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  1. velu

    Watch Thread !!!

    do you really think that i need to google to find the approximate price of RM ?.. i am a nadal fan as well skeleton watches are ugly and RM wtahces are the ugliest for me ..
  2. velu

    Watch Thread !!!

    1000k USD to begin with .. Only Reddy's can afford
  3. velu

    Watch Thread !!!

    I m employing myself properly Was not a big watch fan unitil my brother gifted me a entry level affordable Tissot sport
  4. i think many viruses can crystallize at optimal temperatures and have the ability to reactivate itself
  5. dont worry .. biden might have forgotten whatever he told about Kashmir already biden is comparable to our ver own MK stalin .. 87 + 9 = 107 ... 86 + 9 = 97 etc etc
  6. that sounds like a liberal mans fantasy for the record one of our famed liberal married his step daughter
  7. @The Dark Horse for your eyes only .. liked his fb page and sent him a friend request
  8. @The Dark Horse @Trichromatic @sscomp32 @beetle Kanpur SP Dinesh Kumar IPS is my long distant cousin (moms side )
  9. Glad that You didn’t put your bambi Sachin in the list
  10. whether this guy is serious or trolling ?? he sounds like a soundbite
  11. screwing DMK & DK cronies left and right http://chng.it/DM5RXRyn4n
  12. yes .. she turned little bit like PC principle after 2011
  13. velu

    Watch Thread !!!

    @zen did you recommend glashutte original or nomos glashutte ? came across GO and alanga & sonhe when exploring nomos. GO is reasonably priced and few models look awesome .. alanga is way way outside my price range i have got some gujju gene in my blood i think .. i want to buy a watch but its value should not depreciate
  14. velu

    Watch Thread !!!

    @zen because of the lockdown/covid situation , dealers dont have any of my preferred models .. lost interest in Rolex , because i dont want to make a dead invest in a deprecating model .. subs and gmts are impossible to get may order Nomos Glashutte Tetra Azure ...
  15. Fav leaders as of now, 1) Putin 2) Mohamed Bin Salman 3) Trump 4) Ramzan Kadrov 5) Yogi 6) Amma*** 7) Modi/Shah will promote Yogi in the future in my ranking
  16. but whether turkish muslims want it to be converted to a mosque ?
  17. potential career ended by manic in 2 lines
  18. as if cats likes you
  19. velu

    Here be Dragons

    maybe sholay .. RGVs favorite bolly movie
  20. Maybe in amerika? protestors asked police protection for their defund police really
  21. old one .. used Age of conquerors though we kept using AOE instead of AOC
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