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  1. bull seems to be a devoted husband ..
  2. 3/4 years back they poached many engineers from Samsung , lg , esp people with 2/3G exp or with protocol stack development exp
  3. RIL , ambani and modi ( manoj not narendra ) .. difference between Nifty at 8.0/8.5k vs 10.5k Meanwhile @Malcolm Merlyn's reaction
  4. @vvvslaxman thambi .. where are you .. waiting for your anti-rep/trump posts
  5. in some articles they gave village and house address of his home & his father in laws too
  6. mostly DMK guys do it for trolling , for all the atheist talks kanimoli went to tirpuathi after she got out of tihar .. seyals wife almost visited all the temples in tamilnadu for her husband i dont have issues as long as they are not touching my favorite god but these DK guys goes to christian and muslim gathering and talk bad about hindu gods to make them happy assuming that minorities like hindu bashing
  7. maybe you have very high standard are you going to blame trump for NY/NJs higher rates ? if i am not wrong , states are independent and both are with dems and they are the worst screwed up states .. even dems/libtards are against closing the states right ? if i am not wring dems like aoc actively encouraged protests now you prefer a dumb dementia guy .. anyway see you later bro .. virtual hugs
  8. He will No . He cant do whatever he wants .You can relax .
  9. looks like you spend too much time in cnn & co videos
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