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  1. yeah man south indian darkies are so smelly badd..pepole yaar. wat imm telling .. south endian pepol are not as idashing as north indian studs yaaar.. lets get started, and then wonder why there is always identity battle between Indians. or you see some scum bag in PDF either a jihadi or a douche with a serious case of Stockholm syndrome let him be, dont give a *.
  2. weren't the locusts swarming in africa, ME and pure land pak for years before this lol.. anyway its just a jihadi scum less attention given the better.
  3. So if we don’t farm cattle now supposed ai will not farm humans.. hehe
  4. Exactly what will we do with geriatric cattle lol have cattle old age homes around temples its foolish.
  5. What is the diff between barbarians and India then. Banning should not happen one can tax them heavily and ensure humane conditions etc.
  6. Bsf and if needed some ellite capf force should just do an army style assault action after drawing out that scum.
  7. i cant imagine killing a cow, cant imagine eating it but why is it banned in India, some people like it let them eat it. Regularize slaughter but how is it legal to ban it is beyond me, of all things this is the one thing majority wants to put the foot down on..perplexing.
  8. between bradman and sobers, mmmajid khan is the best. ok bye
  9. Miracle not, force ;) armed force and will of people
  10. yuvraj - fall from grace pretty much. Punjabi's have this love of pakistanis which at times it can be annoying for Indian people. But its better to avoid identities altogether.
  11. Is this is Gilgit Baltistan ? Amazing pics dude. Ahh nepal ok.
  12. I think it flows down from the top. May be its the pressure of funding.
  13. I am sure one of them is monimool and the other one is asrafoool or something vermin.
  14. Mom abandons him, Guru parasuram curses him - his most potent weapons will be forgotten at the most important moment, he looses his kavach and kundal, his blood siblings hate him, douchbags are racist towards him, duryodhan tricks him with his kindness, with all this it took his own charioteer constant sabotage to make him fall finally. The guy is such a poignant story.
  15. I like Bhishma he was the most powerful almost atimaharathi among mortals. Karna is the most poignant character because of his flaws and the fact that almost everyone is against him lol so greatest underdog.
  16. You have answered it yourself. This is the problem with apeshitwood. Not on merit really.
  17. Did not have to read rest of your post.
  18. i can imagine some loud mouthed **** jurno shouting into the camera uncouth and utterly insensitive. I dont miss Indian news channels.
  19. Means jack **** one is either good or bad in being secular. No muslim ruler was good enough since they were fundamental to varying degrees and intolerant.
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