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  1. Except maybe tomorrow we will get maximum overs in play for most of the other days. Kohli should be heavily penalized for slow over rate yesterday.
  2. Another boundary. Openers have started well here.
  3. India will have to negotiate around 20 odd overs today , light permitting.
  4. Huge cheers for Jimmy there on the last ball.
  5. Chalo India will get to bat 25 overs today. Get ready for more fun .
  6. Curran is a Superman Kya. Roz Roz matka nahi lagta.
  7. England were 138-3. Looking set for a 350+ score and here they are struggling to reach 175. Shami triggered this collapse by dismissing Bairstow just before the Tea break.
  8. 15 of 22 needed. BDs match to lose now. Starc bowled an absolute match losing over for his side.
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