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  1. 'Dinesh ' finds their way.. weather it's Dinesh Mongia(in 2003 wc) or Dinesh Karthik
  2. Great victory by boyz..showed other Asian teams how it's done in Sena
  3. Omg.. Pakistanis have gone nuts on twitter.. they are cursing de lock like village women ...
  4. Venkatesh prasad used to get smashed around vs pak in bilaterals but in wc matches (vs pak:96,99) he would become unplayable
  5. True..chahal needs to be replaced asap
  6. England tour of India (2012)..Swan and Monty were too good
  7. Maxwell(T20 internationals)..
  8. Any decent t20 side can thump us,even Saffers have a good chance of beating us in Wt20
  9. Washington sundar looked mighty miffed while returning to pavallion.siraj did right by staying away from him
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