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  1. Guys ultimately india need to get the weather right. If its overcoast this Duke ball will get swing. Thakur over siraj. If its nice and sunny pick siraj. I will drop ashwin and go with jaddu plus 4 Pacers
  2. I dont think this is a two spinner deck especially with rain around. Thakur is better pick for conditions
  3. There will be a degree of rain... India imo need to acess two spinners
  4. dont like sanju manju but seems fair here...
  5. I think this adds to about 6-7 players being replaced. Feel BCCI wants in done in whatever format.
  6. Its a good iniciative for all involved. Poorer boards get revenue. Players get exposure without burnout. Fans and broadcasters get nearly 24/7 cricket.
  7. In June a bhuvi type player would be very handy....too many spinners for India
  8. It should be mentioned our spinners were battling dew Unfair comparison. But i agree we simply dont have high calibre spinners in loi.
  9. Too early to judge One structural issue is i thought has was predictable. I.e English batters second guessed what was coming. I feel A tours will do him well
  10. I think the personel can be changed. Jaddu and bumrah will solve those issues. But the key point is to back your pacers in conditions in which spinners have issues. I am sure there will be decks where spinners make more sense. Play spinners there.
  11. Kuldeep out of form, Chahal out of form. Kurnal cannon fodder. Finally....Dew making it hard to grip the ball. 46 overs of pace...india defended 329 as compared to being crushed in odi 2. The reason? The extra pacer and Hardik bowling as the sixth bowler. Allowed Kohli options up front. Same line up also would have defended odi 2. Play the conditions...you know that kohli loses the toss and you will mostly bat second.
  12. Re the 4 hours thing. I would say images shown to the third umpire have been slow. One single review takes 5 minutes. Then you have to check for 4 or 6 or catches. T20 was designed to be around 3 hours 30 min.
  13. I would like to see averages in games msd plays and games not played. Even though not captain i feel msd did the thinking for kuldeep especially
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