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  1. Oh my god what ? Om shanti..First warne and then now Symonds?
  2. Gavaskar was deeply flawed, thr fact that he was unchallenged in Indian cricket at that time means Indian cricket as a whole was flawed too. Gavaskar thought not scoring runs and conserving wicket in a run chance was OK, he thought taking a single and exposing a lesser batsman to teams detriment was OK. While conventional wisdom states otherwise.
  3. suggest an invite to an exotic location within Iran or someplace like Thailand.
  4. Congrats Velu, Persian women are very pretty. keep safe do not attract attention and do not travel to the girls parents place.
  5. You are surely not an expert, in previous messages it has been clarified that its not an as you put it instant speed ( which is an oxymoron) but its a speed measured at release end, any object needs to travel to have a speed so at an instant in time it has zero speed. Broadcasting corporations have multiple doppler speed guns and some have high speed camera based speed measurement with auto ball tracking frame by frame. In Australia there was a habit of using the highest of three measurements to get the crowd going, often it's useful to compare speed in a particular game or tournament as a res
  6. Possible Fidel edwards, jermaine Lawson, tino best all had been there or there abts 152 to 157.
  7. Imagine a measuring box at bowlers hand. It’s out of the hand at release alright and ofcourse the ball has to travel for some distance to measure speed. Due to angle full balls travel the distance straight and bounce balls travel at an angle towards the pitch, this is why you often see bounce balls show slightly slower release speeds than the same bowlers full balls. Heavy ball is when the speed at batsman’s end is still high and it thuds into the bat or gloves.
  8. Yup Kane drop was a dolly, Markram noting he is SA is a dolly for their standards he needed to be a step behind closer to the rope.
  9. need to play Bangladesh and srilanka pronto in dharmasahala etc get some confidence going. This is like first contact with express for India, hope team leadership has a protocol for this scenario lol. Wish it was Ravi sastri instead of Dravid at helm.
  10. he used to claim that they measured speed at batsman’s end and that at release point he was well over 160. then again this is their absolute best effort ball lol.. let that sink in 139 is absolute best effort ball for imran, boobie and Vinay and unadkat have done faster effort balls through their careers lol..
  11. his reasoning would be that he was focusing on the run of play which was Powell pummeling the ball and winning the game. But his job is to note such events he could have said something on the lines of 157k could not help he still hits a four or something like that. Just overall a small statured individual with fake humility as a coping mech for his own inabilities.
  12. *ing idiot harsha lol , he did not even mention the 157k ball
  13. Looks like they were bowling rubbish though Umran and Tyagi
  14. wtf that’s two express pacers I know it t20 but damn..
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