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  1. I've seen boneless chicken pieces from biryani in a crow's beak when it flew to my window. I offered 2 marie biscuits and nobody showed up
  2. The correct solution is to give 0 attention to anything Pakistan does. Just play them in an ICC tournament like any other associate team and move on. The more bhaav you give them, the more of this shows up.
  3. China will be doing all what you've said, and not India. Mark my words, you will witness this many years down the line. And it may get ugly, countries like China and Israel are ruthless when they want it their way unlike India which is always considerate to some extent (it is a good thing actually).
  4. England is the home of modern democracy, so multiple opinions or point of views are accepted. Dobell, Atherton or anyone from the Sky team can share their sympathies but ECB is assertive enough to know what they want.
  5. I rarely visit most forums these days, let alone peepee. But abhi wahaan pe gaya and the ideas/suggestions I've read are so bizarre. Nobody is ready to accept that the tour was cancelled due to their political establishment welcoming Taliban occupation of Afghanistan and not because of white supremacy of the five eyes.
  6. Either his sarcasm skills have reached platinum standards after living in the UK for so long or he's being delusional.
  7. I used to find Tarek Fatah exaggerating things in order to look good in the eyes of Indian people, but now it all makes sense. Open support for Taliban, coming up with bizarre conspiracy theories are among the evidences for that.
  8. When an Oxford educated World Cup winning Prime Minister openly supports Taliban as a victory over western civilization, then it is very fair as to what is happening to them.
  9. I understand the mindset of Pakistani posters in peepee but some Indian posters there shock me, they have seriously low self esteem.
  10. Guys give Dhawan a break. He's been dropped off the T20 squad and has just got separated from his wife.
  11. Bumrah won't get tired through running but his shoulders and back muscles would break down if not managed properly. He gets all his pace from his upper body strength while traditional fast bowlers like Lillee and Marshall generated pace from lower body. Bumrah is like a Jaguar car, luxury vehicle but needs to be used carefully.
  12. No, bowl at 145 kph even while receiving phaintas... Agar jeete hain shaan se (Lord's 2021), toh marenge bhi shaan se (Leed's 2021).....that is why bowl at 145 kph hamesha shaan se....
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