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  1. gujjus and marwadis are #1 in assimilating with the local society .. one of my ( first gen ) gujju classmate in my collage could write poems in tamil
  2. I am a big fan of MJs music videos .. Bille jean , speed demon , smooth criminal , the way you make me feel are some of my favourites probably MJ started the trend of giving importance to it
  3. @Rasgulla is 20/21 .. @Old guy might be 19-22
  4. Ennio Morricone Hans zimmer john Powell - Bourne series .... illayaraja
  5. @Real McCoy dude .. whether scorpio lagna people with scorpio mars are immune to this corona virus ?
  6. during sterlite protest TN police shot and killed 15/20 peaceful commie protesters ..that was the last protest in 3 years
  7. @Nikola will say mcgrath is the most artistic batmen he ever saw
  8. Coronavirus: United Nations praises India's 'comprehensive' lockdown https://www.theweek.in/news/india/2020/03/25/coronavirus-united-nations-praises-india-comprehensive-lockdown.html i am not endorsing the above article/opinion , posting it just to balance the libtard bs
  9. i really like to know more information about all of these so called experts in "scroll" and in other similar "libtard" media
  10. Investment in stocks are for sissies and uncles
  11. 50pt loss is half the capital gone if we use 20x leverage
  12. if No lockdown screwed up Sweden , it could have screwed up even bigger in india .. it will be interesting to see how pakistan is doing without any lockdown
  13. what you meant is tight iron condor or iron butterfly .. this is work if we are not using leverage .. will backfire if we start using leverage .. also blind shorts will kill us .. if we know what we are at the end of the range then better todo directional ie say BN is trading at 19100 and 19k has got huge buildup , then better to sell put only
  14. It will surely work with no leverage trades .. rarely Index moves beyond 100/200 points on expiry today as all BN was all over from 19000 to 19400 .. closed at 19150 kind i mostly do ratio spread ... sell otm and hedge it with ATM or slightly OTM
  15. out of the box murder plot by chetan Representational image. ANI https://www.firstpost.com/india/kerala-man-bought-snakes-to-kill-wife-police-reveal-after-woman-dies-of-cobra-bite-8405821.html
  16. there was a failed landing and it looks like it engine or fuel tank got damaged .. looks like pilot was too casual when he tried to land even though plane was 3000ft higher than the desired altitude
  17. Karnataka government did excellent in contact tracing .. We have a PG in Tamilnad and few foreign students stay , health Dept ( or whatever the Dept ) guys visited us in the first week itself .. If potential carriers hide themselves then government can’t do much ( like the tabalgi Jamat and Koyambedu mkt ).. anyway you can’t claim the lockdown as a failure , but you can argue about the effectiveness of it ..
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