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  1. Pujara didn't offer more value with bat. Jadeja averages 50 with bat last 3-4 years.
  2. Would you be ok if 4th seamer was played in place of Pujara?
  3. Ashwin Jadeja combined scored valuable 36 runs. Took 3 wickets for 48 runs.
  4. May not matter on good batting surface. But there is big difference between 50-60 runs added by bottom 3 v 10 runs by bottom 3
  5. Mostly for away matches Bowling attack of Australia in 2018 and 2021 was better than any Australian attack than since 1991 except 1999. Bowling attack of England 2014 and 2018 was way better than any England attack of 1990s and 2000s. At best 2011 attack was similar, but conditions weren't difficult to bat. Current line had to face best English attack of 2 decades in coditions favorable to bowlers. Fab 4 faced inferior attacks in better batting conditions. Bowling attack of NZ in 2021 was best attack of NZ since 1990s. 2002 was difficult for fab 4, mostly
  6. Again failed with new ball. Initially it went unnoticed. But he has played 20 tests now. Your frontline pacer can't be one who doesn't know how to use first new ball.
  7. If Pujara and Rahane had played on flat decks of 2003-2012 they would have averaged 50+ and 45+ respectively.
  8. Whenever he tried to dig in like that, he would go into shell, struggle and finally get out. He was able to play in difficult batting conditions, but always had to play fluently only. Was never good at blockathon.
  9. His batting allows bowlers to bowl good balls. Rohit and Gill were walking down the track and playing positively thus not allowing bowler to bowl in a channel.
  10. Overall figures Team Span Mat Won Lost Tied Draw W/L Ave RPO Inns HS LS Pakistan 1999-2018 39 19 12 0 8 1.583 35.89 3.03 76 594 53 http://i.imgci.com/espncricinfo/guruInvestigate.gif Australia 1912-2018 12 6
  11. Player Mat Inns NO Runs HS Ave BF SR 100 50 0 4s 6s AM Rahane 17 28 3 1095 115 43.80 2317 47.25 3 6 2 125 6 http://i.imgci.com/espncricinfo/guruInvestigate.gif RG Sharma 11 17 1 1030
  12. But 10 decent innings away is not enough, it's not achievement. It's no achievement to be among top 10 Indian batsmen of all time. Some people have expectations like Indian parents. If you're not among top 3, you haven't achieved anything.
  13. What you want is an ATG batsman else nothing. Not everything can be ATG. He is great batsman. He will end career with 8-9k runs at avg of 45+. That's a tier below ATG batsmen, but an Indian great nonetheless. There have been hardly 5-6 ATG batsmen in history of Indian cricket. Pujara is among top 10 Indian batsmen in history.
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