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  1. I didnt say they were great but they have a few options is all I said. They were a complete pushover last time. Will be harder to beat this time around.
  2. The shorter the format, the greater the threat from Pakistan. They have a few explosive quicks who can maintain pace for 4 overs and a couple of useful LOI spinners. Not many big hitters who can up the ante though. If they find 2,3 of those, they will be in with a real chance
  3. No one in the 150 kph range but the fastest speeds were 1. Shaheen - 149.2 kph 2. Hasnain - 148.7 kph 3. Daniyal 148.3 kph 4. Dhani - 147.3 kph 5. Haris - 147.2 kph 6. Naseem 145 kph Dilbar and Akif are out with injuries. Not sure what Hasan has clocked after a spate of injuries. A decent crop of bowlers hitting good speeds. Only shaheen maintains speeds in tests though. Dhani was the biggest surprise for me. I think they have raw material for a decent LOI pace attack.
  4. No it wont. The first wickert was one which was flat only for 2days. We can make a pitch that actually stays flat until the 5th day.
  5. Yes this what we need. And not the Chennai kinda pitch which started turning on day 3. Should be a road until session 14 . Like the ones we had in India-Englamd 2016.
  6. Looks theres no pitch on wgich we can dominate england unless we win the toss.
  7. Thie crux of this analysis is spot on. Speed is the difference. 90 kph at the stumps consistently is a nightmare for most batsmen on these pitches. Especially from an SLA. Modern finger spinners are harder to face simply because the y bowl quick and are accurate.
  8. This batting lineup simply cang afford the fifth bowler. We have to play 7 batsmen. Why do we need the 5th bowler when we have 2 spinners already. Both the last game and this one we are playing an extra bowler who has contributed zilch.
  9. Not sure why they haven't figured that Archer cant bowl with this pace 2and spell onwards. Just see his first spell off. It's not rocket science.
  10. He bowled 1 ball at 145 kph in a PSL match. A test match prospect but his speeds are nowhere near that in the longer format
  11. Everyone, including some of the more experienced posters, thought this would be a cakewalk because of home pitches and England supposedly being weak . They are a quality side and our best chance was to blunt that seam attack as it is their only real weakness.
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