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  1. Perth 2008. Ishant bowling an Ambrose like spell to Ponting. Winning in Perth at that time felt like beating Germany in football World Cup finals.
  2. Actually folks are least concerned about his limited overs bowling. We don't want Boomerang to lose his mojo, he has to bowl more spells like 5/7 in tests.
  3. Steyn got hammered in IPL games too, yet it never affected his test cricket bowling.
  4. Honestly, give Bumrah the duke ball with a thick seam and watch him sending stumps flying. Bumrah rarely swings the ball, he's hit the deck seam bowler.
  5. Feminists have brought more poison to an already divided violent world.
  6. Batting skill has come a long way. There was a time when yorkers were considered dangerous, now pretty much every modern batsman is good at playing yorkers.
  7. Have you heard the slow motion sounds of sixes and clean bowled in IPL? They have fake sound like DHISHHH!!! instead of TUCK! which is the actual sound.
  8. No no no no Are you referring to Operation Blue Star? It was a crackdown on Khalistani militants only. You can read it on a liberal site like wikipedia If Sikhs in UK and Canada are being taught that Operation Blue Star was genocide of Sikhs in 1984, that is some manipulation here.
  9. Genocide has a pre planned strategy where a handful of powerful people pull the strings, while riots is more like an ugly version of a street fight. Sikh riots were not planned beforehand, it was a mob reaction to the assassination of Indira Gandhi.
  10. @Franco Vazquez while I admit with general sentiment that war and violence yield no good. It is unfortunately the reality we have been living since many thousand years. Regarding army dominance, India has never seen a military coup.
  11. Have to say this was a tough attack to make runs against.
  12. Starch ended with a high carbohydrate shot!!!
  13. I'd say Marshall was realistically around Sreesanth speeds in 85-87 mph range, but he was skiddy and a very intelligent complete fast bowler. Marshall was probably a skiddier right hand version of Wasim Akram. Jimmie Anderson is still bowling in 88-89 mph range even today. Though he is a legit all time great and far fitter than any fast bowler in the history of the game, he doesn't have the aura of Marshall/Steyn/Akram. Schultz was a left hand version of Shoaib Akhtar literally!!! If you mirror image a Shoaib Akhtar youtube spell, it would look like Schultz bowling!
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