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  1. Fun fact: Pat Cummins lost 1 cm of his middle finger chopped off due to an incident in childhood, but that actually helps him in bowling that wobble seam whereas he finds it difficult to bowl with upright seam. I dont believe in religion but this is a perfect example of fate. He lost a bit of his finger but now he can leverage that disability to bowl wobble seam!
  2. In fact I would say that Bumrah and Hardik Pandya are over-fit or too fit. They get injured frequently because they have only muscle and virtually no body fat. @express bowling mentioned somewhere that Bumrah didn't get bounce due to some torn abdomen muscle but Thakur was getting bounce. Thakur doesn't have speed because he's overweight but he can bowl the effort ball and get bounce off the pitch because the extra fat protects the sudden jerks his muscles receive
  3. He's a lot like Cummins temperament wise, mature and grounded.
  4. International cricket is hard and not everyone will succeed since all have different limits to their abilities. Some cricketers are highly talented and with moderate amount of hard work they can achieve ATG status, while there are also some who very limited talent wise but have to work extremely hard to survive in international cricket and yet are not able to sort out their technical issues. The best we can do is to select most potent 11 and leave the rest to fate.
  5. Let's not bash Pujara and Rahane like that, they are people too an probably are going through low phase in their careers. Not to forget how both played crucial roles in winning in Australia. Let's hope both retire and remember all the great things they have done. Also note that batting talent in India is not that abundant that makes Pujara and Rahane easily replaceable, we are still living mentally in fab 5 era and thinking that a world class batsman will show up at anytime in India.
  6. We used to take it lightly thinking that batsmen aasani se mil jayenge after Tendulkar and Co., instead lusted over 90 mph phaast bowlers. Abhi samajh aya ki quality batsmen are as rare as quality fast bowlers.
  7. The tragic part is when the talent is not given the opportunity at the right time it harms their self belief, and then we lose that talent in process.
  8. Most of us millennials grew up in Fab 5 era and also had the likes of Yuvraj Singh and Virat Kohli later on. So by default we expected us to produce world class batsmen without much sweat while finding fast bowlers was the challenge. Now looking at the dearth of batsmen with right technique not only in India but in the rest of the world as well, I'd conclude that batting can be as difficult as fast bowling. In fact finding world class cricketers whether it's a batsman, spinner, fast bowler or a fielder is hard.
  9. There can be too many features to take into consideration for an accurate Hawkeye model. It can be a good Deep Learning project haha
  10. DRS or for a better word Hawkeye works on an algorithm and in short follows the laws of mathematics. Mistakes can be made by the Hawkeye because not everytime algorithms can accurately grasp real time events.
  11. Indian fans are wrist slitters. One bad game for a cricketer and everything is doomed. Bumrah is expected to take 5-7 wickets every game to seem normal.
  12. India will do well at Cape Town. The same team got bowled out for 78 against England and then came back to win at The Oval.
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