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  1. Imran khan comes across as being weak as * in this process.
  2. Saj is a business man knows mamoon riling the rank and file keeps the traffic flowing. You dont want too many mamoons. But a few are enough to keep Indians and Pakistanis posting.
  3. While I know this is a cricketing thread. I think Pakistan will soon realise that the west is super pissed off at them. They needed Pakistan to access Afghanistan. But now that the troops are out the leverage which Pakistan has is gone. Cricket is one aspect of this. Already Aus made it clear they wont play Afghanistan for their treatment of women.
  4. this is too funny if you can, copy paste some stuff here.
  5. I think eventually PCB will move it to the UAE or SL
  6. the key question is will England tour now?
  7. Utter humiliation...... No other words. If pakistan has a spine they need to boycott playing NZ
  8. Its good if lucknow gets the franchise West and south well represented The gangetic belt and north east need more Hopefully Gwuhati and Bhuvanesher can be added.
  9. Finally this panauti is leaving indian team as captain If it means sacrificing one tournament its ok.
  10. In 2014 wc msd carried yuvraj to the final despite everybody saying he was a liability. In the final he proved to be just that. India fell 20 runs and short as yuvi hogged the strike. Lankans did not want him out. Truth is msd has made some tactical shockers.
  11. I will be shocked if akash chopra does not come out of the closet in the next 15 to 20 years.
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