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  1. polished by thala dhoni Sam Curran Lauds MS Dhoni’s Impact in CSK’s Dressing Room; Hopes to Contribute to the Team’s Cause in IPL 2021 https://www.crictracker.com/a-player-like-ms-dhoni-has-got-such-a-big-presence-in-the-game-sam-curran/
  2. sam curran ? .. just now check the scorecard
  3. 8 down.. * we are screwed , no chance for any draw
  4. I had a thread in ipl section .. how thala polished a diamond
  5. we shld be more worried about our T20 team with panedeyji and kulcha
  6. still not upto the level of hardik pandya and again these days people get offended easily
  7. https://sports.ndtv.com/ipl-2021/indian-premier-league-ms-dhoni-to-take-last-flight-to-home-after-all-csk-teammates-reach-home-safe-says-report-2436398 young players
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