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  1. Issue lay with bowlers.... was a 320 to 330 deck.
  2. Its probably the best thing I have ever watched to come out of India... Its the right mix of masala and accurate storytelling... what stands out for me is the music...is on point for the situation. Listening to it on a loop. Honestly this type of series will put India on the map. Bollywood has supressed a lot of creativity. Hard to imgine this is the same Director of Dil Pe Mat Le Yaar....
  3. I do think maybe lucknow/ kanpur deserves a franchise... But i think the big problem is that there is no mega city in the states you mention. The franchises barring RR are anchored to big cities. Its also why the Kerala franchise did not work out. No big city. You need a 7 million city achorning you.
  4. Will they ever mount to anything and be counted? I worry about team India. They are becoming the RCB of the International cricketing world under Kohli
  5. Does it make a difference? no crowd at the ground....many working from home anyways. Those who are going to office can watch the game from 8 to 12pm... On friday sat sunday maybe the ipl if competing with many sporting events across the globe.
  6. G_B_

    MI is unbeatable

    I know this is a jinx thread... but I think of the remaining teams I fear SRH the most. They are the form team
  7. Thats the game.... incredible from mumbai batting first.
  8. Well i think that Rahane wicket chasing 200 is probably a blessing.
  9. Delhi needs to replace Shaw....has been totally out of form
  10. Honestly Kishan has been a revelation. Kept his head in the middle overs and exploded at the end.
  11. The big problem with Aussie coaches is that they end up pushing third rate Aussie players....
  12. deeply impressed with mumbai. Middle overs stumble. But did not panic and reached 200. Well done regardless of Delhi winning. Delhi capitals might just end up missing Heytmar...Sims is a very average bowler and Rahane at 3 when chasing a big total is not always a good idea...Ricky's love for his Aussie mates might just damage Delhi
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