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  1. If the quality Kannada medium schools were actually as good as you say, then the Kannada speaking elite from south Bangalore would not have put their kids in English medium schools in the decades after independence like they did. Kids actually learn their mother tongue first considering they don't join kindergarten till the age of 4. Thats when they pick up the English language. What is the point of instruction in mother tongue or Hindi till the age of 11 only to then switch over to another language? They are better off learning a language that they will pursue their higher education in, give them better chances of employment in the workforce and generally make them competent in building business/personal relations if they were to travel abroad for higher education etc. There is not a single advantage that a regional language has over English . The utility of English cannot be matched no matter how much one whinges about it being a foreign imposition, un-Indian etc.
  2. To be fair though I'm a liberal who bashes all of dmk, tmc, bjp, congress, cpi ,islam, Hinduism , christianity and unfettered capitalism amongst others. Does that mean I'm not liberal in the Indian context :P
  3. Also people talking about Kannada medium, Tamil medium schools in bangalore need to remember that these schools offered very poor quality education. Literally anyone who understood the advantage of instruction in english would bend over backwards to put their kids in English medium convent schools like a josephs, cottons, FAPS, Baldwin's and their ilk(oldest schools in blore) until the 80's and subsequently the various other icse, CBSe and international schools where english is pretty much the dominant language spoken among students. How do you think this city has such a high number of speakers of english at least as a second language ? English as a first language and the state language/Hindi as the second language as per preference . Go ahead with this idea and it will only increase the gap between the English speaking elite and those who learn in their mother tongues. Of course, it will be the elite that would actually support this as it would simply continue to give them a privileged status while damning the regional language speakers with no chance of upward social mobility
  4. Such a poor, bitter post. As if the rest of India is so highly educated and no other community lives in slums . The 2 language policy is the way forward for India no matter what anyone thinks
  5. SA are so bad right now that they got whitewashed by a weak SL side . In fact, the side that England beat was even weaker. I agree they have found some decent players but their recent results include getting beat 2-1 in Windies, a drawn ashes at home, a series loss to nz away and now shelling a test to west indies at home. Unless they become dominant at home and start competing away, it's difficult to rate them
  6. England are decent in tests. What is so special about winning 2-1 against a west indies side without hetmyer, bravo at home and that too with Holder making two absolutely stupid toss decisions.
  7. He and shaheen are very good prospects. No doubt about it.
  8. Broad is an interesting character. He got smashed by McCullum in his final year of White ball cricket and that thrashing looked similar to what UV did. His impact, at times, has far exceeded Anderson but he hasnt show the requisite consistency match after match that clouderson has shown over the years. While both were trash in the beginning of their careers, if you consider Jimmy's test career from June 2010 and Barbies from the Indian tour 2011, their records are fairly impressive on the whole . Very heavily driven by their home averages but have been decent away too.
  9. Not sure it is the right approach to bat out of the crease . Also even if it's working for kohli, not sure it's working for others. The ones who succeed in England are those who are playing late from deep in the crease. Even in NZ, the NZ batsmen batted deeper in their crease unlike the Indians and were better off for it.
  10. Pathetoic decision at the toss cost them the last match and now this one as well.
  11. The sense of entitlement is nauseating. Some are just trying to stay relevant to be honest .
  12. To say that there is a dearth of talent in India right now is patently false. There are more bowlers clocking 140 + than in any previous decade in our cricketing history , There are young confident guys who score tons on their first tours of England and australia - something which even Dravid could not do etc. But as long as we keep recycling the thakurs, jadhavs, karthiks, dhonis - you cant expect us to evolve to the next level.
  13. There will be less and less players crossing format. The workloads and the intensity required is already a bit excessive. We will see more specialists for each format and, therefore, very different teams across formats.
  14. Which format are you talking about though? T20s will be a merry go round as always. I dont think England will dominate ODIs for much longer. The gap between them and the other teams will be closed soon I suppose. In tests, I think Australia will be on top for a while and they look like a complete test side.
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