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  1. How many finals do we have to lose before someone calls for his head?
  2. Blessing in disguise, Stokes has not figured out his own t20 game yet
  3. The IPL franchises also seem to be spouting the same experience crap, yesterday Bayliss was saying Samad will get opportunities up the order when he is experienced
  4. I'm not sold on Tewatia, he hit some 60m sixes in some of the smaller venues last IPL..lets see what he does this year
  5. Exactly what happened..ffs why do all these analysts get paid so much if they cant see the obvious
  6. Is there no hope for an upgrade, England replaced Wiley with Curran..we've been carrying Jaddu in t20s for years now despite the IPL
  7. He can be decent support at best, needs a guy like Hardik Pandya at the other end to do the heavy lifting if we are to win anything otherwise all that will look good is his average.
  8. Jadeja is the true chela of Dhoni not Pant, gets a few hits here and there and tries to stay not out.
  9. Expect some news bit-brilliant prescence of mind from Thala,Gabbar escapes by whisper
  10. Thakur cannot muster his inner gladiator for csk opposite of Thala
  11. Dhawan just trying to keep to prevent another contender for the opener spot
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