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  1. His face says it all. He really doesn't like someone other than him being center of attention.
  2. I think he was drafted in ODIs too close to world cup. If he had more confidence in his batting with a few more 50s he could be really good.
  3. In 2019 WC When Dhawan (opener) got injured he was replaced by a wicketkeeper Rishabh Pant. Then we had Vijay Shankar batting at 4 in all important wc games who didn't even have a single international 50. Then Vijay Shankar got injured and he was replaced by an opener Mayank Agarwal. Shows how illogical and immature decision making was going on all throughout this.
  4. Lol.. joking. But the way Rohit was rested after Kohli said Rohit will open I thought something went wrong bw them.
  5. Looks like Rohit and Kohli had a fight.
  6. We are trying a few new approaches.
  7. I demand 5000 INR per tweet for running the account. You can pay me via cheque or I will let you know my UPI.
  8. Really excited about this series. So many explosive batsmen in both sides.
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