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  1. 123 or there abts is the KIA numbers being floated.
  2. Indians will support him till the time some racist douche calls them sand niger and asks them to go back to where they came from. Suits them well.
  3. I have not claimed that this is an other strawman. Read the context better. My operative point is china will attack india does not need to be the aggressor. I loose interest in your bs.
  4. Chinese don't rate or care about India it's US they measure themselves against. Chinese students pfft, as much as I dislike educating here, I like how many here who know less but talk big suits them well basically.. But do think bigger like Zhongnanhai, a ruler has his pressures. XI needs to put belligerent troublemaker India in its place. Attack will come, India does not need to initiate it, they need to prep.
  5. The way per reports the dsp was hacked toes and beheaded seems like maoist style ambush and extreme violence. Don't think there is any great will required here.
  6. LAC is not international boundary. There is no adverse possession in international disputes. Only Change on ground is IA patrols can't reach finger 8, Chinese patrolls have permanent structures up-to west of finger 4. After Midi threw the gauntlet if xi does not attack before winter its loss of face for him. Just chill it's imminent from them, IA IN and IAF I bet are ready.heavy casualties will be replicated again but expecting to grab land back from 15 trillion economy is silly.
  7. So you were bullshiting when you claimed you knew of a tactical advantage lol. You get angry if I ask you what it is. Or may be you don't know.
  8. you are the one who is ignorant here. I have no interest in educating you.
  9. What is this obvious tactical advantage ?
  10. Usual judgement strawmen tripe from you, does not surprise me. . I have not claimed 1, china has not occupied land 2, not claimed india will get land back. What i have said is india does not need to attack, the attack will come from China before winter as the geography does not lend them to stay put there for ever doing nothing. Advantageous border situation is still with India. Just educate yourself more.
  11. Wait till winter china has to attack else they will have to pack their bags and leave.
  12. They have j17 bhandar in good numbers. Its a worthy fighter has bvr.
  13. "the Sathankulam police station is now under the Revenue Department control, seen as an “unprecedented” development so far in the country, after the high court issued an order after the conduct of the local police personnel came under intense scrutiny." Wow
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