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  1. old one .. used Age of conquerors though we kept using AOE instead of AOC
  3. Dhoni was doing well until he met
  4. Whats competitive online game I was damn good in AOE , capable of sending 20 knights within first 20 game minutes
  5. i think thala is max 41 .. not even a day more than that if we apply age is just a number theory , thala is physically still 26/27
  6. This rumour is applicable to doddanekundi as well
  7. @Trichromatic @Gollum looks like Yogi is my preferred kind of CM/PM material
  8. if you cant pay your collage fee by yourself , why dont you ask your parents to pay again ?
  9. even MO charge 10 to 13rs per lot for 20x leverage .. hight the volume , they reduce the brokerage , 6rs is the minimum with MO .. there are other brokers who give 20 to 40x leverage like astha , wisdom etc .. their brokerage is even higher almost all the full fledged brokers have flexible plans for high volume traders .. you have to move to leverage trading only if you have some working intraday strategy , otherwise no point in moving for leverage trades .. if you put 20L and ask for a 20x leverage then its 4 crore margin , you should know what todo with that money ..
  10. i strongly endorse these policies in india if it helps our nation
  11. velu

    Terrorism in JK

    you can see the army shooting just for kicks even after completing destroying the home
  12. we have slabs in bangalore .. guess this same everywhere if our consumption double , bill will more than double
  13. velu

    Site Feedback

    wait till September , ICF will be really active during IPL time
  14. got slightly higher than the last month .. -bangalore
  15. never heard about it before .. googled now and found lots of conspiracy theories about it all are busted though
  16. Whenever there is a huge coordinated outrage by our media we shld take a break before passing any conclusions
  17. If our media is to be believed then according to them a couple of guys blackmailed and raped 1000+ women in Pollachi in two years
  18. All the movies of Sergio Leone
  19. velu

    Site Feedback

    i am sure @Straight Drive too have plenty of time to moderate
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