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  1. I feel in a way its for the best. Need bummers for wtc. Allows us to gauge pandya with bat n ball.
  2. Pandya i feel the situation is suited for him Bowl 7 to 8 overs and outside that focus on the batting
  3. Zen defending Gujju Pujara What is new
  4. Whats happened to bhuvi? Will be handy with bat n ball in english conditions. Bumrah ishant shami backed up by ashwin and jadeja
  5. icc will control that deck. they will want a 5 day test.
  6. See i just think its strategic. After the SA series (which i feel we have a great chance to win and thus should have experience). India will be facing the likes of Aus SA NZ and England at home. You dont want to be in a situation like 2011 that our greats failed in the England series and we had Australia series to follow. Post the SA series we will have roughly 2 years for a young batting side to get used to test cricket.
  7. Pujara still has utility overseas with his ability to blunt the new ball. Imo post Sa series next year both Rahane n Pujara need to move on and kohli needs to step down as captain.
  8. I suspect they will retain the winning combo
  9. See i do feel deck was poor. But this issue of doctored pitches is plain wrong. That pitch was disintegrating which meant England won a good toss. They still lost by 10 wickets Fundamentally their selection policy and general differentiation in spinner quality resulted in a loss.
  10. We asked Jamie Alter on against the turn podcast about the 15 crore for Jamaison and he just shaked his head in disbelief for 2 minutes. Sums up kohli and rcb...
  11. Its certainly caused batters to change the way they bat
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