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  1. +1 .... It would be marketing dream to have both teams on the podium
  2. which other team tours England thrice, with the batting core being same? I wish India had introduced a spare middle order batsman.
  3. The commentary reminds me of BBC radio commentary we used to hear in our younger days ...thanks for the share
  4. Somehow team mgmt doesnt have enough confidence in Vihari as the 6th batsman... It would have been different had the backup batsman been of VVS calibre
  5. So the revelations came about in English media... Ashes tour is certainly on their minds
  6. OP: You should either include NZ for a fair comparison or remove the respective home countries in your table... Nevertheless it would be interesting to add NZ
  7. Richest league with sub-standard operations ... BCCI has to hire professionals atleast in these times
  8. on a lighter note ... Kohli : Ee sala nu cup Jaane Do , stay home
  9. Did Amit Mishra & Saha break the bubble ? Some common sense in these times.. I feel for a set of people whose livelihood depended on IPL
  10. IPL suspended for now.. according to News24
  11. News24 says IPL suspended for now
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