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  1. We may have to wait for Ian Pont to promote his book again
  2. Great job @Ankit_sharma03 @Majestic You've made a great team considering there were 9 more participants in this draft. Not that the others team are any bad but yours I feel is just edges past the other teams. @Ankit_sharma03 comes closer because of MSD factor Well done to all the participants I missed out on the last stage of this tournament. Are we going to have another draft this season? Cos still there's a lot more games to go this IPL.
  3. Where can I check the list of available players
  4. I know right but he badly wanted Sachin and Tahir anyway @Ankit_sharma03 give one of those players back to his team
  5. Man that's a tempting offer but it's unfortunate that I won't able to do that swap as I've already cut a deal with @Lord for Sehwag-Sachin and Narine-Tahir. @Ankit_sharma03 dude you can now update our teams in OP
  6. Am I allowed to swap players with other participants?
  7. What does your username mean? My username when I joined was Just a fan and after spamming here with 10,000 posts I wanted to change it to just a fanatic and ended up with JaFanatic. Quite a history
  8. My choice is Stuart Terence Roger Binny You go @Lord
  9. @Ankit_sharma03 Now that the teams are near its completion shall we have a season/part 2 of this draft game as the IPL will go on for another month? There'll be more players available by that time. We might get new participants too and the old ones may also get to retain 1 or 2 players to make it more similar to that of an IPL auction. What do you think?
  10. Hyderabadi seen him play a long while ago but never knew his numbers and they are surprisingly good Yeah actually 31games just about merits his qualification
  11. Sorry guys couldn't come on time.. I'm picking A Ashish Reddy.. @Rantzz your turn.
  12. Kumble is my new pick and he'll be my captain too. Go ahead @Forever Indian
  13. I'm picking Dhawan for one of the opening slot Go ahead @Forever Indian
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