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  1. RIP... This IPL I was watching "Star Sports Select" channel for analysis from Deano / Graeme Swann/ Sanjay Bangar on the "Dugout" I think 2 days back he was showing how to run and turn back from the opposite end ... citing MSD as an example for great running
  2. W Sundar is not being used properly by Kohli .. Better off playing Moeen for Philippe & Parthiv for Sundar
  3. Trivia: I recently came to know that one of the Bollywood producer, Sudhakar Bokhadia was a baggage handler at airport and was the front man for Dawood.. he produced films like Saajan, Prahar..
  4. diga

    We hate Rayudu !!!

    ^ Pumba from the lion king .. how can one forget?
  5. Hate that artificial crowd noise in the broadcast..one can perceive the delay
  6. artificial crowd noise added to the broadcast?
  7. ^ deleting his post would have been enough.. not ban him from posting during the IPL season
  8. you are one lucky dude for having a mom who makes 70 dosas ( roughly an hour of preparation ) ... to your mom I agree neer dosa in restaurants is crap...
  9. Huli / Sambar is prepared with raw jackfruit.. You never see it in hotels. https://www.amazon.in/AVSA-Raw-Jackfruit-Preserve-Kathal/dp/B089FKD75S/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=AVSA&qid=1600254320&sr=8-8
  10. You mean raw Jackfruit.. Thats available in most places of Bangalore during Feb-Aug
  11. Janardhana is on race course road (signal near Shivananda stores circle)... Try the Sagu Dosa
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