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  1. diga

    Fcuk China

    https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2020-07-01/did-china-steal-canada-s-edge-in-5g-from-nortel Its sad for some of us who were around from that time to see Nortel die.. one reason is China
  2. ^ the full video of the display in Sion Airshow, Switzerland
  3. Soros, Robert Mercer, Jim simmons ... they fund political activities and also in hedge fund management. Classic case of impropriety
  4. Its a pattern.. hard not to recognise it
  5. ^ Man .. you & Mariyam are the experts in Urdu. You should enlighten us mortals
  6. @Jimmy Cliff pretty much possible that USA is using Indian shoulders to fire at China
  7. Ask tiktok to return every paise earned from India
  8. political statements allowed by ICC? Might escalate to Baki players supporting Kashmiris and viceversa
  9. diga

    NDTV Journalism

    NDTV forced to run VIF statement after it was found there was no truth to chinese funds
  10. And people are saying the inflated electricity bill is due to spending more time at home and using more power... Isnt that the case from last 3 months now? BTW my bill is more or less the same in Bangalore
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