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  1. This book probably changed my perception of history and whats taught in Indian schools
  2. Both Warner & Smith seem to be very focussed.. Cant imagine the furore in ICF if India gets blanked in all matches of the series.
  3. Do you Bakis know what the farmers protest is about?
  4. ^ the taste of Dose is different when made on a charcoal stove. I just dont like that the Dose turns into a kichdi with numerous veggies & spices on it. Prefer it with simple aloo palya with chutney.
  5. But in India, Left is clubbed together with Liberals.. and I know left includes Muslims who are by no means liberal
  6. Lannister has a grouse with the caste system in Hinduism and that should not be equated with criticizing with respect to other religions... I hope Lannister can differentiate that
  7. Irony that the Periyar is the demi-god of pseudo atheists like DMK in TN and a statue of the demi-god outside the temple.
  8. And the left are supposed to be liberals... This law not only curtails social media but also print media.
  9. Hello 1983... fun times for sure
  10. I think teams which tie and go to super over should not be penalized with 2 points.. they should get atleast 1 pt. The team winning ssuper over can get the additional point.
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