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  1. The answer is obvious, all the bowlers forgot their strength and the training that they have taken the entire life. The fast bowlers have been trained running in fast, and going all out. Instead, the bowlers took a much shorter run up, ran in very slow, and tried doing something they normally dont practise. How you practise is how you perform. Had they taken the normal run up, and tried bowling how they bowl normally, they wouldnt miss the stumps.
  2. The reason he got bowled and LBW's is not because he bowled a sudden quick ball. He got wickets because he directed the ball at the batsmen, attacked them throughout. That is a tactic not every bowler is capable of.
  3. I agree. That is not the case. But the kind of pro batsmen rules that are in place, makes it easier for an above average player to look like an ATG. Performing in your domestic IPL is one thing, but the real test is when you perform abroad when you dont have the crowd support and the batsman is out there to kill you. Thats the real test.
  4. As far as I know and remember, Md Siraj hit express pace in IPL 2018. However,in IPL 2017, he wasnt hitting the same pace. Neither did he touch the same high speeds in 2019 or 20. However, he was already in the Indian T20 squad in 2017. As per my knowledge, that defies the logic that he was introduced in the team due to his express pace. It is absolutely fantastic to hit express pace. However, that should come with ease. Hitting express pace at the cost of losing your strength may not be the smartest idea according to me, at the international level. While there is a po
  5. What makes Siraj special is his line and length and how he keeps attacking batsmen. Siraj has one of the highest % of wickets by means of bowled, lbw or caught. Meaning, he is always attacking the batsman. He gets good zip off the pitch even in 130's. And that is the reason why he need not forget his strength and try to go out and out. He tried bowling quick at 145, lost his length and got hit for a boundary. He needs to avoid that. He needs to play to his strength. Thats what got him here!
  6. Siraj is an exceptionally special player. He needs a captain and a mentor who just understands him and encourages him. I hope Kohli looks after him well. He will serve Indian cricket team well, for a long long time.
  7. This is what happens when you keep attacking the batsman. Nippy delivery, Saha'fell for the trap. Siraj is all quality.
  8. Excellent over by Siraj. Exactly how his wagon wheel has been throughout his career. He is a bowler who is always at the batsman, at the stumps. Attacked throughout at the stumps. Bowled in high 130's, but bowled with great line and length and kept coming at the batsman. He doesnt need extreme pace to get batsmen out. But is capable of bowling 140+ at times. Uses the yard of pace sparingly, which is smart.
  9. Bhai, Arshdeep surely has a higher ceiling than Natarajan. We seem to be making too many judgements based on the numbers on the speedometer. If Natarajan can perform so well in Australia, so can Arshdeep. Arshdeep has a future. He can be a 2nd string bowler, but still has some potentials. Have not watched the other bowler to comment.
  10. Although I get your point, and agree with you in parts, I feel Prasidh is not like Umesh in any which way. Prasidh is almost an exact replica of Javagal Srinath from his younger days. Umesh, obviously used pace as his surprise weapon. He has a tendency to stray away from line. Prasidh has not been out and out express like Umesh. Prasidh lacks length, more than line. Prasidh can generate pronounced bounce like Srinath. If only he perfects his length , it will be menacing. Prasidh has variations like Srinath, but just like him he seems to lose confidence to u
  11. Not really. But I have been a marketing and advertising professional for over 19 yrs now.
  12. Sure they have. That still doesnt relate to Dravid in any way at all.
  13. Dont understand whats so good about the Cred ad. It is hardly relatable to the product. All it does is show Rahul Dravid getting Angry. Is that creativity? How does that help me understand what Cred is and why must I become their customer?
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