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  1. For me the biggest risk is , my parents will kill me if I do these risky things
  2. @Real McCoy https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/12000-people-live-close-chennai-depot-740-tonnes-ammonium-nitrate-130221
  3. Any reference about infosys interviews based on her book / @coffee_rules @Jimmy Cliff @maniac damn it .. cant even solve the first one
  4. did you watch the whole 1.15hr video ?
  5. as far as we are not voting for Congress , I am fine with it admk under jays Was a classier , finer and milder version of bjp
  6. First criteria to get admitted to Indian liberals club , he/she should bash India , Hindu , bjp , protest against industries or new business etc etc Second criteria , IQ should be in single digit
  7. dhoni will do 45 ball 50 and then go bang bang
  8. They named him as Devon Smith Pandya
  9. you forgot to add a disclaimer that you are not a fan of Biden
  10. dhoni > sachin > rohit/kohli > uv how could you miss rohit , probably in the #3 odi player ever @maniac
  11. nimbu is to dilute the kick, why he wants to dilute
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