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  1. I'm afraid not so fast. Every team except us has a relatively easy schedule. NZ has a veryeasy schedule, IMO.
  2. Damn. Does it ever stop raining in that country?
  3. Broad could be dropped for Wood. Archer, Anderson and Wood will be the trio of attack.
  4. Fool. Already Trump's botched coronavirus response has killed 130,000 Americans under his bigoted presidency. The numbers are rising in key states like Florida, Texas and Arizona if i'm not wrong. Hope the 2nd wave doesn't cause more casualties.
  5. Pre-Covid 19: Where every team stood in terms of points and whom they have to play for the rest of the championship
  6. 3 test match series. 120 points in play. 40 per win.
  7. Powerful bowling performance from Peter Siddle in 2010. The commentary is gold with the likes of Bill Lawry, Ian Chappel, Tony Greig, Tubby Taylor, Warne with the only drawback being the sour puss Mark Nicholas. Listen at 2:01 Tubbs going batshit insane with jubilation . The thing I've always admired with Aussie bowlers is even leaving out their all time greats (Mcgrath/Warne/Lillee/Cummins/Gillespie) they've always managed to produce a 2nd attack(if I can even use that term) bowlers to be world class and get the job done. I'm talking about the likes of Lee/Johnson/Hazlewood/Pattinson/Siddle/Hilfenhaus etc etc.
  8. This sort of bullshit is allowed to happen only in our country. That the captain doesn't realize this and has been doing this for quite sometime is a crying shame. I guess he didn't care about it much since there was a precedent already set. This sort of bullshit won't fly with other renowned sporting bodies in the world. That the BCCI is toothless to do anything about it and needs the name of Supreme Court to fall back to carry out the most basic things is the reality of sports administration in India. I guess it doesn't help that there are mostly politicians filling the jobs there. End of the day Money rules and not laws.
  9. Stop posting Pakistani bullshit here. You guys are unnecessarily giving a platform for their verbal diarrhoea.
  10. Absolutely nothing. Wait, that's not true. Somehow they managed to successfully spread it to other districts.
  11. 2K kids should take a look at this. ODI Cricket with red balls. Look at the amount of late swing into the batsman's pads. I remember Tendulkar hitting a 80 odd in this game. The 4th and 5th deliveries were clearly out. This standard of ODI bowling that the batsmen have to face is just not there anymore these days.
  12. TN govt doing such a lousy job it may even touch 5k cases/day soon.
  13. 1st Test between England and West Indies starts on July 8th at 03:30 pm. Hope everything gets right by on schedule. https://www.espncricinfo.com/series/19497/game/1225247/england-vs-west-indies-1st-test-west-indies-in-england-2020
  14. Wow. Never thought I would be posting on test cricket this soon. Some good news finally. And on test cricket.
  15. What kind of culture is this?. Try this in any developed world you'd be behind bars. Not to mention law suits that would suck you out of every last dime that you ever had.
  16. 2 sub-inspectors, 4 others charged with murder for custodial deaths of father-son in TN https://theprint.in/india/2-sub-inspectors-4-others-charged-with-murder-for-custodial-deaths-of-father-son-in-tn/452847/
  17. Tamil Nadu custodial deaths | Woman constable, eyewitness in Jayaraj and Fenix murder case, gets protection During a court hearing, the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court observed that the woman head constable should also get paid leaves as a witness. https://www.moneycontrol.com/news/india/tamil-nadu-custodial-deaths-woman-constable-eyewitness-in-jayaraj-and-fenix-murder-case-gets-protection-5498531.html
  18. True. That's why I'm in awe of Steve Waugh till now. He and Bevan were rock solid middle order players. Steve would just back away and smash Donald for sixes over point. Ballsy basterd if there was ever one.
  19. With nearly 4000 cases per day, TN has again announced a lock down till July 31.
  20. Not just Shreyas. Ambati Rayudu who played most matches at #4 was dropped from the squad at the last minute. I wasn't really convinced on Rayudu in the first place but if you groom a player for a spot you have to back him up and give chances. Also this is the kind of analysis that is not done by mainstream cricket analysts in India. Somebody needs to show this to Kohli and the management about the kind of damage that is done to the middle order.
  21. 27 new cops for Sathankulam police station The action came hours after the Madurai Bench of the Madras High Court slammed the Sathankulam policemen for not cooperating with the Kovilpatti Judicial Magistrate. https://www.newindianexpress.com/states/tamil-nadu/2020/jun/29/sathankulam-police-not-cooperating-with-judicial-inquiry-hc-orders-revenue-officials-to-take-contro-2162949.html
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