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  1. Yeah, extremely stupid. A professional athlete without gym or diet chart lol
  2. Cornered by the Northie lobby. :(
  3. Ironically I'm searching for unconventional jobs in Google
  4. At what point in his career was Rohit supposed to be the next big thing? Lmao. Raina had a better prospects in whites than Rohit back when Kohli started playing Test cricket.
  5. Ishant has been just consistently accurate and lethal man. Gotta credit where credit where is due. And everyone apologize to @maniac
  6. Every other commentator (Indian and otherwise) criticize their own team and it's players but no one scrutinizes at the level that this guy does against the Indian players. He just seems to do it more than often when seated alongside an English or an Aussie. Seems to do with a passion!
  7. Rest Ishant? Get off that powder you've been snorting. Cricket isn't played to please you lot with the numbers on the speed gun
  8. 2014-15/2015-16 season Created an official thread for the club, since the EPL thread is sort of messed up with various updates. Calling in all Chelsea fans!!! 2014/15 KITS EPL Fixture 14/15
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