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  1. Will reach knock outs 99 out of 100 times. Do we have what it takes to win Semi & Final ?
  2. Lol Kohli fans are making these nobodies famous. They got what they wanted it seems.
  3. An eye opener for those who think he makes batting look more difficult than it is.
  4. Pant at 23 has achieved more than what Dhoni did in 10 year long test career.
  5. Shastri indirectly said today he will only play overseas tests. Welcome to the world of Virat Kohli.
  6. In 1995 when Aus toured WI, WI were no 1 ranked team since 15 years and they were unbeaten at home since late 1970s. Steve Waugh took blows after blows from Ambrose but stood like a rock and anchored a historic series win which started Australian era of dominance. If we go on to become an all time great team from here on Pujara's innings today will draw parallels with Waugh's historic efforts.
  7. We all love Pujara but unfair to compare him to RD. Dravid had many more memorable performances in wins and hard fought draws. In terms of average and high scoring abilities Pujara is a clearly a notch below.
  8. 4th innings was always this team's achilles heal. In SCG Pujara, Pant and then Ash and Vihari showed that it is all a mental game. If you don't allow your self doubts and negative thoughts to cloud your brains there is no difference in batting methods you apply. India were a lot more confident and comfortable today How many of you feel without SCG draw this historic win wasn't possible.
  9. If it is very heavy rain overnight. Wont it delay the start due to wet outfield ? And then later in the afternoon => more rains.
  10. Rain robbed us of another Rohit Sharma cameo and then a late evening brainfart.
  11. Rahane doesn't want to get banned. If he is banned his replacement might do well and make a claim.
  12. Honestly last such debut I saw was of Yuvraj Singh in 2000. Completely unfazed by the quality of opposition.
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