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  1. Some of them already claim that with KumariKandam & Lemuria
  2. you must have made enough money now and stop dallying in stocks :) Buy a pistachio garden in Iran ...
  3. Sledging the bowler who dismissed him for a blob .... thats poor attitude
  4. https://www.espncricinfo.com/story/ipl-2022-csk-vs-rcb-glenn-maxwell-to-virat-kohli-on-run-out-i-just-cant-bat-with-you-you-run-too-fast-1313607 Even cricinfo is trolling Lohli.. In an alternate universe , when VK was the captain across all formats, neither would have dared to say this ... Maxi could have very well be kicked out of RCB, but Kohli's powers are on the wane
  5. 3 more matches for the slick tongue
  6. T20 is a young man's game if its a tap & run.. Dont think the current oldies can do it continuously for 5 consecutive games
  7. Dont understand the hype behind Shreyas Iyer.. Pant seems a better captain purely on the standings
  8. one more crappy innings..
  9. diga

    Watch Thread !!!

    Is it a ponzi scheme? First you get to sell your tiffany for a good profit and you end up investing that plus more into pepsi ... Now you are stuck unable to sell :)
  10. Nice.. wasnt he called Indias first true allrounder and one of the first Parsi cricketers? Dont recall other Parsi cricketers @Austin 3:!6 Should not this be in cricket talk section?
  11. DId I say I support this notion of Akhand Bharat... ? I was against the idea of equating it with Gazwa -e-hind or as Khalistan is for all sikhs
  12. and the left over bit @ravishingravi
  13. run out was self inflicted
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