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  1. Thats a pretty low grade reply. Not surprised. You bring terrorism on a cricket forum, and when someone replies, you are unable to take it. Worse, you bring religion into this conversation. You could do better than that. Btw, I am a pure blood Brahmin, not a muslim or hinduphobic. You are wrong on all accounts. Son to a martyred IAS officer, and brother to a martyred defence personnel. Neither martyred by terrorists from across the border, but within the country. Dont try teaching others what they can say and dont try bringing religion into it again. Looks like though,
  2. How are you connecting cricket with politics and cricket with terrorism? Have a look at my reply one more time, you definitely need lessons in comprehension. You seem to be a naivete in both cricket and politics. cross border terrorism happens from both the sides, read actual data a bit more than listening to arnab cowswamy and sudhir chodhary
  3. And it looks to me that you have been paying visit to goumutra sites one too many times
  4. Let me get this straight, in your books terrorists and cricket players are one and the same? Nice
  5. This! It will spoil the viewership for television channels. But I am in favor of having 2 teams. The lesser team gets to play all the home matches. NO point playing the likes of Bumrah, Shami in India. Let the younger bowlers flourish.
  6. Cricket has got nothing to do with politics. The money paid to players can never go for terrorism. And this is a fact that when your neighbour is economically strong, they wont have the time to engage in such activities. India should act as the bigger of the two. I think we should allow Pakistani players in IPL. And the positives are more than a few. I would love to see a few Pakistani players playing in India.
  7. I am going to get a flak, but Pant is better than Dhoni in every which way. His batting is miles ahead, he is a genuine finisher unlike the fake finisher Dhoni. He can bat in SENA, which Dhoni wasnt a master of. Dhoni wasnt a great keeper initially. He developed his skills with time. Pant will grow to be bigger than Dhoni.
  8. How did this 3rd grade loser, good for nothing nincompoop become a selector?
  9. Great comparison with Shastri. I agree. Pujara is in the moulds of the old classical batsmen. Dravid was a treat to watch. But they cant be compared.
  10. Nopes! Dont agree Mcgrath>>>Cummins Cummins> Gillespie. Cummins I find marginally better than Gillespie. Starc maybe as good as Lee, although I think Lee was better.
  11. Kohli has no conscience. And no, Kohli will not be a better captain here onwards. He will take every opportunity to put down Rahane whenever he can. Kohli has tasted power and money, and he has realized how much money there is for taking once you start controlling the game, and not just be a player. For him to control the game and the system, he has to be at the top, by hook or crook. Anushka herself is twisted and arrogant. This really to me seems like a power game. This logic will seem weird, but I am not saying this without thinking. There's a lot of murk in the syst
  12. That’s why they didn’t play him in the 1st test! Hypocrisy at its best!
  13. You are overestimating England and underestimating india. England will not win 1 test. and if it has to be india vs England for the finals, that will be most exciting. England will crumble as they do always!
  14. I am going to put my neck on the altar and say, this is the biggest win in the history of Test cricket. And I am serious!!!
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