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  1. (then when asked about his shot in the second innings of the first test) This is what he said about Pant The clickbait heading tried to combine all to create a sensational headline. Saha is a very very humble guy authors name is Kathakali 'banner'ji no wonder.
  2. as long as team wins why would people care. but after a win like Rahane's he needs to be retained captain.
  3. That makes complete sense. cricket or any sport is not abt *ing giving respect to umpires feelings it’s abt being factual. But there are dhimmi nuts like @zen everywhere that are change averse the “Poorana zamane mai” type. What to do.
  4. Snicko > thermal imaging > ball tracking. But third umpires should be unbiased. Often there is hot spot but a faint one which is often ignored. And snicko needs objective analysis as well. But clearly third umpiring in this test match has been flawed.
  5. Awww you are talking back now.. awww soo cute. No F off . Ayee see this see that gujju player so great.. I call him don bradman fafda lol people die of cringe seeing your threads man.
  6. @moron see above this is what everyone feels :)
  7. Yup this umpires call arse wipe is just that arse wipe. If its hitting the stumps its out. If tech is not good there then ball tracking should not be part of dra altogether then.
  8. Yup if he had played food ball instead he would still be playing.
  9. Go create more threads on pandya or some other gujju player lol.. you know that them playing well does not mean **** abt you right. You are still a pathetic piece of keeeee.. fcuk off
  10. Bumrah trundled was accurate with bouncers. But was around 132 to 139 mostly siraj was around 132 to 136.
  11. Any ball clipping stumps should be out. Umpires call can wipe my ass.
  12. *off Australia.. was that missing stumps too ?
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