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  1. Watching the match doesn't count. Some people just see the scorecards and pass judgement.
  2. Workhorse pacers can take 10 wickets. Another factor invovled is that other bowlers should be absolute useless even for spinners to take 10 wickets. Kapil took 9 wickets. Hadlee took 9. Murali took 9 and iirc Vaas took last wicket.
  3. He was always a HTB and had 1 good series overseas. He is looking bad because he is no longer even a HTB.
  4. Kohli averaged 52-53 at his peak. He will end up with 48.xx avg and will be in league to Greame Smith than in league of ATG batsmen.
  5. What were NZ openers discussing? There are 3 reviews in a inning and it's unlikely that there will more than 3 mistakes by batting team in inning to lose out all reviews.
  6. Players have been shown door if they avg that low in 20 tests. Yuvi played 40 tests with that kind of average and he had to make a comeback. No one plays this bad and doesn't get dropped.
  7. 30+ average is something that any Indian batsman who has been doing well in domestic cricket can manage. That's bare minimum. 20s is average of bowlers who bat higher than other bowlers. So why not give chances to those young batsmen.
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