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  1. Are Anderson and Broad also not great bowlers because both of them dont have a 5-fer in India. In fact, Broad averages 61 in India, where does that put him ? But I have no doubt this clown with inferiority complex will laud SENA bowlers all day even if they cant do jack in India.
  2. Rohit Ishan/Surya Kohli Pant Rahul Hardik Jadeja Washington Shardul Bumrah Shami/B Kumar This side can beat the best possible England X1 at least 6(possibly 7) out of 10 times at any venue.
  3. Dont understand why Mohammad Siraj is not picked in ODIs when Bumrah or Shami are not available. Also, think Jaddu should be automatic choice in all formats when he is available. Also, can look at replacing Dhawan with Ishan Kishan or Suryakumar Yadav as Dhawan is getting a bit old, may not be at his best in World Cup in 23. Would be better to have an attacking batsman in top 4 than all having slow starts.
  4. Indian batting order needs someone like Ishan Kishan, Suryakumar Yadav in the top 4, maybe even Pant can bat up the order. There are too many batsmen in top 4 who take a bit of time to get going and therefore able to score sub 350 scores. Need one batsman to start attacking right away, because we are living in an age where even scores of 350+ can be chaseable.
  5. New players usually have no baggage. Once they start having a few failures, then doubts start to creep in, teams will also know how to exploit their weakness, they will start getting scared of losing their place etc. Just because Surya or Ishan played a blinder in their debut, doesnt mean they can or will play this way successfully. We usually tend to have a myopic view of the team, always glorify whoever is doing well at the moment, forgetting what the currently failing player did in the past and only remember their shortcomings.
  6. If Kohli opens the innings, will leave one more spot open for Jadeja to come back whom I think will add a lot of value to the limited overs side. At 3, it should be Suryakumar and No.4 will be a toss up between Ishan Kishan, KL Rahul or Shreyas Iyer. You cant play more than 2 batsmen out of this group as it will be too batting heavy side as Pandya, Washington, Shardul can also bat.
  7. Rohit KL (looks out of form, these are bilaterals anyway and can be given couple more opportunities) Kohli Washington (should just go for shots, there are others who can play steady) Pant Ishan Kishan Pandya Shardul Rahul Chahar (should be given a go as Chahal seems too predictable) B Kumar Deepak Chahar (need some decent opening seamer in first 6 overs) These give you batting till 8, 6 bowling options. Deepak will be replaced by Bumrah and probably Ishan could be replaced by Jaddu, giving more batting and bowling. KL is probab
  8. KL/Rohit is the chosen opening pair for World T20. So they need to have some practice as the openers.
  9. Think surely he will replace one of the regular batsman like Shreyas Iyer in World T20, so someone like Bumrah can come in. Needs to bat up the order in the next couple of games. This series is mostly for finding the right X1 for World T20 anyway.
  10. The pitch was definitely two paced but we need to stop making excuses for pitches. If you are international batsman/bowler, you need to do well on all surfaces. Otherwise, there are others who can take your spot.
  11. India's batting still looks quite out of sorts in tests. Kohli, Rahane, Pujara have averaged less than 30 in last ten tests. It was largely Rohit, Pant, Sundar, Ashwin who put some runs on the board against England, otherwise team was toast. So not expecting much at Lord's.
  12. This gives more importance to the partnership between Ashwin and Vihari at Sydney, and also the partnerships between Sundar and Shardul in 1st innings and Pant and Sundar in second innings at Gabba. Given how fragile India's 9, 10 and 11 are, one more wicket at that stage, India would have lost either games and lost the series and lost the chance to play in first WTC final as well.
  13. The biggest surprise for me is Washington Sundar. Just 21 years, havent played FC cricket for 4 years and only been playing T20s, and performing like a senior pro in Australia and this series. Great talent.
  14. I dont understand what people mean Gill is not a test match opener. If you mean in FC, that doesnt mean anything. Test cricket is leagues ahead of FC and if he was capable enough of facing Starc, Cummins, Hazlewood on Australian wickets and that too on debut after 36 A.O and was successful, I dont know what could convince anyone he is the real deal. Seems as if one needs to score century in every game to keep others not doubting a player's ability. Young players will have ups and downs, Sachin failed to score a century in ODIs till a few years into his international career. I reme
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