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  1. Vijy

    Super Saha

    Saha has always been very good in T20s despite his limitations, and even his List A record is excellent. A pity that he played in the same era as MSD. For most teams, he would have been a regular in at least 2 formats.
  2. bishnoi, M. ashwin, chahar and chahal.
  3. obviously harvinder singh [just joking, ppl] Answer is Bumrah. Kulcha promised a lot, but have not delivered. Shami has been excellent, truly underrated. from the earlier period, Sri, Zak and Kapil were all pretty good.
  4. his captaincy and overall attitude (see today's game with MI) is getting worse, something I thought was difficult but he's proving me wrong.
  5. Siraj is/was better suited for Tests. TM has, as always, played him in the wrong format. Lots of players getting dismantled because of poor handling: Pant is another example.
  6. If Ishant is fit, I would rather have had him in place of Saini. Also not sure about Rohit being anywhere in the squad.
  7. he is our greatest all-rounder, beating Mankad and Kapil as per Rat.
  8. I suspect Ashwin, Saha, Mayank, etc will all play because of "seniority"
  9. yes, focus should be on T20s and Tests until 2021 (although ODIs should not be ignored). then the focus can shift more towards ODIs and Tests (with T20s playing an important, but secondary, role).
  10. that seems plausible. we will need thakur's generous derriere to cool it off, but kaptaan rat will never bench his favorite all-rounder (emphasis on the round part) and all-grindr.
  11. yes, great planning by TM and selectors to screw with young cricketers' heads. expect more of same with regards to gill and shaw.
  12. the one and only Indian sobers.
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