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  1. I think most farmers will continue to use the msp system in the near future. Over time i feel private players will approach the farmers. The power the mandis wields was being eroded anyways. Farmers get rs 6000 now and this figure will continue to rise giving more capacity to bargain even with mandis. Overtime its wise to scale back all farming subsidies and give money in hands of farmers. Too many stories of distribution scams with seeds fertiliser etc.
  2. With so many matches played at 3 venues, eventually no matter how many pitches you use there are going to be some very run down wickets by the end of the tournament Already we are seeing 160 as peak scores.
  3. G_B_

    IPL20 Captaincy Watch

    I think rohit was rusty with his captaincy. But the mi fielding did not help either Personal fitness...well...
  4. 2007 finals Was during a carefree time in my life
  5. It just does not seem to work out for delhi....
  6. I do feel in loi he needs to add a degree of vareity. Batsman expect yorker length
  7. Mark this moment.... I forsee modi gov boosting their inputs to farmers to say rs 24000 per year in the coming years
  8. G_B_

    Look who's back

    Classic Liked the sequel as well. Wrapped things up well.
  9. Was very rusty yesterday. Which is too be expected. But do you think he can make it by the time Aus tour is there?
  10. Better than nothing but not as good as the premier league
  11. G_B_

    War is coming

    We have the peaks...
  12. I think given sums of money involved plus good medical facilies in uae most of them will stay put. These are atheltes who are young. They will simply shrug of the virus Far more worried about the older support staff.
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