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  1. Which state govt put that ad? Question is about hypocrisy here. Not about price rise.
  2. Are you saying that this point was too subtle for Modijii when he put those ads and he was incapable for understanding this?
  3. It was highest at 75 2 years back. We had lockdown then also?
  4. Are you saying that current PM is hunter and Indian public has been caught by false narratives such as those ads?
  5. No wonder he has been labelled as feku. Makes tall promises and will screw up himself.
  6. 1. It's an interim ban. Govt can ban anything after suspicion. 2. Apps have to submit their clarification 3. If they aren't sharing data with Chinese govt, then unlike Chinese govt, Indian govt can't keep the ban legally.
  7. https://inshorts.com/en/news/how-much-income-does-it-take-to-be-in-top-1-of-earners-around-the-world-1581211800121#:~:text=To be in top 1% of earners in India requires,to data compiled by Bloomberg.
  8. Not in last 6-7 years. It has been balanced. Increase in 50+ avg batsmen and dearth of sub-25 avg bowler is story of mid 2000s-2012. Not anymore.
  9. Hyderabad. Last month it was more than 3k. Usually it's around 1k.
  10. We got higher than usual bill and ignored thinking that we are just consuming more. Will look into this now.
  11. Moderation is boring and less engaging work on ICF. Maybe it is because of dip in activity that we are witnessing. We are happy to welcome people if they want to contribute in other forms. What can be done: 1. ICF Podcasts (Series name - 22 Yards) - This we used to do earlier during matches, gather around, talk about the match and share our own analysis, upload the recordings. Will be amazing if other people take it up and resume those chats. We can play older matches and discuss. 2. Articles - Write and share our analysis 3. ICF magazine - Using articles and photos clicked by ICFers during matches, maybe we can create magazines and publish it on our site. 4. Social media promotion/handlers 5. Interviews - players, cricket staff/admins, ICF members (I see @Gollum is doing good work there) 6. Clubs and meetups - Create city wise clubs and plan meetings, share pics and experiences. 7. ICF economy - someone to handle betting and ICF money. 8. Banners - If someone can assist us with these, it will be great. 9. Server maitainence - Still exploring how we can do this. @Malcolm Merlyn @Ankit_sharma03 @Austin 3:!6 @Gollum @velu @Cricketics
  12. He was Sehwag type batsman who could bat in all types of conditions.
  13. Test game is balanced between batsmen and bowlers. It's not tilted towards batsmen in last 5-6 years.
  14. Remember watching him from stands getting bowled on classic off spin delivery in 2nd inning of kolkata test 2012.
  15. Even Caddick won a game in 2002 Ashes. But overall that bowling line up doesn't pose much challenge to Aussies.
  16. Caddick, Kumble and Akhtar bowling line is weakt there itself. They need to negate Ambrose and grind others for whole day. Vaughan in the team based on 1 series
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