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  1. Same story as his domestic career is being played out. Some great seasons courtesy a few very good innings. Then most of the other seasons have been below average. Clearly he has focus issues.
  2. What kind of spark does he see in Jadhav Chawla ?
  3. Not sure about overall but quite obvious who it was yesterday
  4. He was forced to do it. Leggies are much worse as option against lefties. At least Jaddu can throw some darts in blockhole.
  5. Shaw going through lean patch. Rahane and Carey. Even Dhawan was dropped 4 times.
  6. Rafa avenging the AO final defeat in style.
  7. I wouldn't have minded it if he was a lower order bat. For an opener to succeed you should have a decent risk free game too.
  8. Only negative I noticed is that most of his runs are through aerial shots. Haven't seen much of grounded drives or cuts. Those who have watched him more can tell better about his ability to score from risk free shots.
  9. Rayudu better than Kohli ? In 2012 23 year old Kohli scored 183 while chasing 330 against blatantly chucking Ajmal & Hafeez in the days when no batsman looked comfortable against them.
  10. Guess they don't have enough talent to do that.
  11. Batting in 4th innings on subcontinent pitches is probably more tougher than outside subcontinent. Some of the grounds in England, SA and NZ are best to bat on day 4 and 5. In Australia other than Sydney and Adelaide which start assisting spinners from day 4 are as good for batting on day 4-5 as they are on day 1. Only West Indies pitches become quite vicious with uneven bounce later in the match. It is mostly the scoreboard pressure which gets to the batsman in 4th innings.
  12. Gambhir was truly outstanding from 2008 to 2010-2011. Sadly lost his way after that.
  13. Quite unexpected but their batsmen have done well in England. In 2016 series https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/records/averages/batting_bowling_by_team.html?id=10417;team=7;type=series In 2018 the test they won Shafiq, Azam and Shadab batted well. In the last 3 tours of England our batting has been a big let down.
  14. "China get out of Indian territory" is not "lets boycott Chinese products". Is it ?
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