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  1. With a Srinath and Zaheer Khan or Shami and Bumrah, or even just Umesh Yadav bowling from the other side, he would be a better bowler than Botham and perhaps very very close to Imran Khan
  2. Players in retrospect look larger than they actually were. Have seen Srikanth from almost 83 onwards. more often than not, he would flop. There'd be some heroics here and there but they were few and too far in between.
  3. Theres a huge difference between Starc's action and Arjun. Starc has a decent leap to gather momentum followed by transferring strength from hips to shoulder with the arch he creates. Arjun doesnt even have a proper leap to use his hips. So, if Arjun is a bowler who uses his hips to generate pace, I guess that will happen in future. Currently he doesnt show signs of it. And as a coach if you say he is, then perhaps he is using 5% of his potential. In addition, he has a very poor body coordination. His intention could be to use hips, but he is not able to do it because he doesnt seem to be natural athlete. not to me. Just my opinion. Cheers!
  4. Gavaskar Sehwag Dravid Azhar Yuvi Saha Pandya Kapil Jadeja Agarkar Umesh Yadav 12th man - Kaif 13th - Robin Singh I think Kumble was a good fielder. If yes, then I'd replace Pandya with Kumble.
  5. Arrey, Vinay Kumar se zyada fast to Robin Singh tha :) Category change karo
  6. Mate, you are beginning to sound like wikipedia :)) naah, look at the picture properly, Arjune's action doesnt resemble either. Atleast to me. He has an awkward lift to his left leg which he is only using to balance, not catapult or use for extension. There could be 2 or 3 types of bowler who use use their hip muscles. But you know one when you see one. So just to cross check , I watched him on youtube right now. And I stick to my point. He just doesnt use his hip one bit. Infact, he must be one of the very few who just doesnt know how to use his hips in athletics. His body co-ordination looks off.
  7. Whatever you are seeing, I am missing that point. What my eyes tell me, he is hardly using his hips. His pace seems to be coming majorly from lats transferring to shoulders. He is hardly able to use his hips or either spring up or catapult to generate pace. Maybe at other times he does, but in this video its neither springy nor hip movement.
  8. Although Ishant has been great last 2 yrs, the stats only prove how shitty Clouderson and cry baby have been as bowlers. They are the English version of 90's Indian batsmen who would thrive at home and be called great batsmen. While travelling abroad wickets would fall before one could say cheese.
  9. Well I am with you in terms of your stance on all rounders. Pandya is in no way good enough to be a test inclusion. Presently, neither his batting nor bowling merits a spot in the team.
  10. Tbh, Pandya has his strengths. He can indeed bowl well for someone who's not a mainstream bowler. At times he can bat too. But tests definitely is a far stretched idea. He is going to end up eating a spot of either a bowler or a batsman. He is a novelty in ODI's. If somehow he can fine tune his batting, and is able to replace a genuine batsman, then I think a case could be made for his Test inclusion.
  11. For cricket to survive in this age, we need teams like Pakistan to win. They went all the way and missed at the last leg. That's a performance to be applauded. And I don't care what sh*t goes down against India in the padosi forum, we do not need to stoop to their level. We want cricket to win. And I am with @maniac. Good things must happen to good people.
  12. Anyway, sticking to the topic, I think one of the bigger reasons Pakistan lost is because they dont know how to win. Winning is a state of mind, and Pakistanis dont have that. It is not just the inexperience of the bowling attack, but the team as a whole. Lack of self belief, lack of creating chances and once created, latching on to those. One can't blame them with the very little cricket they get to play.
  13. Is it only me or someone else things Naseer Hussain has a clear bias towards Pakistan team? And also has a clear bias against India. He just cant keep his love for Pakistan in check.
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