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  1. I hope we fold put quickly inside the next 10-12 overs, 235 is enough for the islanders. I don't want a sedate draw
  2. Msd was a joke of a test captain the way he handled promising Pacers and over the top use of defensive tactics with his trundler brigade.
  3. Why so much of wrist slitting ,RR and negativity?? We are winning this guys ,I have full trust in King Kohli and our Rockstars to turn this around . I was having a meltdown but after watching Our Kaptaan's ballistic PC and listening to Some great experts,I changed my mind ,we #Backourboys #Showfaith #Comeon you Blues #My captain My pride #Spread love quash the hate
  4. I would have dropped kohli ,shami ,bhuvi and rohit from the line up . What's the use of having these has beens in the team when we ain't gonna win in any case ,at the least the young players will play without fear and will be more entertaining to watch . The whole t20 needs a restructuring. Proper t20 players like nattu, sundar, ishan etc. For the Sunday game ,I'll open with kishan and Raul ,Rohit goes down the order as a death hitter ,sky over kohli at 1 down . I'd stick to VC ,ashwin is worse than him ,jadeja is useless ,we are stuck with so many useless players
  5. Thing is if nzl lose to pakistan on Tuesday (most likely to happen) ,the nzl game on Sunday will be a virtual knockout . And we know how we play in KOs under captain doofus ! Everything will go wrong come Sunday, we'll lose the toss ,boult will rip a new one ....
  6. Rohit (Looks done) Fraudeja Shami Bhuvi
  7. That'd be epic lol
  8. I actually wanted Bangladesh to be in our group ,now if a Scotland or Oman get placed in our group it'll basically be a tri series between Pak ,ind and nzl to qualify for the semis,I don't like that . With Bangladesh ,the group will be interesting and competitive
  9. Bangladesh are too good and smart to mess up this chase ,wouldn't say the same thing about pak or srl ATM
  10. Athar ,bazid ,anjum damn . We want jayasurya to complete the set
  11. I want Bangladesh in India's group to make the group a bit interesting. Bangladesh are more than capable of beating Nzl,pak and us
  12. Indian approach is the complete opposite, Kohli ,Rohit and KL(Earlier Dhawan) will playout 70% of the deliveries and suck us to dry out
  13. Zero expectations as far as winning the whole thing is concerned tbh but I won't be able to digest if we lose to this bang average pakistan side . At least get your act straight for that one
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