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  1. hockey is elite. only team sport with first xis.
  2. And somewhere where we can truly gain dominance cause it isnt a no 1 sport in any country. India is kind of a big deal in hockey already financially, hosting multiple/consecutive world cups and thing is it isn't even that popular in India and is hardly pan-Indian.
  3. yeah cause that top order was never as dominant so dhoni/yuvraj/raina had good experience. due to these guys the middle order never gets to play.
  4. one of the reasons i like hockey lol. no Pakistani, Bangladeshs etc there.
  5. all a function of per capita income and hdi. as india becomes richer, it's sports will increase (amongst other fields like global brands and pop culture).
  6. eventually ipl will dominate cricket. india will be a 20 trillion economy by 2050 which is roughly where the us is now. no way is there gonna be just a 10 team 2 month league for a country that populous and realtively well-of (which we will be at that time).
  7. cricket in australia is like hockey in india. decent following but hardly no 1. to be honest, in no country with multiple sports is cricket no 1. only in south asia where countries are poor in other sports (more pronounced for countries other than india) is cricket popular. it takes too long, is an asymmetrical turn based game (As in teams take turns to bat/bowl) and is toss/conditions dependent. most popular sports are always where the play is simultaneous (tennis, hockey, football, basketball etc). even in athletics track events are more popula
  8. tumhare paas to itna paise kabhi nahi hoga, bhikhariyo. shaheen and babar can work as sweepers in ipl. pakistanis can come to india to work as laborers. no need to go to uae. aa ja bhai.
  9. These guys have such a small dick syndrome in regards to the IPL. They want nothing more than to play there - there's a thread where everyone is earnestly predicting how much money the Pakistan players can make if allowed in the IPL. Beneath all their bluster, it hurts them bad to not be in the IPL. Not happening, bro. Krishnappa Gowtham will always be richer than Babar. And considering the growing differential in incomes between the two countries, in 20 years time, Pakistanis can come to India to work as labourers, no need to go to UAE.
  10. No it wasn't. But it was as good as his performance at the Oval/Lord's. India is a more complete bowling lineup (one of the best ever) now so that sort of running through sides by a single bowler is impossible. Hadlee never really had good support throughout his career. And Holding's came in 76 when the bowlers weren't as good (he had Roberts in that match but the others weren't as good).
  11. They will login when they get a fluke win over India in 2025. In the 4 years till that, they will keep getting thumped vs India and you won't see them.
  12. Naah, Bumrah at the MCG was great. I remember those opening overs. After 36ao when we bowled first, his and Ashwin's performance is what started the scene for the entire comeback. If Aus had gotten to 280ish, they could have won the match and the series would have been over for us.
  13. He certainly did. The reason it was even 1-1 in the first place was because at the MCG day 1 after 36 ao, he got the ball rolling by taking out Burns quickly and getting the 4-fer on day 1. That bowling performance (Ashwin also responsible) was what made us comeback in that match (and series) by exorcising 36ao. And then in the Aus second innings bowled Smith, ending any comeback hopes. Even at the SCG, took out Green and Paine super quick in the first innings preventing a partnership with Smith. Without it they might have got 400+, making the draw more difficult later
  14. Tbf he has already won us 2 series in Aus and one in Eng(subject to completion). Can lead us to one in SA as well this year. Those are stellar achievements,
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