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  1. Congratulations to the resident NPAs on the forum straight drive, sukhi hui, mishra, second slip, coffee rules etc... your country has kept your dream of 92 alive. Bas Kuch din Aur fir aapke pyaare wapas jaayenge. Tab tak mullah giri Kar lo
  2. Markhor sounds like Tushar Kapoors way of saying something in Golmaal
  3. Not expecting them to win, but they have become favorites as the tournament has progressed. Keep getting better with every game.
  4. My guess is NPAs on this forum will cry today. All Mullah giri will be over today. Go Kiwis
  5. Subject is well thought out. Hardick got *er in CT final
  6. By effort, preparation and execution , this is surely the best attack. Just think of it. Since 87 WC, Aus have come prepared for every WC. I think it shows more about their effort than talent.
  7. I missed the first 8 overs but looks like England are already on a leather hunt
  8. Finch always looks like batting with responsibility and purpose, otherwise he is a limited batsman
  9. But you also posted it on this forum only. Mods have also deleted some of my other anti Pakistan posts whereas they are fine if their pets post it. I see the bias. Tell me if you don’t.
  10. I went to know what was wrong in it. You posted the same last week. I did not post anything different. Both of us insulted Islam. Why the bias?
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