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  1. Will Kohli show shame and delete his post? Giving credit to some university is new low no matter what he was paid. He should just return the money and delete his post.
  2. Not just public. Our cricket captain was busy promoting and crediting a university. If he has iota of shame, he should delete that post.
  3. Or just hope for umpires and referees of other countries to be less biased.
  4. Yes, money can improve overall pool of players. Can't really bring it at the top.
  5. Kohli's presence and captaincy skills pulls team down. It happens because Kohli is poor captain, not because of his ego or him being star. He could have been a mid level batsman like Vihari and still hurt team in same way with that kind of captaincy.
  6. That's just an excuse to console Indian fans. Real reason is lack of skills. First in batting, second Kohli's captaincy and poor decision making costs team. Star culture, ego are secodary reasons.
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