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  1. On the 4th day only 25 overs play was possible due to rain. Gilly was captain (Waugh was injured) and he made a challenging declaration setting a target of 315 in about 95 overs. Butcher played innings of his life against peak McGrath/Warne. I wouldn't call this overconfidence, but rather Gilly's hand was forced to make a play due to the rain and Aussies were gunning for a rare away 5-0 whitewash.
  2. KKR middle order makes even Gill innings look better lol
  3. Only hope is Morgan. DK doesn't inspire confidence nowadays
  4. I would still put CSK ahead since KKR middle order is all out of form
  5. Gill has limited range of strokes for such a high chase
  6. Following a women's test for the first time, so pardon the noob question - How many overs per day in women's test? Already 20+ overs bowled and Cricbuzz shows another 88 remaining. So total of 110 overs, looks a lot even if some overs were added for yesterday's rain.
  7. Around 100-110 overs to bowl in 4th innings gives enough time for a late push with the second new ball. Kohli/Shastri don't do risky sporting declarations, so they will target atleast 370 to put the game out of England's reach. For this scenario to materialize, MO needs to make another 200 runs in 70 overs tomorrow.
  8. Hoping for another jailbreak from Windies. Holder seems to be playing with intent to win than draw.
  9. Least of the problems right now. Sure it would be nice for Rohit to kick on and get a big one, but middle order laying ducks is hurting big-time.
  10. Rishabh Pant already has a solid stake in Tests
  11. Cant blame the tail but why fast bowlers lack basic batting skills? No team can afford 4 number 11s and this is what is stopping us from playing a four-prong pace attack even in helpful conditions. Every batting and bowling all-rounder we have is a spinner (Jadeja, Ashwin, Axar). The options with pace are only Shardul and the T20 guys Pandya+Bhuvi. Compare this with NZ (Jamieson, Southee, Wagner), Aus (Cummins, Starc, Green) and England (Stokes, Woakes, Wood, Archer). Allows greater balance to the side and they can pick remaining bowlers for pure skill.
  12. Kohli wicket has been blessing in disguise for RCB - it has allowed Maxwell to bat when ball was new
  13. He has already exceeded expectations this year. Him and ABD can be a deadly combo when they bat together in a patta
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