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  1. 4 hours ago, sscomp32 said:

    :rotfl: Didn't expect anything and got 2 podium finishes in a row :hatsoff: 

    Congratulations you gave me a run for my money.... I really hope the organisers ensure I am always competing against SS of your ability. Always a close second and giving even me a run for the money.


    2nd place... congrats


    Also in any team comp please have sscomp in my teams. Its fitting I am always teams no.1 option with strong supporting cast like the very strong sscomp

  2. On 05/11/2017 at 2:01 AM, sourab10forever said:



    LEAGUE CODE : 1509298218

    Can u please explain in greater detail? Hes only 5 years into playing on cricketweb how could he be expected to know:rofl:

  3. 4 hours ago, Forever Indian said:

    Silly Point has been accepted into the gang now. So he will be the final member :nice: 

    Yeah you think having all that garbage beneath your username all those flashy colours makes you relevant. And yeah keep boasting about finishing at 11th :hysterical:



    How come all these low IQ people always become moderators and never me. FI joined after me, has less posts than me, has lower IQ than me and is the chittest SS who knows nothing about cricket.



    Absolute disgrace

  4. 9 minutes ago, JaFanatic said:

    WOW! Can this team get any bigger ? I doubt it :bandit: 

    Now you gotta stay in line, you have to stick to the game plan to get any success in the IPL. IPL isn't some tournament you just rock up to without plans.


    No wonder you don't win anything when you don't even listen to my advice. Im gonna make it clear who runs things around here. Yes you are the captain and yes you picked the team but lets make it clear who runs the team and who runs things around here. Just wanna make sure your clear on that.

  5. Getting approached all the time to manage all these teams :hysterical:


    But you guys need to know before approaching the players need to have a certain base level. Now how the hell can I just pick up some Viper/Opening Bat type scrub and make him great?


    Even I need a certain base level for my coaching to work. Unfortunately ICF level SS's just don't have it. Not this current generation anyway.

  6. 18 hours ago, zandubaam said:
    Pos. Team Name Manager Total Points Mods Left
    Gold MedalSame1. GREATEST OF ALL TIME India KXIP-fan 7043 10
    Silver MedalSame2. CHIT SS Scarface \m/ 6883 3
    Bronze MedalSame3. JaF Avengers JAF ICF 6441 10
    Up4. Forever Indian Forever Indian 6413 5
    Up5. OpeningBatsmanXI Opening Batsman 6391 0
    Up6. zandubaam Ravi Bansal 6364 7
    Down7. Tamma Tamma Loge? Sourab Saklecha 6351 9
    Up8. Shraddha Kapoor Jaanu :love: zakk k 6258 5
    Same9. SUDHANVA. VK235 SUDHANVA GOWDA 6243 2
    Same10. #1 Karan VS319 6240 8
    Down11. Jack Hammer Suhail Sid 6190 5
    Same12. Smith_K M Tinks 6132 4
    Same13. kohlithebest kaju badam 6002 1
    Same14. INDIA ROCKS Suyash Swaroop 5965 4
    Same15. Gujju ke waat Viper ICF 5743 0
    Same16. Best XI Robin Saini 5641 5
    Up17. Gujjus XI Praggy Pat 5616 9
    Down18. Test Specialists Straight Drive 5584 7
    Same19. atishvaze Atish Vaze 5556 7
    Same20. Shuruaati Aatishbaazi PAA G 5257 2
    Same21. Bleed-Blue Bleed Blue 5241 8
    Same22. tweaker Abhijit Desai 4951 12

    Have a job for you rookie. Will give you Rs 1 for it. When Rahul and Rahane extend my lead even more, post the final scorecard here. Thanks.

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