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  1. Nothing really went wrong other than losing the toss . You could blame the squad selection to some extent but even that is understandable. Who would you select as a bowler for pace alone - Siraj? Perhaps. Maybe Chahal ahead of someone like Chahar especually after the 2and leg of IPL. The reality is our bowling stocks are nothing to talk about. Pakistan have quite a few options and we saw what Rauf was capable of. So there was nothing wrong per se but we were outplayed by a team with more firepower in the bowling department and had the rib of green.
  2. I told you Chahal would be better than this trash. Atleast he would slow it down and try to spin it :P
  3. Bumrah getting carted as well. This is wirsevtyan the CT humiliation.
  4. Not once have they tried to bowl slowly and flight it up. Dart on middle and slogged over leg. Pathetic bowling.
  5. Good riddance. Gimmicky bowlers are never international standard.
  6. Ah the mystery spinner. Chahal's flight and revs would have veen better here.
  7. They need to pack the off side and bowl to that field not leg side rubbish.
  8. Why the hell are they bowling legside continously. Like wtf?
  9. Pave bowling in dire straits. This is why siraj or umran was needed. Need that speed. Young bowlers losing speed too.
  10. Worst pp bowling is ours. Averaging 54. Absolute trash
  11. Another trash oldie in shami. No high pace at all. Lack of pace our undoing.
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