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  1. Usually RCB fans would be doing all these permutations and combinations. Now CSK took over the job [emoji38]
  2. Pista = great Srikanth says "Dhoni maybe Pista, Dhoni is great - I agree. Dhoni is somewhere else (high achiever) and I am somewhere else (low achiever). That doesn't matter. I don't agree (with Dhoni's decisions today)" All other translations are already good [emoji106] PS : Not a CSK or Dhoni fan, so what a guilty pleasure to translate this [emoji38]
  3. Bairstow should've started on strike or ran only 1. Samad vs Lockie was going only one way
  4. Yeah, This is trying something for the sake of it. These guys would get back in form and win matches on their own. Moving them around actually delays this process.
  5. Thampi, Natarajan, Sandeep - stars have aligned for a Russell onslaught
  6. Brave from Rana to take on Rashid while Gill is struggling to hit Shankar of all people
  7. The new Deshpande guy is also a good addition. Him bowling 2-3 good overs in the Powerplay frees up Rabada to bowl in the death overs.
  8. Agree with bolded part. I have 55 subs left, but simply haven't been able to put string of good days. Most days I have to pick team on the night before which is a drawback. Still it is a good fun tournament so far and I hope to finish in top 5.
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