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  1. 45 minutes ago, jusarrived said:

    I dint get the point about leverage ? I still use Zerodha . It’s same margin , if anything it costs more these days . 


    50pt loss is half the capital gone if we use 20x leverage 

  2. 21 minutes ago, jusarrived said:

    Yeah but if the movement is less , wouldn’t shorting ITM/ATM make you money ?  I actually meant ATM


    say short 9200 PE/CE

    go long on 18900 PE and 19500 CE. 

    Past few weeks I have been writing options without any hedge , it works well .. except that it’s very stressful, need to monitor closely . Just want to improvise with a proper hedge , which limits my risks instead of having a SL 


    what you meant is tight iron condor or iron butterfly .. 

    this is work if we are not using leverage ..


    will backfire if we start using leverage ..

    also blind shorts will kill us .. if we know what we are at the end of the range then better todo directional ie say BN is trading at 19100 and 19k has got huge buildup , then better to sell put only 


  3. 16 hours ago, jusarrived said:


    Will shorting ITM and buying OTM work for expiry ? It’s called iron condor butterfly I think . 

    It will surely work with no leverage trades .. rarely Index moves beyond 100/200 points on expiry 

    today as all BN was all over from 19000 to 19400 .. closed at 19150 kind


    i mostly do ratio spread ... sell otm and hedge it with ATM or slightly OTM


    out of the box murder plot by  chetan :woot:  




    Representational image. ANI


    A woman died in Kerala after she was bitten by a cobra. The incident took place in Kollam district and the police arrested the husband on Sunday for allegedly hatching the conspiracy to murder her.


    Sooraj (27), a native of Adoor, planned to kill his wife Uthra (25) to pocket her gold and marry another person, reported The Indian Express. The husband tried to portray the whole incident as an accidental death.

    The woman was first bitten by a viper on 2 March at her husband’s home and then again by a cobra within a week. She was recuperating from the first snake bite when the second incident took place.

    According to The Hindu, Uthra’s parents grew suspicious after she died of snakebite on 7 May at their residence as on both the occasions Sooraj was present. He had also withdrawn Uthra’s gold from the bank locker on 2 March.

    When she was bitten by a cobra for the second time, she was in a closed room with tiled floor. In their complaint to the police, her parents said that it was impossible for the snake to enter the room.


    They alleged that Sooraj had planted the snake inside. They also complained that he had been harassing their daughter for dowry.

    The police investigation into the case revealed shocking details. The man had roped in a snake handler to kill his wife.

    Sooraj’s call records divulged that he was in touch with a snake handler. The husband’s online activities also revealed that he had been watching videos on YouTube on the handling of snakes. Police claimed that he had been planning to kill Uthra for three months.

    Sooraj bought the cobra on 24 April and kept it at his house, after his first attempt at killing his wife failed. He purchased both the snakes for Rs 5,000 each.

    On 7 May, he went to Uthra’s house, hiding the cobra in a bottle. Police said he threw the snake at his wife when she was sleeping. In the morning, when Uthra’s parents found her lying unconscious, they rushed her to the hospital, but she died.




  5. 5 minutes ago, Singh bling said:

    Most Governments including state governments failed on contact tracing front in earlier phase of pandemic   . Central government and state governments were trying to copy China to control pandemic and thinking that lockdown is silver bullet which itself will kill Corona. 


    Karnataka government did excellent  in contact tracing ..

    We have a PG in Tamilnad and few foreign students stay ,  health Dept ( or whatever the Dept ) guys visited us in the first week itself ..


    If potential carriers hide themselves then government can’t do much ( like the tabalgi Jamat and Koyambedu mkt )..  
    anyway you can’t claim the lockdown as a failure  , but you can argue about the effectiveness of it ..

  6. 2 minutes ago, Singh bling said:

    Either you are not understanding or you don't want to understand. As we are heading towards herd immunity for which we reach a maximum point only after that cases will start declining. Lockdown has certainly delayed reaching that maximum point but irrespective of Lockdown that point will be the same. Most probably we will never know the exact figures as Government will stop testing asymptomatic patients. 

    If you can’t give the figures without the lockdown , then you can’t conclude that whatever steps governments has taken is a failure ( unless you have other motives ) ..


    anyway hindsight is 20/20

  7. 15 hours ago, Mariyam said:

    This one should be easy.


    Who am I?

    Q1. I have represented my country in more than one sport.

    Q2. My son also briefly represented his country in one of the two sports that I played. There were however allegations of nepotism, which turned out to be false.

    Q3. I never wore a certain "protective gear" when I played.


    roger binny :hmmm:

    he migth have played rughy for india

  8. Q30 ... who am I?

    1) Popular cartoon character 

    2) People assume i am of danish descent . I consider myself as German .

    3) i am timid and try to run away from dangerous situation instead of facing them 

  9. 4 hours ago, diga said:


    Nope last clue before I give the answer.. 


    Q29 ... who am I?

    1. Made a fortune in food business

    2. Immigrant like so many

    3. Owned a baseball team after retirement

    4. was an ambulance driver with another great entrepreneur /artist during world war 1 

    5. Dire Straits wrote a song on this person

    6.  His aggressive business style tactics were enough to be named as one of the 100 most important people in the 20th century by the Time Magazine.

    McD guy :yess:

  10. 3 hours ago, Singh bling said:

    Priyanka outfoxed Yogi on bus issue . Event chirag paswan is criticising Yogi for not taking buses.


    if we go by twitter , it looks like PGV was caught and bowled by yogi ..


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