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  1. MI just making sure Arjun can get a game this season ..
  2. I wonder if they will call the series off like they did in England......
  3. After yesterday u19 game add Boast to it
  4. Team needs to fit in gill and gaekwad asap.. gaekwad is bavuma mold
  5. How's the weather ? Cant see this team surviving against Rabada, Oliver , Norte , Stuurman and Maharaj.... Just hope Ashwin and the tail can stick around for 50 runs each innings.
  6. Talk about hahane getting selected . What hell has Lyon done with Zampa bench warming ? I bet zampa would have got some turn on this wicket even on day one ..
  7. If hahane can get selected because of a single innings in melbourne .. why can’t washi be selected .. as hero of Perth.. why does washi need to play hazare..
  8. Well this team will be in a mission to provide Joy to world after all it’s the most wonderful time of the year …. Will get beaten black n blue in SA… waiting for another 36 a.o
  9. So what’s the deal here ? .. selectors change , coaches change , captains also change .. but bcci selection policy has always been the same from the 80’s? so when do new players get come in when these assoles decide to retire ?
  10. He needs to be taken the farm … not SENA… he’s beyond expiry date
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