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  1. Agree 6 spinners is too much.. Why Kuldeep.. Juat because he whined about selections?
  2. may be Warner could have stepped down by himself. or SRH could have made it that way
  3. Delhi did get lucky last game against SRH (thanks for Warner) Not sure whether this loss is going to hurt them
  4. ABD bails out RCB again (that script never changes) Only difference this year, bowling is good (since they are not playing BLR)
  5. DK sounds like he is selling Veggies (the way he continuously chatter with Varun in Tamil)
  6. Warner blames his middle order in post match conference.. When he messed up with his run out, sending himself in super over and then running short.
  7. Warner can give captaincy to KW. They can get Roy in for DW
  8. Laxman Siva says not much batting to come after KW.. Vow.. I understand they don't have Manish but that's strong words
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