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  1. to mediate hitman and kohli ps:- did you enjoy todays hitmans batting ?
  2. chahal should apologies for destroying countless indian and rcb jerseys
  3. @New guy do you have any work on monday morning ?
  4. thought naraine , varun and shakib choke csk .. and after kkr won the toss , i was 90% sure that its curtains for csk .. kkr choked royally with bowling as well as batting in the last 10 overs .. MoM - thala for bringing in uthappa MoS - thala for brining in uthappa
  5. Process > Result As a full time trader , i wholeheartedly endorse this thalas statement for all practical purpose . Keep doing the right trades, end of the month we will be eating someone else lunch @Real McCoy @Trichromatic @sourab10forever @Jimmy Cliff
  6. lost many finals because of its bowlers
  7. 4.6 1w Jadeja to Shakib, 1 wide Fired on middle, spins past Shakib's nudge, wide called. Sharp glove work down leg as Dhoni whips the bails off.
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