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  1. This is BS .both teams played in the same surface ,,, I am pretty sure this team will lose on a typical spinning chepauk wicket as well with this attitude . ... as per the Indian captain ... games are always won by least worst gameplay ...
  2. I think they should have some fun and flip the batting order ... send shami and Ishant before pant... if these two can get india level by tonight ... then u can have rahane and not built something up tommorow
  3. Which game are you watching ? I think we are too good for the bowling so our batter not expending their energy in this game ...
  4. I just put it down to lack of clarity ... I feel our team needs a more professional setup to address crisis situations ...they need to talking about crisis management and endorphin control ... when guys like agarwal who can probably score double hundreds on tracks like these in India can’t make it big in SENA.. just talk about mental toughness and preparedness ...
  5. Did u look at these bouncers , they look like tennis ball bounce ... you can leave half of them alone the ones that come to your body pull em confidently ..,, these guys are professionals should be able to able to play 132 k bouncers
  6. The whole point this is best day to bat on this pitch . We probably had the hardest day and best day to bat on the pitch and our outcome is the same ... that tells u about our thought process and team selection
  7. You get some in our and some u lose em... we have plenty of Indian umpires giving horrendous decisions when playing at home ...
  8. What’s the point of that .. two teams play on the same track ...
  9. So why can’t Indian grounds have a grass bank like the basin reserve
  10. He wants to score few boundaries as he probably feels these guys are too pacy to bother him ...
  11. If these two guys hand around for next 20 overs ... Kane will be done ...
  12. Kohli looks very eager ... neees to chill down for few overs
  13. So this Jamison guy is bowling at 130 clicks ... so I think that’s the thing .. he’s not fast enough for our guys
  14. Good point ... .... well he better sign up for county cricket like Prithvi..
  15. Easwaran , panchal, bist are probably the ones I want to see
  16. Will never happen .., rahane needs to get injured for Gill to get a game ..
  17. Boy u are an optimist .. just be glad if we don’t lose by an innings ...
  18. The guy is insecure ... about his game .. needs to get booted... he doesn’t know where his off stump is .. doesn’t put the body in his shots ... doesn’t commit ...
  19. rahane is another idiot who needs to get the boot .. at least get injured in this game so Gill can get a game
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