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  1. Most of this csk side must be at the high risk category of corona. They literally putting lives on line so I wi support them :)
  2. Honestly if you don’t want the absolutely best why not go for something like one plus ? you end up saving lot of money and yes I realise this answer might be bit late but you get 90 percent of high end device at 50 percent price ..
  3. Am I the only one slightly disgusted ? all for loving animals but uhh
  4. Isn’t to much more complicated than chess ? atleast from point of view of ai it’s much more difficult to program or make it learn so this makes sense .
  5. Try clearing cookies of this site or even cache . you will have to log in again but if it’s issue only you are facing then this should fix it temporarily .
  6. Merge the threads @velu aka loser mod http://www.indiancricketfans.com/forums/topic/104761-kohli-and-anushka-to-get-married-next-week-in-italy-reports/
  7. Sticky this .. this is bigger than royal wedding and all that crap.
  8. We need experienced bowler to lead the side just like Zakk did before . this guy has bowled at Perth and bats well and captains his side..
  9. 350 target ? That should be more than enough ..
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