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  1. No doubt about it. ECB as a board plays power politics really well. You only had to look at the Big 3 saga. You had their establishment(ex cricketers, journalists) having a self-righteous whinge everytime BCCI exerted a bit of muscle when that restructuring was ideated in the ECB's office in all likelihood. No board has tried to hurt cricket as much as ECB has in the history of cricket
  2. He has captained India long enough. Kohli needs to focus on his batting. It is clear that workload has finally gotten to him and he already had back issues.
  3. It's hard to evaluate a head coach. Somehow I feel this year's Australian series win and England series may have swayed opinion to a more positive one on Shastri.
  4. Amazing how IPL franchises have had the likes of Hesson, Moody and Trevor Bayliss but BCCI is happy to go to guys who have been tried before? Also, I know hes old but Steve Rixon is still probably the best fielding coach and he was head coach if NZ during the 1999 world cup and that team really over performed. We need better catching, fielding to match that of Enzed.
  5. Far cry from the situation a few days ago when a lot of posters were hell bent on having the scoreline 2-2 for our test series in England when even an English poster like James was more reasonable .
  6. @Lord also asked something on similar lines but no response to that , sadly :P
  7. Posts are a bit unfair to Mikey here. He became somewhat bitter and cynical only after T20's came around. He was a pretty neutral commentator before that .
  8. Only exceptional offies who give it a massive rip can even hope to survive modern test cricket. They are useful only SC wickets or when the opposition has many left handers etc. They are of no use in modern white ball cricket. .
  9. DK is overrated. Good by our pathetic standards maybe. I felt RSD was underrated as a commentator. Could possibly have been our best commentator ever. Dude has the Midas touch - turns everything to gold.
  10. Ollie robinson bowling around 130 mph but still posing questions with his length and high release.
  11. If this pitch continues to stay flat, you need the runs on the board and need to make sure the carrot is dangled such that England score at 4 an over and play false shots on the process. I do believe 100 overs is enough to bowl out England.
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