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  1. I had hoped there would have been some co-ordination between Government and private players like Amazon,Bigbasket etc but as usual statements come first and plans later.
  2. Given the hype that American intelligence agencies get, you'd think they would have had some resources on the ground in Wuhan that would have warned them about that is to come,but looks like they've been caught with their pants down like everyone else.
  3. I have been working from home for the past week,however my desi management considers this to be some sort of boon they are bestowing on me and expects me to get some work done on weekends as well now. I guess all of us have to just go with the flow and see how we are placed on March 31.
  4. The latest case in chennai is troubling news,apparently the person traveled from Delhi by train but his travel history before or whether he had contact with someone with a international travel history has not been revealed.
  5. As expected https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/covid-19-tamil-nadu-helpline-unresponsive-doctors-unsure-of-protocol/articleshow/74635976.cms
  6. I have observed this as well,anywhere you go there are bound to be 4 or 5 people coughing,they wont cover their mouth let alone wear a mask,how do you even distinguish between the normal cold and this coronavirus. Health minister says that TN is corona free but this is hard to believe given the huge influx of people from other countries/states,I fear not having a strong leadership like Pinarayi or BSY would cost us.
  7. Imo this was one of the reasons we lost the world cup,someone like Iyer may look ugly but he can get the job done in testing times.
  8. Would like to see Pant and Gill getting a game rather than just warming the benches,if you are not going to play them at home then don't thrown them at the deep end overseas and expect miracles.
  9. Hope Rahul and Kumble combo win this thing with Sarfarz playing a good role. That should shut him up for good
  10. Why is this guy still relevant,hope to never see him near indian cricket again.
  11. I guess now we should'nt be obsessed about overseas wins and soon wins in general. Things public should obsess about: Team India workout vids Super V animated series Anushka Sharma movies
  12. Who is even picking the team,Dada had said new selection panel but read reports that MSK is watching DY Patil tournament,if its MSK can expect the same Thakurs and Jadhavs
  13. People really think Rahane will be dropped?They are still carryimg Kedhar Jadhav in ODIs,so what is the likelihood of someone as well connected as Rahane being dropped
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