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  1. Pleasantly surprised by Ratchasan. Hard to see an original thriller now a days.
  2. "Who Goes There?" by John W. Campbell, Jr A chilling story with great horror themes. Read this and watch the movie "The Thing" (1956 version first and 1982 one)
  3. Try H.P.Lovecraft novels and stories. Many modern techniques used in horror movies and novels are inspired from his works.
  4. Well, I dont expect sophisticated. I like novels that make an impact :--D I just don't like authors exaggerating things, fakey environment, black and white morality in characters, painful cliches, and stupid usage of story telling techniques like Deus ex machina or Chekhov's gun.
  5. Thanks for the suggesstions. :hatsoff: I have read Tom Clancy's novels. They are good. My favourite writers are H.P.Lovecraft, Tom Clancy, duo writers, Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Agatha Christie, Stephen King and a lot more. I regret reading their books - Jeff Archer, Sidney Shelton, Chetan Bhagat and Dan Brown.
  6. Why would I need to start again with Archer's novels? :wall: Jeffery Archer's works are the first novels I have read, but after reading some better works, I realized that archer's works are highly overrated.
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