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  1. he is 22 from past few years he ages slowly.
  2. Man wtf happened?? Youngster's like bravo faf doing the big hitting for Chennai so that thala can play consolidation role? how the f did they score 188
  3. Not sure why people like him are like this lol how much time does he have in his hands for such elaborate work lol
  4. All this historical ranking prior to rankings being introduced is bull ****. Only those after ranking were introduced are real.
  5. So I am not the only one who really wants pujara bat.
  6. So I guess stokes is out of this. He is different league and can look **** all Ipl and turnup big time for England in a semi or final no issues. post him I think it’s pandya vs Curran, stoinis is good but his bowling makes it feel he is an alrounder in international level more as an after thought. Pandya and Curran have legit batting and bowling claims to fame in mega international stakes either a key odi or a test.
  7. Yup I think there is fastest median slowest avg. speed funda behind it probably, some seasons are quicker but most are like current season. 145 seems to be the cap this time
  8. both dube and shankar look big built and strong, absolute waste in LOI. Shankar might have been good in tests he seemed to be able to bat.
  9. Yeah he is accurate fast medium. No need to try to become fast and loose accuracy.may be he wants a few quick deliveries to be in reckoning im speed lists.
  10. Player of the week player of the match player of the hour?? Lol icc
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