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  1. They hypocrisy of ECB, English fans and also so called Indian fans is incredible. If any western country had left the tour because of health concerns, nobody would have bat an eyelid. Because its India, everyone is pouncing on them and assuming its because of IPL money. If IPL was so important and if they always wanted not to play 5th test, why would they even struggle to win 2 tests. They could have barely put in a performance and left for IPL. Do these so called Indian fans even deserve to be called fans ?
  2. If a terror attack happened on Indian team, do you think anybody will be in a state of mind to play ? This is similar to that. Just because the reports came out negative, doesnt mean they dont have Covid. RT-PCR returns quite a few false negatives. Obviously, the priority for anyone would be their own well being and their families. Why would anyone risk their lives over a game ? This is not war.
  3. Players health is more important. Some players could already have Covid and the reports may not even show it. Cricket is not life/death, its just a game. I think the test should be called off.
  4. But then again, Indian team also had Yuvraj and Raina in test teams solely because they did well in white ball cricket and guess what, they failed badly. So Indian selectors or even most fans have no clue about selection matters.
  5. Who are these geniuses suggesting that Suryakumar should play test ? He is not a longer format player, averages around 40 in FC and came into radar because of his performances in IPL, not because of Ranji or A tours. I'm all for selecting him in T20s and even ODIs but test matches, no. And that too in England, its a double no. Vihari or Mayank Agarwal should replace Rahane.
  6. Varun Chakravarthy is so overrated. He is Vijay Shankar Part 2. The guy was crapping his pants against a poor Sri Lankan side in sub continent type wickets. Shardul Thakur or Deepak Chahar any day over him.
  7. They have allowed everyone in stadiums and even in public to not wear masks. Is it any surprise that some people get Covid ? Just because they are in bubble, doesnt mean they will be completely isolated.
  8. NZ is ahead where ? Maybe in eng or nz conditions but certainly not in India. NZ was lucky to have played WTC final in England where conditions are very similar to their home conditions. You should also consider India is playing in England and beating them in their own conditions where the England team have played their whole lives. This puts India leagues ahead of England. England has no chance of competing in India. In fact, when they got tough pitches in India, they threw a tantrum and looked like they almost gave up.
  9. Well, it wouldnt be fair to take any credit away but he's just lucky to have really good fast bowlers which previous captains didnt have. Good fast bowlers win you test matches overseas as long as batting is decent. He didnt have any part in grooming fast bowlers or building fast bowling culture. That came about because of better facilities and more interest among youth for fast bowling and more kids taking to sport because of better economic situation. Can you imagine this bowling attack in a team with Sehwag, Dravid, Sachin, Laxman, Dhoni etc
  10. If India had managed 2 wickets at least today, then could have put some pressure in the final day. At least, it was good to see India made 460+ and Thakur, Pant making some runs. Still think likely result will be a draw. If a few wickets fall especially if Root goes, England will shut shop and settle for a draw.
  11. Win overseas test series and win World Cup. I dont even watch bilateral ODIs or T20s. Who plays in it wont matter as long as they deliver.
  12. Just because pitch is flat, doesnt mean it will be easy for batting. The pitch will get slower and there will be variable pace and bounce. Anything above 275 is quite tough on 5th day England pitch. Not sure about the stats but last time, 200+ was chased on this ground was several decades ago and maybe once or twice in last 100 years.
  13. Its stupid. There was nothing electric about his bowling. But who cares really ? Its ECB, they will promote their own players obviously.
  14. I think Rohit and Pujara's wickets at the end brought England back into the game. If either had stayed at the wicket till stumps, it would have been easier to see of the new ball in the morning and then could have set England a big target.
  15. 100 runs will be quite tough because there will be cloud cover in the morning and the ball is still quite new. Batting was a bit tricky on 3rd day morning as well but India had both openers at the crease and they were able to see the new ball off and later it became easier for batting. But on 4th day, we will have Jadeja at the crease who doesnt inspire much confidence against the new ball and Rahane and Pant to come who have been struggling. I think India will get another 50 runs at the most unless some slogging from Thakur or Umesh gets us another 30 runs but this is not going t
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