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  1. It's a conspiracy by ISI to disturb the communal harmony, Hindu - Muslim Bhaichara in India.
  2. Everyone is talking about India, Australia and England making it to the Finals but it's NZ who has the best chance to surprise everyone. It's well known how strong NZ is in home condition's , they even whitewashed India . With 3 series remaining, two at home against Pak, WI and one away in Bangaldesh , NZ are strong contenders for the finals. Won't be too far fetched to expect them to whitewash both Pak and WI at home. Bangaldesh is missing Shakib and NZ led by KW have done well against Pakistan in UAE ( Spinning Asian conditions) . With spinners like Sodhi, Santner and Patel in the side, they should be able to win against an amateur Bangla Side.
  3. Expect the Dog loving Liberals to come up with an explanation that it is a correct decision since Man and Dog share a unique bond, Mans best friend and usual BS. Personally, wouldnt want Dog meat to be sold in my state or in restaurants where I eat or at the meat markets where I buy Chicken and Mutton. However, since Nagas and some other NE groups have been eatings Dogs as part of their culture , they should be able to continue to enjoy it as long as it remains restricted to their states. What difference does it make to others about what they eat unless it leads to some pandemic? This is nothing but yet another act of Morally Superior Western World to civilize the third world heathens and their dietary habits. Most of these animal rights activist groups are likely to be foreign funded putting pressure on various countries to fall in line with the Western code of morality. And the Liberals ( Hindus) celebrating this decision are the ones who would support organizing Beef fests to rebel against the Fascist Hindu government. No consideration for Cows who are considered sacred in Indian Culture, but their hearts start bleeding for Kuttas and Billis.
  4. Nahi interest hoga local culture, customs, movies aur arts main. Koi jabardasti hai kya? Hindi aur English se full India main kaam chal jata hai, koi jarurat nahi hai Local Language seekhne ki sabko. Tujhe seekhni hai seekh le baaki dusro ko nahi jarurat hogi.
  5. Expect the Pak England Test Tour to start on schedule.
  6. Havent experienced any issues. Infact all of a sudden the weather has become very pleasant in Mumbai, unlike a week ago when it was burning hot.
  7. Sachin got fifers at Kochi, one against Australia and another against Pakistan. Dont think it was against SA.
  8. The problem with you is that since you were born into a Muslim family and grew up with Islamic teachings you have assumed that every other religion , just like Islam has concept of believers and non-believers where all other religions except your own are false. All Indian Religions are pluralistic in Nature and general belief is that all religions lead to one God. We dont have concept of kaffirs and Momins and creating divisons among people in name of religion. This is a very Abrahamanic idea of God and the reason for all the conflicts in the World. Thats the reason why we dont have a tradition of converting Non-Believers to our fold to save them from hellfire and bring on the right path. My religion is true , Your religion is true so where is the need to convert anyone? You may have given up Islam but your ex Islamic Brain still cannot comprehend the idea of Universal Brotherhood which Indian religions follow. Hindus never invaded foreign lands and destroyed the religious places of Worship of any natives unlike the Christians and Muslims who destroyed countless native cultures and civilizations to bring the unholy pagans on the exclusive path. This is a very alien concept to the Indian way of living. 20 years back I used to believe in same BS mainly due to ignorance that all religions are equal bla bla bla. But slowly learnt about Islam and was surprised to realize that there are religions who claim monopoly on God and consider anyone out of their fold to be a Kaffir destined to burn in hellfire and must be coerced to join the " Only True Religion ". This came across as very sickening and hostile belief to me and explained what was the motivation behind Islamic invaders demolishing temples, enslaving and torturing natives to convert to Islam. Now I believe that all religions are not equal, but Indian Religions are infact Superior and Greatest for promoting Unity among different beliefs and respect for all religions.
  9. Most popular and fan favorites at all venues are Gayle and AB.
  10. There should be daylight after SRT and then any other Cricketers can follow. Also, Afridi is more popular than Rohit and Russell. Ben Stokes and Shakib are few other players with a decent fan following.
  11. Red Zone/ Mumbai main bhi kuch relaxation milega ya nahi?
  12. Just realized that the entire cast of Chandni is no more. Sridevi, Vinod Mehra and now Rishi Kapoor , all of them are gone.
  13. Further division of India along religious lines is inevitable in the future. There is no solution to this problem and India will continue to burn. No way can any country have peace with around 200 Million Muslims living within it. Continue with your Gandhian experiment of Hindu-Muslim bhaichara , you are destined to fail.
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