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  1. Can't fault them here. They were really well prepared compared to our side.
  2. In the Semis of Junior Hockey World cup. I think Hockey Federation is a doing a great job.
  3. Pretty sure he would fail to make into BD test XI with that form but he is captaining India.
  4. I gave up on expecting sensible selections in WC 2019. When Opener Dhawan got injured, selectors replaced him with a WK bat Rishabh Pant. Then all rounder Shankar got injured they replaced him with an opener Mayank.
  5. Going through a series of injuries in 18-22 years of age is not something new. Almost all fast bowlers suffer stress fracture in this age. Although a lot of bowlers fade away in this time, change action, become slower but those who last over the time their body gets stronger. They develop ability to cope with some pain. 26-27 to 32 are the best years for them.
  6. Club matches are more interesting than this cricket.
  7. Ishan Kishan - Launda Naach PS : his Halloween night dance with Shardool.
  8. He was a dick for the large part of his playing career. Great batsman but terrible sportsman. Aussie team had lot of such characters. Look at Slater here fighting Dravid because he didn't walk after Slater's signal.
  9. Don't think the country will survive for that long.
  10. 1. This news 2. Another news where it was reported he was sleeping with a woman connected to the underworld. 3. Then we have always heard how some big celebs are trapped and then used by big criminals for money laundering, smuggling etc.
  11. It is not just Kohli or NZ, we have poor record in ICC knockouts since 2015. Have only beaten Bangladesh in ICC Knockouts after 2014.
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