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  1. Not too worried about Tests as it seems like our TM has figured out the equation to do well at home and Away. We need to win more silverware in ODIs and T20s and we have the firepower to do it,just that our selectors and captain have dropped the ball on various occasions,here again our batting is what is letting us down Openers-Rohit walks into the XI and does Dhawan for now,Padikkal,kishan should be groomed,we need left handers at the top,cant just let our top order crumble when there is some assistance in the pitch and bowlers are allowed to bowl the same line and length-re
  2. He was humble enough in the interview to admit that ppl would question his results and Ashwin made some jibes at him too,will probably be given some more time as we did come back with a win here.
  3. R Sharma S Dhawan S Gill V Kohli R Pant Washington Sundar/Ravindra Jadeja H Pandya R Jadeja/Axar Patel R Ashwin M Shami J Bumrah Rahul-backup opener/wicket keeper/middle order bat
  4. Kaun karega bowling if Pandya or Ashwin breakdown in middle of match or someone leaking runs,6th bowling option is a must
  5. Do we wait for one of Roht/Dhawan to retire?I hope they dont make him warm the benches like Rahul and Pant
  6. How are we gonna accomodate this talent in ODIs,Dhawan and Rohit have a couple of years to give and a left/right combo is ideal for opening. At 4 he would have to change his game too much which is not ideal at this stage of his career. Hope Dada/Shastri can make Virat relenquish his #3 spot.
  7. And retained that philippe guy,even Pappu looks a better batsman
  8. Yes but Pant's knock will be talked about more. Just like how Gambhir's 97 was as crucial as Dhoni's finish but Dhoni has been projected as the hero. Centuries just add that little extra gloss when people look back.
  9. Rahul is not a natural 4 either,Kohli is better at strike rotation,playing spin. But yes as long as they give chances to quality players we fans are ready to be patient,what went wrong was wasting time with Rayudus and Jadhavs which is clearly on MSKP and his panel.
  10. On the contrary,while Kohli himself has racked up runs the lack of quality in the middle order has cost us games. Now Gill seems like someone who can do well at 3,Rohit with Dhawan/Pant/Rahul lends us quality at the top.The middle order weakness can be shorne up by Kohli and i still think we would have won the World Cup had the guy sacrificed his ego and batted at 4.
  11. Why cant Kohli bat at 4,be the insurance if top 3 fail,other youngsters can also be more flamboyant
  12. Add Sundar in the mix in ODIs,the more lefties the merrier. In 2011 we had Gambhir,Yuvi and Raina each of them landed telling blows.
  13. Playing musical chairs with no.4 spot Playing Saha ahead of Pant Picking 3 wicket keepers in a WC semi and exposing himself to Boult
  14. Enough of Kohli at 3,let Gill play at 3 and Kohli shore up the middle order
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