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  1. Goddamn classy square drive from KL
  2. Saini clocking 144+ in the 1st 2 deliveries.
  3. Man those guys will always be jabbing each other. It'll be so much fun. Deano on 1st day said we wanted to get the best kiwi but mccullum wasn't available so we got styris.
  4. 84m straight boundary. AB De Villiers will be waiting at the boundary line.
  5. I hope this bugger kohli doesn't bring chahal within the pp itself.
  6. Adei washington sundar, play well man.
  7. @Norman copy image location from whatever website you found the pic and paste that image location here. It'll be automatically embedded in your message.
  8. A curious case of rivalry between RCB and KXIP. Home State players playing Intrastate for Punjab vs Multi state players for RCB?. Ex rcb vs present RCB ??
  9. Rest in peace. He was a fun guy in the commie box.
  10. I remember the CCatch of Dravid. It was a stunner at a very short range.
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