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  1. How expensive is repainting the car entirely?
  2. As suggested by @Malcolm Merlyn in ICF group, Hampi should be revived as capital.
  3. Hot in summer, pollution in winter. What's the point of keeping Delhi as capital?
  4. If you apply that logic everyone is fraud in cricket. Team will win without XYZ player. The media always forgets ABC's flops. Lost this game, lost that game.
  5. I am not sure how you're making those assumptions. You haven't seen how he works. You are just making guesses that he is useless. Is there any reference to support that claim? Modi winning so many elections after that doesn't change anything. He might or might not have helped team in winning the elections, but later results doesn't signify anything.
  6. That's the image you have in mind to declare him as useless. Clearly political parties don't think so. Modi used his services in 2 elections. No other party has used his services in more number of elections, then how is Modi smarter than others in this case?
  7. Why does media need to remember his flops? If he is able to deliver 100% of times, he will be greatest mind in world ever. Even few success in a decade of politics is gold for an individual.
  8. He get insider info and posts it. He is basically the storyteller.
  9. Such batting has no place in T20 cricket. Gujarat deserved to lose for selfish batting.
  10. I thought I already had such restrictions in place. Will check again.
  11. I guess fall in value of PKR was also big factor in this. But surprisingly they had highest GDP per capita till 2006 and when it is compared to other states in north India, they were well ahead. Despite all talks of opposition being corrupt, Imran's govt has been biggest disaster for Pakistan, it seems.
  12. 2006 Pakistan GDP per capita - 836 USD India GDP per capita - 806 USD Bangladesh GDP per capita -509 USD 2018 Pakistan GDP per capita - 1482 USD India GDP per capita - 1997 USD Bangladesh GDP per capita -1698 USD 2020 Pakistan GDP per capita - 1188 USD India GDP per capita - 1927 USD Bangladesh GDP per capita -1961 USD Southern part of Indian subcontinent has higher GDP per capita in general. Compare these to states of Bihar and UP with NSDP of 681 and 991 USD respectively. Even West Bengal
  13. POS BATSMEN MATCHES INNS RUNS AVG SR 1 Pat Cummins 2 2 60 60.00 333.33 2 Bhanuka Rajapaksa 3 3 83 27.67 230.56 3 Dinesh Karthik 4 4 97 - 210.87 4 Washington Sundar 3 2 58 29.00 207.14 5
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