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  1. An excellent performance from Enzed. England are an extremely difficult side to beat at home. Toughest after India anyway.
  2. 1. Srinath 2. Bumrah 3.Umesh 4. Ishant 5. Shami Only these guys have played enough test cricket to consider speeds. Shami's speeds have been the most consistent since his fitness improved but I put him at 5 because his top end speed is not as high as the others who have clocked 150 +
  3. I stand corrected, then. Lara played a couple of fantastic knocks against Australia with Pidge in the lineup but those knocks stand out simply because McGrath dominated him for the most part imho.
  4. Is there any doubt about this? At his peak from Jan 1995 till he stepped on the ball in 2005 , he took 489 wickets @ 20.13 and with a Strike rate of 48.6. Owned all the ATG batsmen with the sole exception of maybe Kallis. GOAT test bowler. Then theres the ODI bowler. Great overall stats, rivalling the best and was no.1 bowler for most of 1999-2007. But apart from that you just have to look at the way the 1999 World Cup panned out . He wasnt given the new ball initially and a jaded Australia lost to NZ and Pakistan. But once got the new ball, he wrecked Windies , reduced India to 17
  5. Yeah sure. Let's ignore the fact that Asif averaged 40 + on flat wickets in Pakistan and had a much higher release height than Bhuvaneshwar Kumar did which helped him extract a fair bit of seam movement. Bhuvi's strength is his accuracy and ability to extract movement in helpful conditions. At best, he would be a horses for courses pick . The likes of Shami, Ishant, Bumrah, Siraj, Yadav all have a higher ceiling than he does He is a liability on flat tracks and against decent batsmen. Dont bring up the Kolkata test against NZ which skews his bowling stats because that was a seame
  6. Mark Wood averaging 149 kph in this innings apparently.
  7. He does not have it in him to sustain long spells at a decent pace . His test career is done. Never should have played the format in the first place but we simply had no options.
  8. SL are minnows in ODIs right now. Just send the A team or something. Would make for painfully boring viewing and we don't gain anything except the goodwill of SLC.
  9. Couldnt be happier with the postponement. Hopefully l, yheycan plan and prepare better for WTC and England tour.
  10. I would agree. Babar's technique is more sustainable in SENA conditions than Indian batsmen generally.
  11. Hes a very fine player. Immensely gifted and with a rock solid technique. All depends on whether he can handle the pressures of Pakistan's cricket politics etc.
  12. Prithvi Shaw to replace dhawan in the ODI XI. We cant carry 38 year olds at the next WC.
  13. Potential to be the best Pakistani attack in 20 years by the time of the next world cup. I was unimpressed by Rauf, despite his speed, but he was bowling better lines and lengths and is varying his pace well.
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