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  1. Vijy

    Indian Hockey

    glad to see this thread is here, even if hockey results of late are somewhat disappointing. the euphoria of last yr's bronze has not still died out in me at all - the fire burns.
  2. speed guns in both indian domestics and U19 are visually at least 5 kph slower than int'l speeds
  3. I skipped this documentary since I expected it would be deeply depressing
  4. his decline has progressed to a degree that permanent long-term fixes seem impossible; will be happy if he proves me wrong
  5. or he may not learn them at all. just because he was a "smart" cricketer (or perhaps captain) doesn't necessarily translate to being a smart coach as well
  6. senioritis, the idea that these senior players have somehow "earned" their dues
  7. I agree, although I feel misbah had more limited resources to work from
  8. when spinners don't get to develop their skills on challenging (but not overwhelmingly hard) pitches, they are better off. The fault is more with BCCI for giving raging turner after raging turner on which development of spin was stymied.
  9. next gen of women pacers might get to 125 kph top speeds. I've certainly seen trundlers in domestics whose top speeds are not even that.
  10. indeed, a much smaller name change required.
  11. needs to change surname first. only kumars allowed. vinny kumar, boobi kumar, ravi kumar, and praveen kumar - like voltron, the ultimate defender, they will combine to yield the ultimate trundler, who shall be named kumar kumar
  12. why would we have umran? our "attack" selected by dravid and endorsed by ganguly will consist of harshal patel, unadcutter, deepak chahar, boobi "legend" kumar, and chetan sakariya/shardul thakur. the kingdom of trundlers is here to stay.
  13. we will have the same old, same old: even boobi "shoaib" kumar will probably play
  14. yes, dravid will teach him how to trundle and how to change his surname to kumar. kartik kumar (KK)
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