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  1. I told you Chahal would be better than this trash. Atleast he would slow it down and try to spin it :P
  2. Bumrah getting carted as well. This is wirsevtyan the CT humiliation.
  3. Not once have they tried to bowl slowly and flight it up. Dart on middle and slogged over leg. Pathetic bowling.
  4. Good riddance. Gimmicky bowlers are never international standard.
  5. Ah the mystery spinner. Chahal's flight and revs would have veen better here.
  6. They need to pack the off side and bowl to that field not leg side rubbish.
  7. Why the hell are they bowling legside continously. Like wtf?
  8. Pave bowling in dire straits. This is why siraj or umran was needed. Need that speed. Young bowlers losing speed too.
  9. Worst pp bowling is ours. Averaging 54. Absolute trash
  10. Another trash oldie in shami. No high pace at all. Lack of pace our undoing.
  11. Delusional fans thought we had better bowling with Bhuvi and Thakur and a couple of gimmicky spinners . They bowlers are quicker and hard to score off.
  12. Shaheen's threat will come at a full length. With 0.9 degrees of swing and a high average pace of 137 kph in the PP. Hes one of a handful who is successful bowling relatively fuller. Saifuddin of Bangladesh, albeit much slower, also bowls full but in his tournament got 2.2 degrees of swing! Only massive swing or a combination of decent and high pace allows full length bowling.
  13. Looks like Finch was bluffing earlier. All 3 quicks and Zampa. Agar dropped and that's the right call.
  14. In terms of speed, we are behind PAK and SL in this World Cup. Chameera clocked 149 and Kumara clocked 153 already.
  15. On paper, Australia is the better side with more accomplished side in all departments whereas South Africa is a team that is struggling with administrative and financial difficulties that have come to the fore in recent years. However, the recent T20 record of both teams suggests quite the opposite with RSA having won 9 out of their last 10 matches and Australia having lost 8 out of their last 10. So, keeping Australia's poor form in mind, SA should count themselves favourites . The venue: The Abu Dhabi track has shown to assist spin in the past but this season it has
  16. Our bowlers could atleast bowl 135 + average speed in certain spells. Even Nattu upper his pace in the final test and I remember him bowling a relatively pacy yorker to get a wicket. Ollie, Jimmy, Overton and Broad are all very accurate bowlers - among the best actually. But 3 of them are around 132 kph average speed and Overton is even slower than that. England have to be clever about this to have any chance to even compete and also hope that Australia are out of form- Warner, Smith etc. Otherwise its gonna be a bloodbath with a 5-0 scoreline against them, including a coupl
  17. No doubt about it. ECB as a board plays power politics really well. You only had to look at the Big 3 saga. You had their establishment(ex cricketers, journalists) having a self-righteous whinge everytime BCCI exerted a bit of muscle when that restructuring was ideated in the ECB's office in all likelihood. No board has tried to hurt cricket as much as ECB has in the history of cricket
  18. He has captained India long enough. Kohli needs to focus on his batting. It is clear that workload has finally gotten to him and he already had back issues.
  19. It's hard to evaluate a head coach. Somehow I feel this year's Australian series win and England series may have swayed opinion to a more positive one on Shastri.
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