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  1. then we have reached our peak.expose to ipl helped but now they should try to make the bar higher .Let the indian players fight it out like the foreigners rather than just handing it out to them ,if it doesn't work then they can settle with the current system.
  2. What difference does it make if majority of the players are going to be sub par ,they might as well miss out .it's not making Indian cricket any stronger. sky has been dragging on for years ,he is already 30 , isn't going to be a legend is he? will he win us any wc? Nattu hasnt played that many Ipl matches and has come through via tnpl,there is always demand for good death bowlers ,even int bowlers arent that great at it.
  3. only thala can chase 18/over, as well as win after scoring run a ball 18
  4. they will come through,if anything it will make them tougher ,atm the moment they are leeching off.
  5. most indian batsmen are like him ,time to remove restrictions and allow them to pick the best players.
  6. they used to transmutate while watching his films ,i was too naive to understand ,otherwise i was good friend.
  7. our loi batsmen have generally been like that ,led by the 2 legendary midgets from mumbai .but now since sr is so important, it gets's exposed.
  8. it;s down to those 2 or 3 batsmen for most of these teams .the way kl plays he deserves it.
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