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  1. Difficult for bumrah to reach 300. He probably has 5 years at most and assuming we play 10 matches every year and he takes 4 wkts per match..that takes him to about 280
  2. I feel everyone is talking too much from coaches to players to support staff.Yes , Extraordinary win but now it's done.Move on guys.
  3. Rofl,he's a farmer from a suburb ..sabka badla lega ye phesal
  4. The good thing about this sham protest is that more and more people are seeing the truth..
  5. This is a fantastic interview.Lots of inside information.Hope he's not gagged.
  6. okay, when teams win , everything that came off looks good. We have celebrated, lets move on now.
  7. I came to post this rofl! I hope ashwin doesnt spill secrets and Shastri gets to know them:( But this was such an entertaining discussion lol
  8. What more can one do? needs to be persisted with.hes 29 already.
  9. Was watching different match highlights against nz and australia from past series.Everytime an oppsition wicket fell,I heard the sound of something that resembled a monkey screeching followed by expletives.After watching Rahane ,I don't think I want a primate as India captain.
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