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  1. I don’t feel it for cricket. This hockey match was special, I can remove myself from something if I need to :)
  2. Stopped watching after that.. wtf is that she brought her down but the opposite number gets points lol
  3. Ffs I am too old for this ****.. heart pounding palpitations
  4. Lol the graphic shows bronze for Germany even the *ing graphic was made ready.
  5. What stupid fack game is it now. F you refs well done with India team. Make heroes of these folks
  6. Fine player.. One of the best will make a very good player if he continues.
  7. And his *ing family.. Ban the lot. Tell all mfrs if they get the notion that they can * with India.. Don't. Blood and bone style.
  8. PoK league....mfrs this is some funny **** from bcci
  9. Damn.. 5 posts in 12 minutes in the same thread lol... Triggered @Azadi man this has hit a sensitive nerve in Pakistanis hehe
  10. Such an universal language it can transcend cultures nations and languages. Its so clear what hw is going through in that very moment lol.
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.insider.com/chinese-ships-dumped-sewage-south-china-sea-see-from-space-2021-7%3famp Real estate prospects for Pakistan to consider in their search for more land.
  12. Read a news that Chinese poop so much in South China Sea that a big mass of Chinese origin **** is floating there towards mainland China.. May be they can export it and sell it as made in China land for Pakistan as Pakistan wants more land.. Perennial production of land.. Fertile Pakistanis please consider don't come begging to India for more land.
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