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  1. shaivites are badass i highly doubt iyers pushed iyengars out of tn , maybe kings who follow ardent shaivism might have done that
  2. all my trading capital is in cash .. if things happens like this i will be in big soup .. i think only 25L is insured but things are getting better when comes to regulation .. i opened tradesmartonline account wihtout giving poa
  3. it was sort of expected .. i really don’t know what will happen to traders whose money is still locked with karvy.. investment in shares will be mostly safe
  4. Finished it .. Must watch .. first series I ever watched voluntarily in the last 15/20 years
  5. completed 7 episodes .. 3 more left my favorite charters are black cobra and pranav seth ( manu mundar & pallav seth )
  6. masters .. sound like retired players tournament
  7. deposits are safe as always .. shareholders will get only pennies
  8. i dont follow minor tournamentsnets .. vamos rafa
  9. watched 4 episodes so far .. 3 yesterday night and 1 in the afternoon .. will complete 3 more today ..
  10. @Trichromatic do you any clue about @Malcolm Merlyn relationship with Kolkata bear cartel ? black cobra is a marwadi based out of mumbai , so guessing sunnji was with ajay keyan
  11. i have cable tv as well .. i am not well versed with this new Netflix , amazon prime kind of thing seems unfair to pay each and every streaming services if we the media content is exclusive to a particular stream
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