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  1. I can't recall any hitwicket like this.
  2. Usually batsmen get hit wicket out when lose balance or during follow through. Pandya went too close to the stumps
  3. That thread has been archived, please create new one.
  4. https://www.thehindu.com/sport/cricket/its-time-to-set-right-umpires-wrongs/article26713690.ece
  5. It's good only for checking scores.
  6. They lost because when they played irresponsible shot when match was tied, basically took it lightly. Who knows they would have done same while chasing 12 instead of 13 in last over. They could have won, it was unfair, it was umpiring mistake.
  7. Akash Chopra Marcus - *takes a pause* kas ke maar rahe hain Run out scenario in 2nd inning - Akash was so focused on rhyming the lines that he ended up saying batsman won't be run out as it's a no ball and he will get a free hit also.
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