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  1. The last time Pakistan lost a Home/UAE Test to either England or Australia was 20 years back.
  2. This is Pakistan's record against England and Australia in the last ten years ( at home/neutral venue ) https://stats.espncricinfo.com/ci/engine/stats/index.html?class=1;filter=advanced;home_or_away=1;home_or_away=3;opposition=1;opposition=2;orderby=won;spanmax1=05+Dec+2021;spanmin1=05+Dec+2011;spanval1=span;team=7;template=results;type=team Not even a single loss in 10 Test matches. They whitewashed SA in home test series earlier this year. Meanwhile in the same period, India lost a Test series to England , another test in 2021 and lost a Test
  3. How many matches did England and Australia win against Pakistan in UAE ? Don't remember a single match won by these teams during Pakistans exile from home in the last decade. Pakistanis will make these Poms and Aussies dance in their home conditions. The English for example are the biggest b*tchs of Pakistan at home. England may win a Test in India or even a series ( like in 2012 ) but against Pakistan they are guaranteed a loss. Not even a single Test victory.
  4. Meanwhile in India, Pakistanis must be proud of their brothers on other side of the border. Aakhir follow toh dono ek hi aasmaani kitaab ko karte hai na, fir farak kaise ho sakta hai.
  5. All of a sudden out of nowhere it has been raining in Mumbai since last couple of days. Can't afford to prepare another placid track if India has to win the match and the series.
  6. If these two are the best that India can afford then India is a talentless Cricketing Nation.
  7. The ongoing Dutch SA Odi series in SA has been called off in the middle of the series. The Dutch have decided to return back to their country after playing the first Odi.
  8. Oh just a few weeks ago, this guy was taking a strong stand over the plight of Afghan women and calling for boycott of Afghan Cricket and here he is now lol https://sports.ndtv.com/icc-t20-world-cup-2021/tim-paine-says-teams-could-boycott-t20-world-cup-over-afghanistan-2536099 These Westerners act as moral guardians and saviours of the World whose duty is to civilize the Brown masses but aren't exactly the perfectionists that they pretend to be.
  9. This will be real test for the Indian government if they will send a team to Pakistan and resume the Sporting/Cultural relations. BCCI must have given the assurance that they will send the team to Pakistan.
  10. South Africa has massively underachieved in ICC tournaments. Imagine just winning the inaugural Champions Trophy and nothing after that.
  11. Have seen Kohli and Dravid walk away when they didn't Nick it so I think it can happen to a batsman where he feels the opposite. But Australia had two reviews left at that stage and Warner was the crucial wicket so I don't know why he didn't review , it could also turn out to be a No Ball and you could survive. No reason not to review when you are the main batsman in the side.
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