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  1. Offers a glimpse into how he coached the indian team!
  2. Not at all surprised. The union government here doesn't care about all this and instead keeps digging under mosques to hide from real problems.
  3. Dammit I was about to come and post this here i have to say trailer is kind of underwhelming but it is not giving away anything so that is good.
  4. Pant is 100 times the batter compared to him. He's the only player from mi to be dropped every single year & His position is under severe threat. As a mi team fan nothing would make me more happy than to trade him away.
  5. One of the all time greats of the LOI game. Single handedly won them the game against Pakistan in the 2003 WC when Aussies were in trouble and then again hit a 90 against sl in semi final. Again when they were in trouble!!!!. When it comes to cricketing athletes Roy was truly creme of the crop. Literally belongs in the 0.01%. Could smash any bowler. Dope ass fielder. Ricky ponting included him in his top 5 fielders in his list. Would walk into any team just purely as a batsman and a useful all rounder. RIP Roy!!.
  6. Too early to say anything. One thing for sure is he can't hit sixes when a certain brevis hits them for fun.
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