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  1. 4 hours ago, sscomp32 said:

    :rotfl: Didn't expect anything and got 2 podium finishes in a row :hatsoff: 

    Congratulations you gave me a run for my money.... I really hope the organisers ensure I am always competing against SS of your ability. Always a close second and giving even me a run for the money.


    2nd place... congrats


    Also in any team comp please have sscomp in my teams. Its fitting I am always teams no.1 option with strong supporting cast like the very strong sscomp

  2. On 05/11/2017 at 2:01 AM, sourab10forever said:



    LEAGUE CODE : 1509298218

    Can u please explain in greater detail? Hes only 5 years into playing on cricketweb how could he be expected to know:rofl:

  3. 18 hours ago, zandubaam said:
    Pos. Team Name Manager Total Points Mods Left
    Gold MedalSame1. GREATEST OF ALL TIME India KXIP-fan 7043 10
    Silver MedalSame2. CHIT SS Scarface \m/ 6883 3
    Bronze MedalSame3. JaF Avengers JAF ICF 6441 10
    Up4. Forever Indian Forever Indian 6413 5
    Up5. OpeningBatsmanXI Opening Batsman 6391 0
    Up6. zandubaam Ravi Bansal 6364 7
    Down7. Tamma Tamma Loge? Sourab Saklecha 6351 9
    Up8. Shraddha Kapoor Jaanu :love: zakk k 6258 5
    Same9. SUDHANVA. VK235 SUDHANVA GOWDA 6243 2
    Same10. #1 Karan VS319 6240 8
    Down11. Jack Hammer Suhail Sid 6190 5
    Same12. Smith_K M Tinks 6132 4
    Same13. kohlithebest kaju badam 6002 1
    Same14. INDIA ROCKS Suyash Swaroop 5965 4
    Same15. Gujju ke waat Viper ICF 5743 0
    Same16. Best XI Robin Saini 5641 5
    Up17. Gujjus XI Praggy Pat 5616 9
    Down18. Test Specialists Straight Drive 5584 7
    Same19. atishvaze Atish Vaze 5556 7
    Same20. Shuruaati Aatishbaazi PAA G 5257 2
    Same21. Bleed-Blue Bleed Blue 5241 8
    Same22. tweaker Abhijit Desai 4951 12

    Have a job for you rookie. Will give you Rs 1 for it. When Rahul and Rahane extend my lead even more, post the final scorecard here. Thanks.

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