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  1. Teammate's insight into skipper Warner David Warner's main source of captaincy experience is in the Indian Premier League, and teammate Ben Cutting says https://www.cricket.com.au/news/david-warner-captaincy-style-experience-ipl-sunrisers-hyderabad-ben-cutting-teammate-view/2016-08-25
  2. replied long back to your same quote probably practice what you preach
  3. maybe 3 reasons.. nah .. i google it so bhajji who is not a captaincy material because he slapped sree .. but bhajji was appointed as a captain byt eh same team
  4. you gave 2 reasons so far .. 1) won IPL 2_) his coach mike Arthur said so anyway read the above post .. bhajji won the CL T20 2011 for them as a captain ps:- i can also google
  5. Mumbai Indians retain captain Harbhajan Singh https://www.firstpost.com/sports/mumbai-indians-retain-captain-harbhajan-singh-510137.html 7.30 pm Harbhajan has won the toss and Mumbai Indians will have a bat https://www.mumbaiindians.com/news/harbhajan-singh-a-man-of-multiple-firsts-for-mumbai-indians not a captaincy material appointed as bambni captain and he went on to win the champions league for them
  6. i cant give tons of reasons about why bhajji is not a captaincy material ( or a captaincy material ).. but i pointed about your double standards but your one reason ( out of tons that you can give ) that bhajji is not a captaincy material because he slapped sree is laughable its you who asked about what is captaincy material not me .. i will compile a list and pass it to you obviously i said about warne not warner .. you said bhajji is not a cpatincy material because he slapped sree i merely pointed to you that warne vs samuels incident which is much more severe , but warne is captaincy material and not many doubt that then what do you think about warne pulling Samuels in the middle of the pitch ? whether he is romancing him ? if warne does it then its ok for you , but bhajji does it , its not ok ? will discuss further after khana
  7. HOPCOMS guys added milk , bread and egg .. i am sure they wont usually sell these i think meat is far more cheaper now than earlier , guessing people are avoiding meant and supply is far higher than demand ( chicken meat and egg farms are suffering because of the low demand )
  8. kumble was a stop-gap captain .. warner who is younger than smith is the vice-captain .. we cant claim that he is in line for captaincy i am countering with your own points only here we are not comparing ball tampering vs slapping .. you said bhajji cant be a captaincy material because he slapped sree .. i argued with your own point that warner physically involved with samuels , but he is still considered as a captaincy material physical contact is a physical contact .. are you saying bhajji tried to harm sree by slapping ?
  9. smith is 2/3 years younger than warner .. how could warner could be the next captain ? countered with your own logic ( not my logic ) .. if bhajji cant be a captaincy material just because he slapped sreesanth , then simialr rule should be applied to warner as well warner fought with samules in the field .. if i apply your logic , he is not a captaincy material he himself didnt deny it
  10. david warner also didnt win T20 WC and ODI WC as a captain .. guy who asks his reluctant junior to use sandpaper is also not a captaincy materiel .. he shld have done all by himself , or should have taught his junior properly no idea about malingas captaincy .. cant comment about it as i said .. i dont have any doubts about Warner , T20/IPL batsmen
  11. bjp government itself is way too much bothered about inflation and fiscal deficit .. rajan was even extreme in this and refused to cut rates .. imho bjp government is still bothered about maintaining lower fiscal deficit and dont spend money on infra projects and construction projects ( typical gujju behavior when comes to spending )
  12. maybe for you .. bhajji won IPL , WC T20 , ODI WC .. so according to your logic he is a captaincy material ? if i apply your own logic that he is a captaincy material just because he won IPL , i can argue that he is a crap captain just because he won wooden spoon in BBL .. do you have any other point to support warner is a captaincy material theory ? will create a thread about captaincy material and tag you ..
  13. handling this lock down in Karnataka ( my exp in banaglore ) by BSY is top notch .. i got little worried when modi announced 21 day lockdown because i had stock only for 5/6 days .. next day my apartment manager assured that he will take care of supplying food , water , groceries if we cant get it .. it looks like government asked HOPCOMS ( government leased vegetable , fruit shops ) well in advance to be ready to supply/stock to their areas if the need arises .. when i went out i saw many labors spending time together in the construction sites ( construction activities are paused ) liberal idiots may disagree , TN government too handled this crisis well .. initially erode district ( mom side ) was the worst affected ( probably 50/60% of the case ) , district was locked out and few wards sealed out completely .. last 10/11 days there are no new cases there
  14. some of the question he asked rajan is totally irelevant .. he is not some medical expert and pappu expected him to answer
  15. agree .. chinese politburo handled it better .. everyone should learn from them
  16. looks like they started his image makeover again .. @GB once told this .. you cant polish a tatti 2hr video .. tl;dr as usual video and live comments are lolworthy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvhctgtHNZk
  17. gayle and abbv are boxoffice
  18. So crappy captain in bbl suddenly will turn out to be a genius captain in IPL and bringing Dhoni’s captaincy in a thread discussing about foreign players is a super genius according to your own logic
  19. warner winning vs rcb doesnt make him a good captain .. it doesnt imply dhoni is a bad captain just because he also won vs rcb captained sydeny thunders and won a wooden spoon in BBL i dont remember him winning anything other than the wooden spoon there .. not arguing that he is a bad batsmen .. anywya your argument that since he won IPL , let us make him the captain is pretty hollow
  20. if he won the IPL , it doesnt mean he is a good captain .. probably we shld credit RCB and your KLR for choking
  21. rohit is a good hooker as well .. also got half pull half hook shot
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