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  1. now give me a gun .. i will kill few commies then i will blame john wick for the shooting
  2. hope she is not fudging her ancestry like pocahontas
  3. same here .. last 45mins of mission impossible fallout was nauseating to watch
  4. cat premeditates and knows when she is about to hit
  5. armaco - ril del is not dead as per armaco .. probably RIL will use it to buy future retail and other companies ( current plan is to offer RIL shares )
  6. For me the biggest risk is , my parents will kill me if I do these risky things
  7. @Real McCoy https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/12000-people-live-close-chennai-depot-740-tonnes-ammonium-nitrate-130221
  8. Any reference about infosys interviews based on her book / @coffee_rules @Jimmy Cliff @maniac damn it .. cant even solve the first one
  9. did you watch the whole 1.15hr video ?
  10. as far as we are not voting for Congress , I am fine with it admk under jays Was a classier , finer and milder version of bjp
  11. First criteria to get admitted to Indian liberals club , he/she should bash India , Hindu , bjp , protest against industries or new business etc etc Second criteria , IQ should be in single digit
  12. dhoni will do 45 ball 50 and then go bang bang
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