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  1. yes we do have that .. The advanced real time multi feature , advanced ML system .. Mentor Singh …. Output is follow the process
  2. TRP garbage … this what happens when u become irrelevant and ignored .. get every chance to garner attention ..
  3. Venky Iyer or Kishan kinda player .. go after it from ball one .. if it comes off great if not , atleast gave it a shot
  4. Awesome TAKE DIVERSION tactics from BCCI... Distract people away from its flaws...
  5. No change .. we have the trust in process mentor ..
  6. How did Ashwin underperform when he and shami took the same number of wickets in the match… much better than all the other bowlers .. by that standard shami should not have played as well .
  7. What should we expect when we have a Bollywood queen running Indian cricket …more drama …
  8. Why do we need a tournament song ? Who cares … it’s more of a turn off ..
  9. Hold on how does this improve security … you are just making it easier for the bad actors to target one physical location … Putting all the eggs in one basket
  10. I still don’t get it .. is 27 lakh sunk cost … I.e does PCB have a biriyani contractor for the tour and paid him upfront prior to the tour ? or is it the biriyani vendors across Pakistan brining a lawsuit on NZ team for potential loss of business with cancellation of tour ?
  11. How are they gonna guard the team when they are just sitting around and eating Biriyani….
  12. Fear of losing money made them cancel Last test . Fear of losing money will make them continue with the IPL. With this Logic .. International Cricket should be cancelled . Agreed that Fear is the reason ..
  13. They should actually do it …play him … if he does well , good on him .. and if doesn’t , just rip the bandaid off and go do something else in life he’s young …
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