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  1. He was chucking while bowling his normal off spinners, disgusting !
  2. Easily the most versatile batsman ever ! Best odi player ever and an ATG in test
  3. He Surely Deserves the nishan-e-pak for this ghazwa ai saf
  4. I think pakistan can chase this one ,at least they'll come close to the target
  5. Marshal and Ambrose every day of the week and twice on Sunday
  6. Csk then ,csk now as well
  7. OT ,I would pick 2015 Semi finals defeat vs Australia. We were having a dream run and I had the belief that we could somehow pull that chase off but once kohli went it was curtains ! I was very sad and disappointed that day especially after such a great underdog run . Next would be CT17 , that shamelessness on display should never be forgot . Wt20 16 sf next , wt14 final next
  8. Exactly .2019 wc semi finals wasnt a disappointment for me or any other normal fan because you could see from miles away that one such day will happen and probability of that happening in the KO was huge. We even had a thread on icf before the WC ,where would India finish and most of the icfers voted for sf or finals lol. The middle order was non existent throughout the tournament and selectors picked up a poor squad tbh .
  9. It certainly worked yesterday, maybe it's time we start playing with only 1 spinner I.e the AR like jadeja or Washington . Or prepare spinning tracks, then maybe we can think of playing with 2
  10. I was the happiest person when I saw that we were going in with 4 out and out Pacers along with Hapa. There is no business in playing spinners in odis in India nowadays with the dew factor ,ultra flat pitches, short boundaries and 2 new balls unless ofr course you have a great spinner in your rank (like kulcha were for that 2 year period)
  11. I hope so but England have won the world cup and been at #1 for 2 years or so which accounts for much more than these away or home records . By the afaik England have won their last away series in srl ,aus,uae,nzl ,saf so that a good run
  12. England would win 7/10 times unless we change our batting approach ,use our talent/resources to the optimal. England are missing players like archer ,woakes ,root ,Morgan (today) while we are missing just bumrah ,shami/jadeja . In a crunch game with virat leading us ,I wont be confident of beating england at all ,let me be absolute blunt!
  13. If only the performing players are given a long rope and we change our batting approach ,otherwise it's a JAMODI
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