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  1. Good to have competition. Also, think India's ODI/T20 team is too one dimensional, meaning all the batsmen cant bowl. If one of the bowlers have an off day, dont have any other options to fall back on. Compare this to earlier sides which had Sehwag, Yuvi, Raina, Ganguly etc who could bowl. This is where all rounders will make the difference. But feel like Shardul has to prove a lot more to be reckoned as an all rounder, think Washington Sundar has a better chance as he has already done decently in T20s as a bowler.
  2. Its incredible that Washington Sundar who has last played a FC game 4 years ago and playing in his first test at Brisbane has looked so comfortable against Starc, Cummins, Hazelwood, Lyon. You need to have some serious talent to be able to do that. Why has he given very little attention to playing FC cricket and getting into test side ?
  3. Need to bowl on stumps as much as possible. On 4th day, there will be some deterioration, so bounce and pace wont be consistent.
  4. Im still shocked because of the innings played by Washington and Shardul. Playing their first series in Australia and looked like seasoned batsmen. Amazing stuff.
  5. Even though pitch is still good for batting and bowling is severely depleted, I have some faith in the team. They have shown time and again when everyone ruled them out, they are capable of fighting back and showing some grit, determination and courage. This team is probably the toughest side I have seen in ages. Who knows ? A couple of wickets early can put Aussies under pressure.
  6. Good knock but cant pick him in tests because he can bat because i dont think he is good enough to play as a regular batsman consistently. Needs to prove a lot more to be able to do that. As a bowler also, you cant pick him over the likes of Ishant, Shami, Bumrah, Bhuvneswar or even Jadeja or Ashwin. If he improves his bowling, can be a handy all rounder in LOIs.
  7. His overconfidence has always cost him. With 2 fielders near the rope, he chose to try to hit a six over their heads. Even in ODIs, he used to throw away his wicket like this at the start but got more selective. But in ODIs, you can get away with some of these shots as bowling is not really that good and not much in the pitch for bowlers.
  8. He will probably end up as ATG ODI batsman but he will likely never make it in tests. Doesnt seem to have the temperament for it. At home, will plunder runs against spinners who wont do jack with SG ball, but overseas will always be a liability. Hopefully, we find a lefty opener with good temperament and technique.
  9. Yeah, Sachin's impact on Indian cricket is incomparable, took the sport from a fairly popular pastime after 83 WC win to a national obsession. We need a couple of Sachins in hockey and soccer.
  10. If Mayank also injured, Rohit Gill Pujara Rahane Pant Saha Ashwin Kuldeep Shardul Saini Siraj
  11. Kusal Perera playing reverse sweep off 2nd ball of spinner and gave catch to slip. When team is already 25/2 in tenth over. Lage raho.
  12. Fast bowlers have a shelf life. You cant blame them for wanting to play IPL and earn some money while they can. Tomorrow, they could sustain a back injury and never bowl again.
  13. More than IPL, its the useless ODIs and T20s they play throughout the year, which will cause more damage. Bumrah, Shami dont need to play all the bilateral LOI games, they are too valuable, just let them play important test matches and World Cup. BCCI needs to wake up and monitor their work load. Also, 4 or 5 tests in a tour is overkill. 3 are enough.
  14. Very talented but unfortunately a nutcase. If he had the right temperament, could have been a good test match bowler, perhaps may have got 300 wickets.
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