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  1. All I can say is let Kohli start batting at #3 and score more runs than Dravid to be compared against him... Currently his average is just above 50 batting at no-4 or no-5 .
  2. I have heard that Sehwag smashed a reverse swinging ball out of the ground and it was replaced. The replacement ball did not swing as much.
  3. diga


    ^ Did not understand the context ..
  4. diga


    In the modern day, its Prasoon Joshi.. Just listen to Luka Chuppi from Rang de Basanti and Maa from Taare Zameen Par
  5. Too many threads on Dravid... skilfully diverting the attention from our failing captain & seniors
  6. Jalebi ... declaration is the prerogative of the captain. Just dont think coach gave any input on this as we had nearly 2.5 days left
  7. diga

    Dominic Cork

    "Neutrals" always commentated in India series for moolah... From Henry Blofield - ear rings fame to Border to Dominic Cork
  8. Exactly .. we need to phase out one after another. It might be Pujara or Kohli next.
  9. ^ Initally I thought he had hit a boundary and then I see that he is out bowled... great photo
  10. I hope we phase out one by one instead of all 3 together... Rahane should not be travelling to South Africa based on his current form
  11. So Rahane & Ishant ruled out with injuries and Jadeja is being rested... not a bad move
  12. 3 years... he will easily make 50+ cr... cool money
  13. Can he do a greg chappell weilding dictatorial powers in his first test as coach and that too with the test captain? I think dropping Rahane is in the hands of selectors and Kohli rather than Dravid
  14. Tics... is this the thread on Rachin's videos? I hope we can see the videos again
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