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  1. The truth is driving a truck in canada usa etc a person can send home 15 to 20 lakhs per year to india. Enough to live like a king/queen in the villages. But that's the legal way. A big part of of these immigration push is the agents and other friends relatives providing a very glamorous picture. Agents claim you can work for few years and then buy a big house and retire. When these people come they are given such low payment that they can barely send any money home after the cost of living.
  2. Totally horrific National media has picked it up. Tamil media silent... Likes of "the news minute"...silent
  3. I think it depends how quickly India can get Elgar and Peterson out. These two are pillars around which SA bat. If you get both of them inside 10 then I am confident with India defending even 180. I also think if the pitch gets better as the game progresses then India up against it no matter what. I saw some turn in the deck yesterday and there was some purchase for Ash today though he did not pick a wicket. So if that is magnified in the fourth innings I feel Ash might be the trump card.
  4. Clearly protestors were tipped off.
  5. what are you doing in an indian forum....
  6. I think there is a message from Congress to its supporters to stop the BJP from expanding in Punjab come what may. the NDA formation will defo act as a vote cutter for the Congress in Punjab. Problem is there are still the Akalis (who have condemned this incident) and AAP (who have not condemned this incident) who are still there in that state.
  7. its coming to presidents rule... the truth is that the congress in punjab has so many power centres that , the state is basically government less. Channi is simply the placeholder.
  8. Both spinners in this test have chipped in with the bat... Bloody well as well cause they are not even in a position to stop the flow of runs.. . Sa probably picked maharaj to satisfy the asian quota
  9. Pant IMO needs to work on his weight. Is basically in his mid 20s and spilling out. Regardless of form thats not acceptable in todays world. Losing some flab will quicken/sharpen his responses. I am sure teams all over have analysed his technique. At this rate is going to become another Jos buttler +, batting average around 35 and a decent keeper. Not bad for a wicket keeper batsman but not world class either.
  10. India needs 150-160 more.... This is a new SA team with a lot of new players. Not easy handling the pressure in the 4th, especially for an inexperienced team. There is variable bounce on this deck. India can take the Siraj injury in their stride if they bat out 50 overs tomorrow. Thats 40 overs which can easily split between Bumrah shami and Thakur. Ofcourse india should bat as much as possible, as there is more than enough time in the test.
  11. Rohit injured in Sena loi? Seems to be a trend...
  12. I think the venom of the op is misplaced. Truth is no indian spinner will make the grade in Sa. Ash is still the best indian spinner. Ashwin (like any other indian spinner) has struggled away in Sena barring that last Aus tour.
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