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  1. They were still effective with the spin trio of a peak Afridi , chucker Ajmal and chucker Hafeez. they exerted a lot of control in the middle overs, Once hafeez and ajmal were gone, even BD batsmen took their bowlers to the cleaners
  2. Their bowling in white ball cricket has taken an absolute beating since the chucking laws were stringently enforced.
  3. Why the need for whataboutism? Surely there is a better argument than pointing to the failures of the Congress.
  4. So, the decision to set unrealistic goals is justified then?
  5. But but this government has promised that we will be a $5 trillion economy by 2024 :) Apparently, 6 years are not enough for achche din.
  6. That attack could not stop England from beating us in the World Cup. This idea of playing 2 wrist spinners no matter what is going to hurt in the long run. India needed an extra fast bowler and were exposed when the conditions didn't help spin as much. We desperately need a tall hit the deck fast bowler to partner bumrah and shami and a back up fast bowler as well. 4 frontline quicks is minimum for a tournament especially outside SC.
  7. I think Ishan porel has been impressive . Consistently bowls a good length from what I've seen and he'd be a very good stock bowler for tests. May not be very quick on the gun but he bowls a heavy ball and is not easy to score off I think. If he can get it up to the 132-137 kph range even , he'll be quite effective.
  8. He's the best we've had in the last 30 years purely as a keeper. Those catches off Umesh - Dhoni would not even have attempted those. Healy, latif and Boucher level.
  9. Our bowling attack peaked collectively in Australia. Looks like shami us back to his usual self as well.
  10. Bumrah had a good debut year. But, once again, my concerns about the sustainability of that action remains. No pace at all.
  11. Please stop spreading misinformation. You so called A team could not beat Bangladesh on these wickets and got hammered like minnows by India. Apart from that one off Champions trophy win two year ago, these sort of performances have been the norm for your deeply mediocre ODI since 2006 against any other top 6 side. Doesn't matter whether you play your A side or Z side .
  12. Then you're wrong. Even in the UAE, while carrying an injury in the 3rd test, he was bowling with an average pace of 135kph and a fastest of 143 or thereabouts. He was quicker in South Africa as well. Average pace of around 137 and fastest around 146/7 . He's bowled similar speeds for 2 years now. Those speeds are good enough for test cricket. The likes of Aamir and Abbas and even Shaheen were a bit too slow for tests.
  13. Hasan Ali is the only Pakistani bowler who can bowl at consistent speeds in a test match and is the only bowler comparable to the likes of shami, bumrah or even Ishant. The likes of Aamir bowl late 120's and early 130's which is simply unimpressive.
  14. This may very well be true but it's difficult to drop him when he's been performing since Asia cup . Especially since Khaleel hasn't done much. Bhuvi is still better than chahar and kaul.
  15. Once again Bhuvi was spraying it onto the pads and getting picked off . He has done well but if he isn't picking too many wickets, he needs to bowl off stump or just outside and stick to that. Can't afford to give the batsmen anything at his pace.
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