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  1. adi B

    Fcuk China

    In a way ,They too are a Chinese colony
  2. A proper statement issued by bhikari khan in the land of terrorist.No more show off that we'll fight terrorism and such BS rhetoric! The people of terorsitan welcomes such statements ,they love and live by the terrorists ,so its nothing new or irrational for them
  3. @vayuu1 ,take care of yourself and your family ,glad to hear the recovery news . Eat garlic,ginger,daalchini, clove as much as you can and vitamin C tablets
  4. I meant in general ,surely not now . Seeing this trend of increase in use of personal vehicle ,government will keep om hiking petrol rates
  5. Some people are trying hard to defend kejriwal here and trying to shift the blame to HM and DP ,pleas stop trying to defend the indefensible. Here's some of blunders committed bythe delhi government : 1) first of the only few states which Opened the Thekas without any social distancing guidelines or issuing the local DMs,SDMs on timings and strictness, it was a mess for a week. 2) opened the offices (private and public) in full strength,Buses in full capacity after 20th may (1st state to do so) , battery ,auto rickshaw and cabs were first instructed to carry only 1 passenger, later changed it to full capacity within a week ,you could see buses ,autos every goddamn public transport operating with more than full capacity. But he comes to TV and urges people to maintain social distancing , abey jab auto aur battery thoos thoos ke bharke jayenge to ghanta hoga SD. 3) Eased restrictions on lockdown too early,actually there was hardly any strict lockdown imposed in delhi after 15th april ,Delhi police follows the states guidelines in lockdown situation in delhi ,centre has no role in this ,so stop saying that centre didnt do anything ,centre fully left the DP with state government instructions on lockdown since lockdown 2.0 .Delhi was completely under the lockdown guidelines imposed by the delhi government. 4) TJ and migrant labour issue (1st state to escalate these issues) . 5) horrible facilities in hospital especially the state hospitals ,this guy kept on saying we have 50k beds in april ,then came down to 30k beds in may. what we actually see there are hardly 5k beds in all hospitals .Even that App shows take data ,the app may show 500 beds in LNJP hospital when in real it's only 50 beds available . He kept on lying that situation was in control had plenty of venitalators ,PPEs and beds when in truth he hardly had 20 percent of what he bluntly lied on tv . Even in april he said delhi government has enough funds and budget to carry on with paying salaries and all ,what a lie that was ! Delhi giverment haven't paid the last 3 months salary to the employees hence we saw the mass resignation of Senior resident doctors in delhi government hospitals. 6) Quarantine rules - delhi must be the first state where you can come from any other state via air ,bus or train but there is no quarantine rule for outsiders ,not even home quarantine. Every state has at least 1 week to 14 days of strict quarantine rule in either quarantine centre or home quarantine be it bihar,up,rajasthan. You can straight away join offices, walk in the parks,carry on with your lives even if you were infected with the virus on the bus, train or the flight . It doesn't matter to the government and on top of that ,they reduces the testing numbers when the cases begin to increase in june start. The death toll currently or 2.4k which is actually false ,this count was reached in may mid ,must be 2-3 times this number. Wont be surprised if one day we say 1k to 2k rise in backlog deaths. Thank God for the intervention of centre government (Hopefully not too late) ,this fool would have destroyed the city completely and wouldn't even own up their mistakes and keep the people living under denial ,ki sab ok hai ji !! Centre and LG have taken up the state completely, these lunatics in AAP are no good to handle such situations ,please stay away !!
  6. Right step taken by the government, aim is to make it Rs 100 till the economic crisis remains ,its a big source of income for the gov.Even the public dont seem too buzzed because they know the goi need income. Hopefully people use less of self vehicles . Anyway we are a country which splashes so much of money in subsidies, Reservation scholarship,loans and what not!
  7. Amish was my next door neighbour 10 years ago or so ,now lives in Noida. He's an absolute joke of a journalist, actually cant even call him one. Sifarish se laga tha lol
  8. Sare hi to horrible hai ,yehi to durbhagya hai
  9. Do you guys (posting on this thread) have serious info from insiders A.k.a top position holders in the MOD,MHA ,Ex Army personals ,strategic experts,Diplomats or even the locals from that area ? I mean do you know for sure how much China has intruded intoThe LAC? Now dont give sources like Tweets which give manipulated satelite image break ups,Articles From newspaper especially IE,Telegraph, The Hindu etc. Because some of the posts on this thread is quiet different to what sources from inside the top brasses are saying
  10. Horrible options but definitely arnab amongst them . Rajat sharma and Sidhir Chaudhary have their 1 hour of proper dedicated daily news at 9Pm
  11. To know the answer just type mewat and see what's happening there, and this is just a small example
  12. Good strategy by kejru. He knows he has handled the covid lockdown, migrant situation in the worst way and knows the situation has got out of his hand ,so just open everything so that he has an alibi later when people start questioning him. To heck with social distancing and all the 4 page ads ,he has allowed all the cars ,battery rickshaw ,autos to travel with full capacity. Talk about hospital beds ,most of the delhites know the ground reality and we hardly have any beds, first state to have the concept of home quarantine ,basically "hath khade karna " in this situation due to shortage of beds
  13. These dhimmi ,psec youths are very less in number, but surely pretty vocal. Dont worry
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