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  1. The commentary reminds me of BBC radio commentary we used to hear in our younger days ...thanks for the share
  2. Somehow team mgmt doesnt have enough confidence in Vihari as the 6th batsman... It would have been different had the backup batsman been of VVS calibre
  3. So the revelations came about in English media... Ashes tour is certainly on their minds
  4. OP: You should either include NZ for a fair comparison or remove the respective home countries in your table... Nevertheless it would be interesting to add NZ
  5. Richest league with sub-standard operations ... BCCI has to hire professionals atleast in these times
  6. on a lighter note ... Kohli : Ee sala nu cup Jaane Do , stay home
  7. Did Amit Mishra & Saha break the bubble ? Some common sense in these times.. I feel for a set of people whose livelihood depended on IPL
  8. IPL suspended for now.. according to News24
  9. News24 says IPL suspended for now
  10. I dont understand the concept of families in these covid times.. I think ABD even got his year old baby too :(
  11. Isnt that speech "inspired" from the movie "Miracle on ice" ?
  12. No crowd noise to distract the bowlers or the captain...
  13. In the above video, Zampa looks a kid in front of Uncle Rashid
  14. Gutsy cricketer ... Hope all his near & dear ones are safe.
  15. Captain kool again wins against Captain fool
  16. Reminds me of Sanga's broken English accent
  17. It becomes more difficult when one is a non-playing member of the IPL team...Easy to feel left out and get demotivated
  18. Reeza Hendriks even said he is a dibbly -dobbly bowler.. Think Kohli would slot into that mould
  19. Stylish... Check ML Jaisimha/VVS And what a ridiculous list that you include MSD in most stylish batsman.
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