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  1. Quite unexpected but their batsmen have done well in England. In 2016 series https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/records/averages/batting_bowling_by_team.html?id=10417;team=7;type=series In 2018 the test they won Shafiq, Azam and Shadab batted well. In the last 3 tours of England our batting has been a big let down.
  2. "China get out of Indian territory" is not "lets boycott Chinese products". Is it ?
  3. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/videos/news/yes-bank-scam-rana-kapoor-bought-priyanka-gandhis-painting-for-rs-2-crore/videoshow/74534539.cms
  4. WI or Sri Lanka. You have 2 options. Tell me who should we call to boost your average.
  5. There has been so much large scale illegal settlement in this North East Delhi area in last 5 years. Earlier only a few pockets were this bad, now everything from Shahdara to Pusta Rd looks like full of slums. And dont know why people never speak against illegal settlements. Politicians want votes but at least people should speak up against such illegal settlements. They are big security threat.
  6. Funny how a guy hired for marketing political parties only markets himself
  7. I think if it just mentioned religiously providing citizenship to religiously persecuted people of Pakistan Bangladesh Afghanistan it would have been ok. The way it excludes Muslims in its present form it does not go with the secular constitution of India. That said the protests over it have reached quite an unexpected scale knowing the fact that it doesn't impact any Indian citizen.
  8. This is so boring. Waiting for Poyzz batting for entertainment.
  9. second from right is Yasir Shah for sure.
  10. You think to take some measures against a problem which causes emergency like situation a CM has to be directly responsible for it ? If Delhi govt can free electricity bills of thousands of households what stops them from buying stubble from Haryana Punjab farmers once in a year. Even Punjab and Haryana govts have taken more effective measures than this clueless man Punjab, Haryana announce Rs 2,500 an acre incentive to stop stubble burning https://www.business-standard.com/article/economy-policy/punjab-haryana-announce-rs-2-500-an-acre-incentive-to-stop-stubble-burning-119111500057_1.html
  11. I am not saying he is responsible. Obviously there are so many reasons for that. But it is a fact he has failed to take a single step which has even slightest of effect. In other states it is just 1 or 2 cities out of many where pollution is a big issue. But whole Delhi's aqi goes 1000+ in these months every year so he does have responsibility to take special measures.
  12. Name one step other than this odd even eyewash your leader has taken ? Centeal govt has constructed peripheral expressways.
  13. Aapturds blaming 6 months MP for eating Jalebis. While their grand khalifa only tweets for taking credit for winds, rains or anything that reduces pollution. Nothing worthwhile done by him in 5 years.
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