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  1. The worst part is officiating. The way Germany, Belgium and UK were just talking to referees after any decision against them and they were like ok don't worry I will take my referral for you was pure joke. Never seen this happen in any game where referees are so weak( or biased)
  2. Timings for Ravi and Deepak game ?
  3. Yes I noticed it was stuck at 29.8 . The ball was in play. At that time I thought how they can cheat us at this level in daylight like this. Shameless bastards.
  4. Agree. A gold will propel us to the next level where our players start thinking of it. Once we target and prepare for golds, bronze will start flowing.
  5. Big asset for this site. So many insightful posters on Cricket but for other sports he is the go to poster for any detail info.
  6. That American who beat Punia is a legend in US professional circles. They don't take Olympics that seriously I guess. He also beat his previous 2 opponents very early with 10 point diff.
  7. Oh god. That is gold hope down the drain. She didn't even look like having a chance once.
  8. Congratulations @Gollum It must be so special for fans like you who stuck with team through thick and thin and saw it rising in the last few years.
  9. Penalty stroke. Referred to tv umpire.
  10. Anshu ka repechage abhi hai na ?
  11. Harmanpreet is our Alexandar Hendricks.
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