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  1. Not a single Indian bowler on this list. Added to their low release heights and no ready high quality test class replacements, are we heading to the pre 2015 era of Indian bowling?
  2. A similar graphic back in early 2019 had Bumrah, Shami, Ishant and Yadav. I believe Bumrah was around 141 kp until after that Australian series in 2018/19. Not a single Indian bowler in the list even at 138 kph. Just shows how all the bowlers have lost pace in the last 3 years, especially Bumrah.
  3. It's about release height and the action etc. but height is necessary most of the time. Olivier for example has an action where he puts more over the ball than behind the ball and gets the most bounce out of all the seamers. But the issue is if you dont have a certain minimum height you van never get bounce from a length no matter what action you have. This is the case with Shami.
  4. He won't be . He is quality. Will only get better
  5. He is not test class. I saw him bowl in Australia and his lengths are rubbish. Not saying Porel is better but atleast he should be tried out.
  6. Navdeep Saini is not a test class bowler. Just does not bowl accurately enough. On the Insia A tour to SA, Ishan Porel was the most economical bowler I think. Dude needs to be atleast tried out once before it's too late.
  7. All the Saffer quicks generate a lot more bounce than their Indian counterparts. Their average release height is 17 cm higher and that makes them more threatening than our bowlers. This is why peak Ishany was very important for our attack.
  8. I just don't share the optimism of other posters. Having followed the IPL this season, i'm convinced we don't have a plethora of high pace bowlers to choose from for LOI cricket. 135 kph + average speed with ability to crank it up to 145 kph is enough in tests and we have bowlers who can do that. Don't have anyone who can bowl 140 average and breach 150 kph( except maybe Umran)
  9. Harbhajan's chucking was occasional . Nothing like Ajmal . Dude was absolutely useless without chucking. Even his offbreaks were terrible. 2001 Harbhajan was as clean as it got and Ajmal could have never bowled like that. And you have to be exceptionally stupid to consider Ashwin a chucker. He chucked to expose other chuckers. He is extremely effective with a legal action
  10. Most Pakistanis have very little understanding of chucking. Its either an IQ issue ( lower end of the distribution) or they just refuse to understand the issue(bias). Either way, it just comes across petty and delusional.
  11. Will be interesting if the tour does happen. Last 2 tours were in the UAE and the wickets dont offer anything and are very slow and low. Also, Australia lost all their tosses in both series as well. The Pakistani wickets can be quicker and the ball may cone on to the bat well (Karachi) , offer something for seamers in Rawalpindi etc. and Australia can actually look to win the series.
  12. Beating a full strength OZ in OZ is quite the achievement. No other team on world cricket can do that right now .
  13. I agree with this. And it's a generation that is not gonna depend on tampering or chucking etc. either. I think Pakistan will do extremely well going forward.
  14. Right. Because T20 > Test was the crux of my argument after all.
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