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  1. Was post poll tie up. Cannot be compared. Truth is that in the ls bsp and sp combined to get more % than if they would have contested alone. So despite winning more vote share bjp lost seats. If the entire argument is how well will yogi perform then alliances need to be accounted for. I think mayawati mostly fears marginalisation than forming alliance in which she can win more seats. With sp the question of cm would always come up.
  2. Speaking of American carriers. Its interesting to know that we have finally finished our dry docks at Mumbai for a 80k tonne ship. Might be a good deal in the making for a used American aircraft carrier. We were badly hurt by the Russian purchase.
  3. attention....probably will launch his political career. We know the score as we have the stats. The average pakistani does not.
  4. Once again you push forward bullshit statistics to suit your narrative. India is the worlds second more populous nation. If you add population density into the mix we have heavily curtailed the virus. It must also be noted that the state government which is of a different party from the central government have extended the lockdown even further on their own estimation. The total fudge up in Mumbai for example is the doing of the ruling alliance alone.
  5. External debt of Pakistan is rapidly rising We are headed for potentially another default
  6. The equation is out of Yogis hand. If bsp and sp combine then it will be much harder even if he has governed well. If its a 4 way fight then it becomes that much easy. In a 4 way fight bjp can retain power even with 32 to 33%. As things stand its Bjp plus apna dal and nishad party Sp with smaller outfits (rld) and peace with shivpal Bsp looking to ally with smaller muslim outfits Congress vadra backed and looking to ally with smaller caste outfits This is fluid and prone to change. But if this status quo remains yogi will sail through.
  7. Out of 28 states, 18 are cong v bjp. Where bjp and cong are ruling and main opposition. Of the remaining only ap and tamil nadu are realistically the only state in which neither cong not bjp are ruling or main opposition. If we micro analyse states like Odisha are very likely to become cong v bjp after Naveen patnaik. Regionals have declined in relation to the power they weilded in the 90s. There are a lot of regional sartaps on their last legs age wise. (For eg sharad pawar) It must also be noted that voting preferance changes as per type of election. Take Delhi, despite a thumping win in 2015 Aap came a poor third in the municipal and lok sabha elections. It does highlight that personalities drive wins. Aap would collapse without Kejriwal. The same Aap has collapsed in Punjab due to lack of face.
  8. Of established bunch today i like Zimmer. Djawadi is also growing on me.
  9. Alongside Jerry Goldsmith, Newman and John Williams A high standard which may never be breached
  10. Its scary how velu and me have similar taste From john wick to this...
  11. If i am being up front the average chinese is focused on hong kong. I dont think india registers too highly in the Chinese psyche. The chinese students i talked to did not even know there was a war with india (or vietnam). They did not care too much. Their textbooks are more focused on how hong kong was looted and how taiwan is theirs. You are right in saying that the Chinese will have to make a move in August if at all before things reset in April next year. But i doubt Xi worries about a loss of face.
  12. @Autonomous What happens to Gwader (the city) when the Chinese adopt electric cars? Sure its about 30 years off. But the entire reason for hyping up Gwadar was that it was a source to import oil from gulf countries. From what i can see gulf oil exports to china dont come via Gwadar anyways. So from the chinese way of thinking Gwadar would be a back up incase thd American navy chokes them off. Its just that are asking pakistan to pay for their back up.
  13. I think more than stealth the Pakistani game plan is to induct the p15 missile with supposedly 300km range and include a heavy duty radar. There is a lot of chattar if this is just an on paper missile or its range means it is easy to dodge. We will need to do the same with our mki. Upgrade the radar to detect the f35 and j20 and add a longer range bvr. Lets see how astra does. If its a hit then it wont be long before a 150km to 200km astra 2. The advantage we have is an mki is much easier upgradable than the jf17.
  14. The jf17 is boosted by its weapons platform. But its not suited to strike beyond enemy lines. Limited combat radius and payload capacity. Its their defensive option
  15. Well chhabar is operational. Hopefully we build shahtoot dam soon..
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