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  1. yeah point is with current uk, france. current uk france are very comfortable places to live in and produces extremely good sporting talent. the number of people we will have with those living conditions in 2050 will be around 5 times their population so plenty of good sporting talent will follow from that pool. plus another 1.2 billion with varying levels of income will also contribute greatly.
  2. PPP around $25k, nominal around $10-12k. similar to where russia is now. ofc with 11 times more people. And Russia are a very respectable sporting power. Top 300-400 million (top 25%) should be at $40-45k ppp which is pure first world (uk, france etc).
  3. india at 2050 will have very decent living standards. not west european or american. but similar to russian or argentinian. just first world ie. mind you 1.6 billion with those living standards means that the top 300-400 million will have livign standards comparable to the us, europe, japan etc.
  4. exactly. by 2050 i see a 24-32 team 4-5 month ipl. and multiple indian teams playing matches simultaneously the rest of the year. also maybe a smaller odi and test ipl.
  5. yeah but thats the point. india will have a gdp growth rate of 6-7% over the next 30 years. and the pool will only grow larger. so the resources wont be limited any longer.
  6. kohli is the god of the chase, Pakistani
  7. easy to tee off in the first innings when a score has already been set. his record in the wc against india is for all to see. tough chases - falters.
  8. we'll win even on a flat wicket. umesh and axar are there.
  9. Absolutely wrong comparison. Your example supposes that all the teams are equal strength. They are not. New Zealand are the no 1 ranked team and have probably their greatest ever XI and 4-5 players form this team will walk into their all time XI. England are ranked 4 and have 3-4 players who can enter their all time XI. Pakistan are 5 (gap of 18 points with England, England meanwhile just have a gap of 10 points from 1st placed NZ) and have one of their weakest teams of all time and have no one who would get into their all time XI. SL are 7
  10. no. india is. better averages home and away. cummins and bumrah same level. new ishant and hazlewood same level. shami>starc
  11. it will happen in the next series and the one after that and the one after that and so on.. do not be fooled by the past of cricket. teams like australia and england competing with a country of a billion like india was only possible due to poverty. those countries have plateaued as societies. we still have decades of growth left. the australia series was just a harbinger of the future as was the decade previous. we have been getting better and better each decade as funds start flowing. in two decades time all series with india will be mere formalities, home
  12. catchment area is getting bigger and bigger with time though.
  13. and as it increases to upper middle (2030s) and eventually high (2050s) later on, that percentage of population will also increase (also india will add 300-350m people more by then)
  14. yup, good times are only starting. by the end of this decade i fully expect india to completely pull away. and by mid century cricket to india will be like basketball to usa. a 20-24 team ipl like the american sports leagues etc, the 5th or 6th best xi still better than the rest of the world etc.
  15. it was a good achievement but the match they won didnt have viv or marshall (who happened to win man of the match in the next two matches) similar in achievement to our 03-04 draw in oz.
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