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  1. Pretty sure EPS and Stalin has an understanding with each other. It’s not a coincidence Stalin put a newcomer against EPS and ADMK gave Chepauk to PMK to contest against Udayanidhi. if you seriously expect Stalin to undertake any cases against EPS , you will be sorely disappointed.
  2. Tbf even if they tried they couldn’t match Velumani in Coimbatore. He was literally spending cash like water in CBE. Also in places like Singanallur etc where DMK is strong , MNM played spoil sport to a large extent .
  3. Only Coimbatore really where ADMK has won 10/10. Tirupur DMK won 3/7 . Karur also DMK won 4/4. DMK won 3/8 including both Eorde east and Erode west .Namakkal District also DMK won 4/6 where even the sitting Minister Saroja has lost in Rasipuram . Far better than last time and that despite having a Gounder as CM candidate.
  4. What people forget about MGR is he was in politics for 20 years and was DMK no.2 when he launched ADMK.
  5. That was over in 2011 when Jayalalitha filed a case against him and he went into hiding to avoid arrest. Anja Nenjan became comedy Nenjan after that. He is just trying to secure a political future for his son and followers with DMK nowadays
  6. Official: Kamal lost to Vanathi Srinivasan by 1500. That's a disappointment. Would have liked to see Kamal as MLA and see how he performs. Another disappointment is Duraimurugan winning in Katpadi and Selvaraj winning Tiruppur South. Big positive in Mafoa Pandiarajan and CV Shanmugam. Also already TV channels discussing whether EPS a le to become Opposition leader and will OPS allow it. Already Southern ADMK leaders are unequally blaming EPS for this loss
  7. Looks like DMK will cross 160 seats . Majority after 25 years as well for DMK . Massive mandate for Stalin .
  8. Actually Congress is doing a pretty good job. Winning 17/25 is a really good strike rate.
  9. Both L Murugan from Dharapuram and Annamalai from Aravakurichi trailing now.
  10. Funnily both Duraimurugan and VC Shanmugam trailing the votes. Hopefully both lose the elections. Will be good for Tamil Nadu. Looks like DMK will cross with 150+ and majority on their own. Decent face saving loss for EPS and considering most of their wins has been in Kongu belt and North TN (PMK support), it definitely strengthens EPS hands going forward . Hopefully he can get himself out of BJP control now and establish himself as viable leader for future. Because thats his inly realistic chance for coming to power again in future. Stalin ob
  11. Higher turnout in Kongu region means biggest positive for MNM . The higher the turnout in Kongu region the higher their vote share will be .
  12. Well because we know Vijay is Anti BJP and Ajith is a actor with Backbone . Ajith is the one who has the guts to stand up to Karunanidhi and asked him to stop using film stars for political gains not Rajni or Kamal. https://m.timesofindia.com/city/chennai/pressure-mounts-but-ajith-sticks-to-his-position/articleshow/5598198.cms So no definitely not bandwagoning from either of them.
  13. My guess is from what I have seen and read is that it will be like 160+ DMK and 70+. However My gut feel is there is a more silent wave in favour of DMK than media thinks. Kinda similar to 2019 Lok Sabha polls. This election also seems odd in the sense that 3rd parties (who usually play spoil sport for opposition) seem to cutting into ADMK votes than anti incumbency votes . Both Dinakaran in the South and Delta and Kamal in Kongu region are cutting into ADMK votes significantly. So won’t be surprised if DMK even reach 190-200 and sweep the polls similar to 2019.
  14. Ajith wearing a red and black mask to polling booth for voting. Vijay riding a red and black bicycle to Vote . This is epic trolling of the highest order lmao
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