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  1. When sanatanis blare temple bells give times day,follow their own rules,and have scant respect for the American culture..you can bring this up lol
  2. A nation that does not recognize it's history is not a nation,but merely a country with geopolitical context. There's a reason why Italy, Spain ,UK hold on to their traditions and history. Why do Spanish eat pork? In all these secular and liberal countries ,only church bells toll? Why?
  3. Sure ..then there should be no problem accepting ucc right?
  4. Lol at the Aapturds on this thread. They will be the first ones to shout RSS and Hindu terror if pandits fight back. They go both ways much like their tard leader.
  5. Time to reclaim Indic history. 40000 temples destroyed.
  6. Till you have politicians mocking this for their petty gains this will continue
  7. So now govt is at fault for this ? Lol
  8. Another KP killed while lavanasur calls this film a propaganda and his dumb followers try to justify that
  9. Why should anyone be surprised.Thats what the empty craniums want
  10. Don't see anyone greater than Chhatrapati who fought the Adilshahi Qutubshahi nizamshahi and Mughals with a few peasents and turned into a empire.Also had the foresight to built a great Navy.
  11. **** state gets shittier..
  12. That's because sanatanis have more to lose,they prioritize education and prosperity over anything else.
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