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  1. Not needed. The pitch here was designed through fundings from Reliance and Adani under the project name - 'Atmanirbhar pitch - ball turn yahi hoga'.
  2. KP got 189 on a similar pitch in Mumbai back in 2012, though Ashwin was an average bowler back then.
  3. That was the hardest spin attack India has ever faced. Imagine our current lot against Mendis of 2008 and Murali
  4. The reason why I don't rate this side as the greatest ever Indian side.
  5. It worked when Cummins and Hazlewood hurled bombs on Pujara on 5th day of Gabba test. Pujara took off the sting which helped Pant to score runs later.
  6. If you say Jai Shri Ram with heart, you will get access to VIP box here.
  7. 4 runs = O Jio dan dana dan O Jio dan dana dan 6 runs = O Jio Jio Jio Jio dan dana dan.
  8. Being atmanirbhar us important, say Jai Shree Ram with heart and all your alcoholic cravings will go away.
  9. Brabourne has got that South Bombay vibe to it, it really makes up for majority of the experience.
  10. bhaad mein gaya tera daaru, when in Gujarat learn to be atmanirbhar and stop relying on daaru.
  11. Pujara taking body blows from Cummins and Hazlewood and yet showing resilience, I have never seen anything like that. Maybe Steve Waugh against Ambrose and Walsh in West Indies during the 1995 Jamaica test could match this, but I was too young to remember any cricket from that time.
  12. When Shardul Thakur gave away his wicket, Chennai 1999 memories came flashing back, but our resilience was unreal with Pant taking on Aussie bowlers like a warrior. It's been more than a month since the Gabba win and this win hasn't even sunk in yet in me.
  13. ghar mein ghus kar maarenge both home and away. Naya Hindustan will win all ICC trophies. Mitron aur saathiyon trophy yahi rahega!!
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