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  1. What's wrong with Thakur but did you see Sundar bat lol. The guy is a proper middle order bat.
  2. Siraj Thakur Sundar Pant. All gems need proper backing. It would be detrimental to world cricket if any of them fall by the way side just due to lack of opportunity.
  3. Umesh vs WI and BD, shami VS WI come to mind. Perhaps some of the earlier Aus SA games but need to check stats. Don't think This Siraj spell is much better than those to be honest.
  4. Now where is Prasidh?? That would be next bowler to watch out for
  5. You did not see this thread or matches from 2015 to 2019? Umesh Shami??
  6. The guy would have probably not had any idea what poster he is removing, apparently it had verses from quoran in it. The guy is dumb if after living there for 11 years he does not know urdu but that does not mean he had to die like this, it is so easy for some disgruntled worker to just claim blasphemy and implicate the general manager like this. Not safe for minorities period, especially those from outside.
  7. For one there is the brining in covid response in a 26/11 thread as if to trivialise the latter. Does not seem to be a ridiculous impression to me. Lecturing that India is not focusing on healthcare as more people die of it, discounting the fact that act of mass murder is willful act of crime with malicious intent focusing on it does not have to do anything with how a govt responded to covid lol.
  8. What gruesome barbaric incident. Om shanti. Why are Sri Lankans going to Pakistan?
  9. Nope. Terrorists sympathisers for instance are criminal in being negligent of their duty to humanity, but i cant equate their crime to an actual mass murderer can i. Look at yourself for instance, you seem to sympathise with pakistani terror agenda that's not the same as act of terror is it. There is a difference.
  10. People die of disease and are killed in accidents at times due to negligence and are murdered by terrorists. Its not the same. And its not the number of deaths alone, you can't be OK with a single murder even if millions die of disease. Healthcare while being negligent like how indian govt was ignorantly claiming victory over covid can become a criminal negligence, an act of murder on the other hand is always worse and what's worse mass murder.
  11. Sorry this is untrue. Again Indian armed forces do not lie they do not tweet and then go back. They have released evidence which people who are in the know will understand. One can go to open source intelligence reports plenty to make their own assumptions radar data and fuselage tadpole were shared. This is not a political bjp vs Congress discussion that's the type of low resolution thinking which I am used to seeing in India so not surprised by it but they are useless in this context.
  12. You are just peddling pakistani isi narative sorry no time I normally treat such posts like tissue paper.
  13. Not sure in what sense? You mean nuclear arsenal or something along those lines. Pak vs India and India vs Pak China is similar scenario. Again ddfence acquisition is one aspects of national security apparatus.
  14. Actually you are right when you say covid is a threat to national security or even existance. It should be defeated with an army of healthcare. Pakistan is scum of earth that should be defeated with every resource India has that's also true so yeah I can imagine why people got pissed of with you bringing this topic into the discussion in that way.
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