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  1. Anurag is a scumbag of the highest order also a bully ,needs to be put to his place.Hopefully gets arrested soon
  2. What's the news on ash ? Pretty sure he's done for the tournament . Only possible combo for us would be to get In Lamichane and Ishant (If fit) for nortje and ashwin . Mohit is horrible, might try avesh khan
  3. Yeah true and it's not like I have just brought this point just now ,I have been posting this for years (RR vs MI final GS match 2014is the biggest example,one can check the match thread as well) on this forum and its known to the posters as well so dont know why all the fuss
  4. Bro you are still not getting it ,its about the overall result ! Who won in the end is what matters . If you think IPL just limits itself to common gullible fans like you or me ,you are gravely mistaken .
  5. Arey bhai I am not pointing out only one instance or spot fixing ,I am talking about overall results
  6. Man you are behaving so naive ! Believe what you like but dont impose your thoughts on me man ,I post what I know mate
  7. Didnt the Bangladeshi batsmen also get out of full tosses against pandya ,same here as well lol. The stars are so aligned!
  8. Absolutely, pretty sure plenty are operative
  9. Iyer helped the queens ,Umpire helped DC lol
  10. 10 -15 percent they can easily fill in
  11. Ponting's is not happy at all ,he's still pissed off
  12. Dada and shah know the script too well
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