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  1. Om Shanti. Just makes one so Sad. Honestly 2020 can just f off.
  2. What a dirty filthy corrupt city police force and govt lol disgusting mumbai.
  3. No wonder deepika looks like someone stole her wardrobe
  4. Ignore her. Ignore publications she writes to, disclose the fake propaganda and create a narrative. But she is entitled her opinion no hate propaganda though
  5. Look at Steyn still got it..umesh needs to learn from him. Anyways like where Saini is..Good to see.
  6. So you don’t watch with mute on ? How do you survive manjukar and gavaskar
  7. Lol Bandra police station files fir against ssrs sister for abetment of suicide.. How pathetic can mumbai police get hehe..
  8. Pathetic agenda can't believe people go through with it for a club game rivalry hehe losers
  9. Nice bumrah seems to be in his usual levels of speed.. Great to see.i was thinking fast folks will trundle at 135 to start for few weeks.
  10. Mumbai police did not preserve the viscera and let it degrade, this is so pathetic.
  11. You are pakistani origin ? Lol can't believe you then..
  12. It’s stupid to remove Sanskrit from Kannada lol 20 pc of language will go off
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