowled length and got smashed ","now why would you bowl length". You cant bowl short either to "West Indians" ,so whats left yorker and the stale offcutter.
  5. Kapil dev could only win 1 icc event,Thala has 3 icc championships and not some Coca-Cola trophy.If he wanted he could have played another 10 yrs.
  6. There you go one more point,see they aren't so bad @velu
  7. Hopefully by next summer,ipl will be back at the chepauk
  8. They are missing the Chennai pitch ,last time won 6 out of 7 league matches in Chennai and lost 4 out of 7 league matches outside Chennai.
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