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  1. to mediate hitman and kohli ps:- did you enjoy todays hitmans batting ?
  2. chahal should apologies for destroying countless indian and rcb jerseys
  3. @New guy do you have any work on monday morning ?
  4. thought naraine , varun and shakib choke csk .. and after kkr won the toss , i was 90% sure that its curtains for csk .. kkr choked royally with bowling as well as batting in the last 10 overs .. MoM - thala for bringing in uthappa MoS - thala for brining in uthappa
  5. Process > Result As a full time trader , i wholeheartedly endorse this thalas statement for all practical purpose . Keep doing the right trades, end of the month we will be eating someone else lunch @Real McCoy @Trichromatic @sourab10forever @Jimmy Cliff
  6. lost many finals because of its bowlers
  7. 4.6 1w Jadeja to Shakib, 1 wide Fired on middle, spins past Shakib's nudge, wide called. Sharp glove work down leg as Dhoni whips the bails off.
  8. his favorite shot is scoop in crunch times
  9. if still end up winning , then match ka mujra award should be given to thala
  10. thats a tough chance .. ball bounced more than expected and pacy as well
  11. i am 200% sure there will be an article about how thala dhoni planned and got the wicket of naraine
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