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  1. Would be funny if it will be a India NZ final if Australia don't whitewash SA at their home.
  2. Nope he should take retirement and become a full time House Husband.
  3. Doubt it ..Rahane deserves it and there is no harm in separate captains for separate formats but knowing Kohl'is ego it's doubtful that he would be ready to play under someone else now.
  4. Have to salute these Young guys who never stopped trying to go for the target rather than settling for a draw, also for the team management for backing them to go for the chase.
  5. 18 runs in last five balls have changed the game. Now India must approach it wisely, take it easy till the last couple of overs.
  6. That's 6 means India have the intention to go for the target. Stop the Rona. Good positive approach
  7. If only Pujara had scored at a semi decent S/R, India would have got a few more overs to chase the target. 50 odd runs in 200 balls is too slow.
  8. India can't lose this unless a miraculous collapse happens. Don't lose any wickets in next 5 overs and bring the equation down to 50 in last 10. India should be favorites then .
  9. Drinks. The mandatory 15 overs for the last hour will begin now. 69 needed in 15 runs.. Rahane and Youngsters deserve to win this series.
  10. What a waste of opportunity it would be if match ends in a draw and India fall short by 20 runs
  11. Kya Draw Draw BC. Chase karne do, panwati mat lagao.
  12. When you play nearly 100 balls the least you can do is get a couple of boundaries. That's not a big ask. No surprising this Pujara has been a failure in other formats of the game.
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