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  1. Farrago Abdullah @abdullah_0mar · 9h Jhajharia travelled to Athens Olympics in 2004 on his own expenses & he sold his mother's jewelry to meet his travel expense. For Tokyo Olympics, he thanked PM Modi for taking care of everything.
  2. Too early to call, but Shardul does seem to punch above his weight ( no pun intended).I am more impressed with his clarity with the bat. Bowling wise ,he's between Praveen Kumar and Agarkar (low to high).
  3. He is just a clean,crisp hitter and aesthetically pleasing to watch.
  4. SKY..he is fearless,has been consistent and just like Thakur ,will have a point to prove.The rest are still young and have plenty of time. Mayank hasn't impressed me much and Shaw needs to work on his fitness. Vihari has done nothing wrong but nothing great either.SKY it is.
  5. Shh, don't let facts get in the way. This dude is more than happy watching Kalmadi siphon off millions.
  6. Yoda-esque


    Thakur..the first innings was on no patta If he failed there,it was game.over right away. Second innings yes Rohit made a century but there's no saying how others could also have batted
  7. Thats the difference between between Kangress and Modis BJP
  8. Rahane as a batsman is like Keyser Soze. He convinces the world that he's a batsman.
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