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  1. If you don't know, many intelligence reports say that this Tableeghi Jabad produces more radicals than the actual terror groups. A few countries has acknowledged this too. Even 9/11 was successfully executed because of this jamad supplied sleeper cells managing to infiltrate airline industry. A friend's close relative family were turned from a Tamil speaking muslim to a more radicalized urdu speaking muslim, when their dad started to attend this jamad. I spoke with a few, and realised that there is a stigma with some muslim families I know when it comes to this jamad. They make sure their children and relatives stay away from its radical members. Problem is their activities are spreading and they managed to radicalize a lot of people. I am sure govt realises this looming danger. These people are more dangerous then we think.
  2. It's not as if police is trying to arrest them. Govt is offering them medical treatment and it's seems they have an ulterior motive. Compare this to my muslim friend returned from Singapore, came forward and isolated herself. And her family got themselves isolated too, just in case to make sure they don't become spreaders.
  3. China lost 72 lakh mobile users within a few days. Looks like corona causes network outage. https://www.inventiva.co.in/stories/inventiva/did-china-lied-on-the-number-of-death-due-to-coronavirus-where-are-2-crore-mobile-users/
  4. The population will increase so much that earth might turn into a black hole and every one gonna die
  5. Even the richest would steal stuff from hotels. That's why most top hotels in India have RFID tags on their expensive stuff, and provide dispensers inside bathroom.
  6. There is absolutely no infra in Chennai even if we get Brahmaputra here.
  7. Bro, did you see there poralis. They have invented a conspiracy to stop Godavari-Cauvery linking project. Friggin imbeciles
  8. Imposing or not. It is essential to learn Hindi if we want to succeed in business and merge into the larger Indian community. Don't worry our mother tongue won't be destroyed by learning an extra language. The hindi belt is largely populous and a huge market. It's just a matter of cashing in or we will be left behind.
  9. Stalin's statement clearly reflects the utter incompetence of TN BJP leaders. One of my close aid, who is a legal wing, said that these guys sent a lot of fake reports to the national heads. Even the UPA was in panic mode before the elections hence they started distributing money to the voters along with the promise of RaGa's 6k pm scheme. On top of all that BJP is labelled as an elite Brahmin party of sorts. This is real actually. TN BJP has 2 sections, Brahmin and non Brahmins. These brahmins completely failed to get the pulse of tamils. I have been saying this for 5 yrs, Thamizhisai should resign and a new breed of educated and young leaders should be in BJP if they want to grow here. TN BJP is supported by a lot of common folks who are not even a member of the party. These leaders show no respect to them. It has to change and they should be inclusive.
  10. He conceded his defeat even before when there is 3lakh votes left for counting. He said he was going to resign
  11. Best meltdowns came from DMK despite winning. Their situation is like getting married but couldn't get into first night
  12. He is not going anywhere. Sonia ji rejected his resignation offer.
  13. Saffron Ladoo, saffron jalebi, saffron dosa
  14. DMK winning 37 seats is useless as it gets. TN has no place in cabinet for 10 yrs
  15. Not just Bengal it's a problem all over. Fishermen use the fine nets and double nets in the waters which catches even the baby fishes. It's been out of control for a long time
  16. Jegan Mohan Reddy is way more shrewd than ysr tbh. It's not easy to topple CBN in andra
  17. @Gollum exactly. Just connect the dots. JJ showed no mercy.
  18. @velu @Gollum This is more sinister than we expected. This bomb blast is planned for TN, it's dangerously close escape. 1. Tawheed Jamad operates in many names, National Tawheed Jamad, TN Tawheed Jamad and newly formed SL Tawheed Jamad. This Tawheed Jamad promised to make a Kashmir on both ends of the country. 2. The TN version was making a lot of hate videos, which led to a couple of open arrests and nearly 50+ arrests in Coimbatore behind the screens. 3. Coimbatore is a hotbed because of the easy movement of people from Kerela and the forest routes surrounding it. 4. RAW and defence ministry issued a lot of warnings, which led these groups to flee TN and move to Kerela and SL. This all happened back in 2016. 5. Now the interesting part is, India warned SL of possible infiltration but SL took no action. The TN groups entered SL with the help of fishermen from Ramanadapuram. This is the real reason why the "TN fisherman killed by SL" kind of narration stopped. 6. SL did not take action against this because they thought this Jamad is working against India, so no danger to their own country. 7. The terrorist group cannot enter India, since the security strengthened a lot. TN police is the brains behind this Intel. 8. Even a couple of bombs were planned to hit Indian embassy, but couldn't. So they targeted their competition. This is a perfect example of what happens when you allow a bunch of brainwashed morons under your feet. SL police traced a woman with a house full of explosives but she blew up along with her own kids. This is sick. This all might look like a far fetched conspiracy theory, but this kind of news were circulating for a while. This is a terrorist group formed inside SL with international links. SL buried their own grave here.
  19. MTC is yet to understand the meaning of the NPC meme. He just gets triggered and writing the same essay after seeing the cue word. It's apparent when you read his essay
  20. It just happened in this very thread. 4chan guys simply strike down an entire essay with a single sentence, and make them snowflakes look like a fool. Liberals just lack intelligence to take a meta-concept and make it work Look up how they triggered the entire journalist cabal with just 3 words - Learn to code
  21. Not movies, it all comes down to assets and money. Parents with no boy child think that their assets are being passed down to someone else's heir and their descendants. That's why this entire practice came to be. Marry within close relative range so that assets stay safe with them. It's practiced in West too, albeit long back.
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