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  1. I think @Harsh Thakor got psychologically traumatized by Miandad's last ball six to the point that he is unable to come out of his masochistic tendencies of glorifying Pakistani cricketers.
  2. Haha, mention him about Steyn's 6/8 and watch him cry.
  3. Notice "We Australians", sounds like urdu/hindi "Hum Australians"
  4. Chill out, some you guys are reacting as if there is a Resident Evil like zombie apocalypse in India.
  5. Not all black people are African Americans. I mean it's not that Greenidge would meet Viv at the bar and say "Waddup homie, we wuz kangz in the 80s bruh"
  6. I think stress fracture has changed his game...
  7. It's the power of journalism in the era of social media, visuals and images convey a message.
  8. Not only a champion bowler but a champion person too. His bowling reminds me of the relentless Australian team under Steve Waugh and now he's proven how generous he is.
  9. What next? Should KL Rahul learn how to bowl outswing at 85 mph?
  10. Rashid Khan playing for India LMAO.....Afghans are very proud of their identity and will never trade it for wealth and riches.
  11. Calling 2001 Aussie side overrated borders PeePee level of delusion with Imran Khan bowling at 155 kmph.
  12. 36 all out itni jaldi bhool gaye? We won in Australia but it was not a comprehensive win but a hard fought one. And considering how our batsmen flop against lateral movement and spin, Kasprowicz/Gillespie/Warne would run through this batting blindfolded in our home conditions.
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