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  1. I guess t20 is not format for him I guess most tracks are not good for his bowling I guess he is not good at home Maybe he is just not good enough cricketer ? That would explain everything else .
  2. i do not think self harm is allowed on this site.
  3. They lost chasing 30 runs at run a ball. Whatever the approach is they need to find some new talent for middle and lower middle order as this dk is unreliable at best.
  4. These guys know better about how bowlers are bowling in nets and skills they have developed. he might actually have impressed them during prep phase and got this role. This is not one game reaction but rather him admitting that this is his role.
  5. Good for him. This is least he deserves as his career was going so well.
  6. In t20 even one player like Kohli is difficult to fit now a days .. that’s why he is thinking of opening. Even with high average you need atleast 140 strike rate . Malan is number 1 t20 player but will be first to be dropped from English side as you cannot afford slow starters /accumulators in white ball cricket anymore. you still need balance, I agree with that . But you have players like kl Rahul in t20 who average high with much higher strike rate than Gill playing in same position .. so unless he does not want to play for India in t20 he needs to improve strike rate .
  7. that is sadly probably true. there are other threads talking about how shastri / kohli should develop pant and imo he is doing well today despite them. also this is such crap thinking as if you win cup you get remembered forever.
  8. Same way Jadhav did or Rayudu was supposed to...and don’t forget 3D player. Our plan was bad and players who were chosen under the hill to implement that plan. If guys like Iyer and pant were played for entire year before cup we might have won that semi final.
  9. I am so thankful for England who forced us to change a bit at least in t20. gill actually needs to work on this part of game if he wants to fulfill his potential in every format. Also with guys like pant becoming stars with aggressive approach I am sure the seniors will be forced to play aggressive too.
  10. Nortje is unplayable atm. probably broke the toe of batsman with 150k Yorker lmao
  11. I worry for this side due to pandemic. take care guys.
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