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  1. If the first 2 ODI matches were any indication, a season of PPPPPPPPPPAAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNN is awaiting us in SENA. AGAIN
  2. Happy for the guy and it's good that Aussies aren't screaming love jihad.
  3. Smith, Maxi and Finch : And you idiots thought otherwise
  4. Australia is a vast sunburnt country with vast sunburnt cricket fields. In such huge spaces, it is said, it is hard to hide any weakness. Every small one gets magnified. India's in limited-overs cricket is the obvious one: their batsmen don't bowl, and their bowlers can't bat. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/_/id/30399043/australia-vs-india-1st-odi-india-one-dimensional-batsmen-hurting-their-five-bowler-strategy CI nailing it as usual.
  5. Use this thread to record such dubious performances with clearly no intent of winning the game for their respective teams.
  6. Created after the legendary thread from IPL section by @Ankit_sharma03 First glorious entry from none other than his loyal disciple Ravi Jadeja 25(37)against Australia in 1st ODI while chasing 7.5 rpo. Strike rate of 67.56
  7. By far the longest running scam in INDIAN cricket.
  8. Don't know if others in the list above converted to hinduism and changed their names but AR rahman converted to muslim from being a hindu. And he doesn't like people calling or associating him with his former name.
  9. I can't believe that shameless fellow hasn't stepped down from RCB captaincy. 8 years and zero trophies.
  10. Left(communism) and liberals(liberalism) are two different ideologies. Only us Indians keep equating the same. Commies aren't liberals.
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