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  1. https://www.dtnext.in/News/National/2019/06/20204141/1152913/Kerala-migrant-boat-with-243-people-missing-since-.vpf


    Kerala 'migrant' boat with 243 people missing since January


    he External Affairs Ministry said it has sensitised several countries in the Pacific Ocean region about a missing vessel that sailed from Kerala with people on board more than five months ago.

    New Delhi: 
    MEA spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said they are yet to receive any information from these countries in the matter.
    According to media reports, the vessel, named 'Deva Matha 2', had set sail from a port in Kerala's Ernakulam district on January 12 and according to the state police it had 243 people on board.
    "When it sailed we were informed by the state government that there are people on board and they were headed towards a specific destination in the Pacific Ocean and our responsibility was to sensitise the countries in that region. Tell them what we know and also seek inputs from them just in case they come across this vessel," Kumar told reporters.
    "Till now we have not received any information from the countries we have asked for inputs," he said.
    The family members of those missing have approached several authorities and even sent a joint memorandum to the MEA.
    On the extradition request of bank fugitive Mehul Choksi, Kumar said a certain process has to be followed and they have been told that the extradition request remains under the consideration of Antigua & Barbuda authorities.  

  2. 13 hours ago, Vilander said:

    it requires an efficient legal system without loopholes where speedy justice is provided. The guys would get some initial heat and then bail after bail and even if convicted will then go on and get early release for good behaviour.  

    Sure if that can be done. Fear is always one way to stop the crime. I am assuming this will never happen.

    So another way is to educate people on this topic. Secondly I think it will help if people from other states migrate to UP, in large numbers.

  3. 36 minutes ago, Cricketics said:

    I can't believe we make national issues out of little thing, but when such things happen, they are not well published and not much of roar around the public.


    This is insane stuff. Someone lost their family member not to a natural death but to extreme brutality. Fking pathetic. The guy should rot iin jail forever. Torture him. 

    I’d say share it on every platform. The fking bastard should get a lifer with torture everyday 

  4. https://www.rediff.com/news/report/up-man-tries-to-molest-woman-drives-car-over-family/20190625.htm


    Last updated on: June 25, 2019 16:03 IST


    Two women in Uttar Pradesh's Bulandshahr district were crushed to death under the wheels of a car being allegedly driven by a man who they rebuked for passing lewd comments against a member of their family, police said on Tuesday.


    The incident took place on late Monday night, the police said, adding that a case was registered against four persons including the main accused Nakul Singh who has been arrested.


    However, the victim's family placed the dead bodies on a highway and blocked traffic on Tuesday, demanding immediate arrest of all accused. The protest was called off after the police intervened and pacified the family members.

    Senior Superintendent of Police N Kolanchi said the families of Ramveer and Bhimsen had returned from a wedding late at night when they noticed Singh urinating on the wall of their house on Chandpur road.

    When Santo Devi, 38, wife of Ramvir and Urmila, 42, wife of Bhimsen objected, the accused allegedly passed lewd comments at a woman member of the family which further angered the women, who berated Singh. He left after threatening them of dire consequences, the police said.

    Soon, the accused returned with his friends in a car and crushed the women, who were standing outside their house, Kolanchi said.

    While Santo Devi and Urmila died, Ramvir's son and another youth were injured in the incident, he said, adding that they are recuperating in a local hospital.

    On the basis of the family's complaint, the main accused was arrested and efforts are on to nab his accomplices, the officer added.

  5. 20 minutes ago, velu said:


    you can better read it again and figure out whether there is an outcry or not and then you can confirm us ;-) 

    for time being , we all except you can conclude that manufacturing another news by libtards failed miserably 

    Sure. And you can read again and see if you have the facts right. If you want to change the facts you have picked up, we are all here. Till then to each his own :hysterical:

  6. 31 minutes ago, G_B_ said:

    The truth is north Indians are generally have better mental strength for the LOI, what they call "Tashaan"


    I am Marathi and not a north indian by any means and will readily admit that likes of Sachin and Dravid were chokers in the LOI. 


    Marathi, Bengali and south indians do have a mental deficiency. Rather than taking at in a negative way why not just improve on this particular aspect?

    Bengalis don’t have a mental deficiency. Ki bolche baba. Have you heard. They eat fish and they are intelligent. Bengali dimaak. 

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